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10 Best SMS Marketing Platforms for Shopify Stores in 2024

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
December 27, 2023

While there are countless ways of connecting with customers, why do brands still prefer the traditional SMS? Well, it's still the fastest, quickest and most convenient way to inform your target customers about the latest updates related to your Ecommerce store. Not just this, SMS marketing has consistently been more effective than other marketing channels.

You would be shocked to hear that around 12% of 15,000 successful and large Shopify stores use SMS as their preferred communication channel. SMS marketing is convenient and effective, which makes it a preferred choice for Ecommerce marketing. Shopify is undoubtedly the biggest Ecommerce hub. How are big Shopify stores leveraging SMS marketing? What are the top SMS marketing platforms for Shopify stores in 2024? Let's explore!

What Are SMS Marketing Platforms for Shopify?  

The platforms designed to let Shopify merchants communicate with clients via text message are known as SMS marketing platforms for Shopify. These are SMS marketing platforms built specifically for Shopify stores. Also known as text messaging marketing, SMS marketing allows businesses to connect with customers even on mobile thus creating a seamless shopping experience for them.

Today, customers can reorder their favourite product just within a few texts. The best part is the open rate of SMS is 98%. Short, sweet and delivered on time while being cost-effective with high open rates- that's why Ecommerce brands such as Shopify stores prefer SMS marketing platforms.

Why Do Shopify Businesses Need an SMS Marketing Platform? 

SMS marketing has been used by marketing experts for its high open rate and outstanding results. According to Attentive Ecommerce sites are generating 71 times more for every dollar they spend on SMS marketing. With increasing competition, every Ecommerce business wants to stand out and outperform, and SMS marketing can be a game-changer.

Here are 7 reasons why Shopify entrepreneurs are incorporating this powerful tool into their marketing strategy. 

1. Direct Customer Outreach

An SMS marketing platform allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers. It offers timely promotions, updates, and personalised offers. This direct line of communication is an effective way of engaging with customers. It can deliver time-sensitive offers and updates directly to the client. 

2. High Open Rates

According to VoiceSage, more than 90% of SMS messages have an open time of less than 3 minutes. SMS has a comparatively higher open rate than traditional email marketing. An SMS is quite easy to check and access, and the recipient can read it within minutes of receipt. SMS marketing can promise a faster delivery with a better open rate. 

3. Personalisation

Customers like personalised treatment from their favourite brands, and this is one of the key factors behind retention marketing. An SMS marketing platform enables businesses to personalise promotions based on customer behaviour, purchase history, and preferences. Brands that focus on personalisation through SMS can build stronger connections between the brand and the consumer.

4. Promotional and Informative

SMS marketing is one of the most feasible options for promotional offers to order updates and product launches. Almost 38% of businesses use SMS marketing, particularly for promotion. SMS marketing is a versatile tool for promotional campaigns and informative communications.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing

SMS marketing is an eminent option as it is cheaper in comparison to other types of marketing campaigns. Additionally, the high open rate of SMS marketing allows it to use the fund most efficiently and provide a high ROI. Reaching a large audience effectively and affordably is possible with Bulk SMS Marketing.

6. Automation 

Advanced features in SMS marketing platforms offer automation, allowing businesses to automate tasks. Automation can help SMS marketing to schedule campaigns, send order updates, and trigger personalised messages based on customer behaviour without manual intervention.

7. Enhanced Customer Loyalty

By keeping customers informed about exclusive offers, early access to sales, or loyalty programs via SMS, Shopify businesses can cultivate a sense of exclusivity and loyalty among their customer base.

Top 10 SMS Marketing Platforms for Shopify Stores in 2024

A significant majority of business managers, specifically 67%, have chosen to augment their financial allocations for SMS marketing. If you're a business manager looking for SMS marketing platforms for Shopify stores, then this list is for you. The top 10 SMS marketing platforms for Shopify stores are listed below.

1. App0

SMS Marketing Shopify_app0

App0 is an AI shopping concierge that learns your customers' behaviors and responds to any of their requests through text messaging. App0 is the best SMS marketing platforms for Shopify stores and provides the fastest way to build AI agents at scale and help Shopify stores in SMS marketing for customer acquisition and retention.

With App0, eCommerce companies can turn every shopper into a repeat customer. Here's how:

  • Boost retention and repeat revenue: Allow your customers to start a conversation, reorder their favourite products, discover new products, and make payments—all through the convenience of text messaging.
  • Dramatically lower your customer support cost: Provide instant customer support capable of fully processing any request right when needed without requiring any human intervention.
  • Provide an exemplary customer experience: Make your customers feel special by providing a personal concierge that is at their service anytime they desire
  • Scale your business on autopilot: The AI concierge manages the entire customer relationship as your business grows without requiring you to scale your team.
  • Easily integrate with your tech stack: With a few clicks, launch the solution on your store. Managing anything extra is not essential because everything remains in sync with your store.
Power SMS Marketing for Shopify Stores Using AI

App0 offers a flexible no-code/low-code platform to enable Shopify stores to launch AI agents faster & at scale with no upfront engineering investment. Sign up with App0 for AI-powered customer engagement and Ecommerce automation.

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2. Omnisend


Omnisend is a comprehensive eCommerce marketing automation solution, encompassing email and SMS marketing services. Originally established in 2014 under the moniker Soundest, the platform has undergone transformative evolution. 

Rytis Lauris, serving as the co-founder and CEO, spearheads this robust marketing automation tool. Omnisend strategically aids ecommerce enterprises in crafting personalised, omnichannel marketing campaigns, fostering customer engagement and conversion. 

Distinguishing features of Omnisend include its adeptness in email and SMS marketing, automation workflows, customisable templates, and insightful analytics derived from the analysis of vast email and messaging data. Renowned for its user-friendly interface and exemplary customer support, Omnisend is one of Shopify's best SMS marketing platforms.


  • Automate SMS campaigns
  • Send personalised SMS messages
  • SMS com email and push notifications
  • Pre-built SMS templates or create your own
  • Capture phone numbers with TCPA-compliant
  • Support all country codes 
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Automated triggers
  • Campaign reports

Notable Customers 

Mainetti, Gump's, and THE SAFARI STORE LIMITED 



Omnisend platform offers users the flexibility to customise their list size through a user-friendly drop-down menu. Pricing for the plans is tailored to meet individual requirements, with the drop-down options spanning from 251 to 150,001+ contacts. Omnisend provides three distinct plans: Free, Standard, and Pro.

  • Free Plan: Designed for users with up to 250 contacts, this complimentary plan allows for the utilisation of 500 emails per month. It serves as an introductory opportunity for users to familiarise themselves with the platform's features.
  • Standard Plan: Priced at $16 per month, the Standard Plan extends access to 6,000 emails monthly. Beginning with a base of 500 contacts, this plan encompasses all the features of the Free Plan. Notably, users subscribing to the Standard Plan benefit from 24/7 priority support.
  • Pro Plan: Tailored for high-volume senders, the Pro Plan, available at $59 per month, is an optimal choice. Distinguished by its absence of email sending limits, users can fully harness the power of this plan. Additionally, the Pro Plan includes unlimited support for web push notifications. 

3. Automizely 


Automizely, led by its CEO and Co-Founder Teddy Chan, is a top SMS marketing platform for Shopify stores which helps brands cultivate leads, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales. The platform encompasses diverse features such as