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Shopify Customer Support Guide: How to Reach Shopify Customer Care & Resolve Issues in 2024 (Top Contact Numbers, Email & Live Chat Details Included)

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
February 24, 2024

Shopify is a well-known option for most E-commerce entrepreneurs because it's easy to use and has a plethora of features. About $2 million businesses of all sizes rely on this popular platform for managing their businesses. 

However, sometimes merchants or Shopify users need help resolving some particular issues. In such scenarios, Shopify's customer support is always available. The best part about Shopify customer support is it's available 24/7. 

But how can you contact Shopify customer care? What are the various channels for reaching out to Shopify customer support? Let's explore!

Shopify's Customer Support Ecosystem 

Being the hub of many Ecommerce giants, Shopify ensures that it assists its merchants at every step of their business. Shopify customer support is multi-layered and comprises 6 channels through which users can reach out to the support team. 

The 24/7 support, including phone and digital help center, acts as a lifeline for entrepreneurs. Beyond voice calls, Shopify customer support also includes email and live chat options, catering to diverse user preferences. This versatile approach contributes to Shopify's stellar customer satisfaction and loyalty reputation. 

Furthermore, the Shopify customer support team is dedicated to swiftly and accurately resolving merchants' issues, offering expert guidance, and continually channeling valuable feedback to enhance Shopify products. They address a variety of issues right, from billing and payment-related queries to technical support.

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Top 7 Channels to Contact Shopify Customer Support   

Below listed are the top 7 channels to connect with Shopify customer support.

1. Email

Shopify offers 24/7 email support in all of its plans. So, you can use the Email support if: 

  • Your issue is non-urgent or a general query related to general info or new features. 
  • You want to attach some files to help the team better understand and resolve your issue. 

However, unlike the Shopify customer service chat (live chat) and phone support, the support team may take some time (presumably within 24 hours) to get back to you. 

Here's a step-by-step guide showing how you can reach out to Shopify customer support via Email support: 

Step 1: Login to your Shopify account. Then, head on to the Shopify contact page.

shopify customer support_Email

Step 2: On the Shopify contact page, click on Contact Support.

Step 3: On the next page, choose a primary topic you require assistance with on Shopify. 

shopify customer support_Email

Step 4: Shopify will generate a curated list of frequently asked questions related to your selected topic. Explore the provided questions to find potential answers before sending the email. You may find the solution to your query. 

shopify customer support_Email

shopify customer support_Email

Step 5: Fill in your Name, Email, Shopify store address, Subject, and Message details. Optionally, attach image or video files for more detailed requests. Verify the captcha to ensure secure communication.

shopify customer support_Email

Step 6: Upon completion, click "Send Email" to submit your query to Shopify support.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Shopify customer support via their email address: support@shopify.com. Additionally, here's a list of Shopify emails you can contact according to your purpose. 

  • Generic Queries: support@email.shopify.com & support@shopify.com 
  • General Partner Queries: partners@shopify.com 
  • General Billing Related Queries: billing@shopify.com 
  • Billing Related Queries: billing-support@shopify.com 

2. Phone  

Seeking Call support from the Shopify team is the best choice when you have a complicated issue. If it is difficult to explain the issue to a chatbot, go for call support. The call support allows customers to engage with a real person, facilitating a more detailed discussion. For example, your site store is showing unusual glitches, or you have specific issues with product listing, which are hard to explain in chats. 

However, it is imperative to note that Shopify's call support has its own limitations. Firstly, there isn't a direct contact number for customers to dial; instead, users must initiate a call request to receive assistance. Secondly, unlike the continuous availability of chatbots and some other swift support alternatives, this service is not accessible 24/7. 

Lastly, the response time is lengthier, and customers may encounter difficulties in conveying issues visually, such as sharing screenshots. 

How to contact Shopify Customer Support through Call support:

Follow the outlined procedures in the Email Support document by completing both Step 1 and Step 2. This will guide you to the page containing an extensive list of issues.

Step 4: Proceed by scrolling down and selecting "Request a callback."

shopify customer support_Phone

Step 5: A new form will be presented. Fill in the required fields, including your email, Shopify store address, and phone number. Complete the verification process for the captcha and finalize the request by clicking on "Request a callback."

shopify customer support_Phone

Below is a compilation of alternative contact numbers for Shopify customer support tailored to specific regions (try depending on your region):

  • United States: 1-888-746-7439
  • United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233
  • Australia: 03-8400-4750
  • New Zealand: 07-788-6026
  • India: 000-800-100-5786
  • Malaysia: 1800-80-6678
  • Singapore: 800-181-1121
  • Indonesia: 007-803-651-0008
Shopify customer support-app0 CTA

3. Shopify Support Chat 

Live chat proves to be a superior alternative to call support, as it addresses the major limitations of call support. Shopify support chat is available 24/7, and at the same time, the waiting time is comparatively less. The customer can easily get their answers without necessitating the disclosure of personal information such as phone numbers.

Similar to a call support, the customer can explain the issue in real-time. Plus, they can share screenshots to explain the issue better. Additionally, users can supplement their explanations with visual aids, such as screenshots, facilitating a clearer understanding of the problem. Notably, advanced Shopify support chat features are integrated into Shopify's premium packages.

The customer should try to contact Shopify customer service chat if they have issues related to online payment, applications, orders, customers, etc. 

Guidance on Initiating Contact with Shopify Customer Support via Chat:

Execute the procedures delineated in Phone Call Support by following both Step 1 and Step 3, leading to the page featuring a comprehensive list of issues.

Step 4: Progress next by navigating downwards and opting for the "Chat With Us" option.

Shopify Support Chat_shopify customer care

Step 5: A "Chat With Us" form will emerge. Input your Name, Email, Shopify store address, and Message. Confirm the captcha, and subsequently, select the "Chat with us" option.

Shopify Support Chat_shopify customer care

4. Shopify Community & Discussions Forum 

Being a great platform to connect with a number of other merchants, the Shopify community forum is an amazing customer support resource. Customers are provided with the facility to talk with experienced store owners and learn from their strategies to excel further. The customers are also free to share their own ideas and opinions.

One can upvote questions to acquire more visibility over a matter. Shopify experts come up with answers to the same. In a nutshell, by connecting with other Shopify users, one can easily get valuable insights that will be of great help. 

On top of that, if one visits the Shopify community forum, he/she can easily connect with Ecommerce gurus and avail benefits of their hands-on experience. The Shopify community forum is a group of around 9 lakh members; hence, the chances are high that many are discussing the same problem. Therefore, it's easy to find out the answers to common questions. 

However, the only possible drawback is that sometimes, questions may remain unanswered or unacknowledged. The reason behind this can be excessive traffic, due to which experts sometimes miss out on a few queries.

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Shopify Community & Discussions Forum_shopify customer care

5. Shopify Help Center 

The Help Center dashboard offers the customer with all the necessary answers to their common questions related to Shopify. The content is systematically organized, progressing from basic to advanced topics. Users can conveniently navigate through the information using the search bar. For example, if the customer is unsure about how to set up and view analytics or product management, they can readily access the relevant information within the Help Center.

This searchable database has step-by-step instructions for addressing common queries, along with troubleshooting guides. It encompasses comprehensive explanations supplemented by screenshots, images, and video demonstrations to enhance clarity and understanding.

Guidance on Navigating the Shopify Help Center for Answers and Solutions:

Locating pertinent information is easily accomplished by visiting the Shopify Help Center webpage and inputting your search query. For instance, you may pose a question in the form of "how to" for more precise results...

Shopify Help Center_shopify customer service chat

6. Shopify Video Tutorials

Shopify provides an extensive collection of instructional video content integrated into their blogs and guides. Additionally, customers can access all the tutorial videos directly from their official YouTube Channel. 

They have 65 dedicated videos covering instructions from store setups to everything related to products and branding. These videos are organized into 17 playlists, each categorizing content into specific sections for easy navigation. For example, if a customer has issues related to Shopify payment, then he can check the payment playlist. 

Similarly, playlists for Shopify POS, marketing, SEO, orders, etc are also available. Customers can subscribe to get regular updates. Shopify YouTube Channel has 199k subscribers and a community tab where they post regularly about their updates.

Shopify Video Tutorials_shopify customer service chat

7. Shopify Social Media

Shopify is active on many social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and the Twitter/X app. For the convenience of all, Shopify posts its updates and announcements socially so that the information reaches quickly to everyone. 

Through social media platforms, Shopify also responds to customers' queries and provides necessary solutions to their concerns. All merchants have to do is drop a direct message on any of Shopify's official social accounts. 

For example, a merchant can DM Shopify's Twitter/X account or at least tag Shopify on his/her tweets, and immediate troubleshooting begins. Even if the support executives are unable to resolve an issue, they will immediately raise the query with the senior executives for better solutions. 

On top of that, Shopify's Twitter/X account regularly posts helpful articles that can assist a merchant in several ways. Being open to all on social media platforms is a great step by Shopify to enhance customer convenience.


Shopify's Customer Support Ecosystem stands as a robust and pivotal element in the seamless operation of the e-commerce platform. Through 24/7 availability, multi-channel support, and a wealth of resources, Shopify has constructed a support system that not only resolves issues promptly but empowers users with the knowledge needed for sustainable growth.

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Shopify Customer Support: FAQs

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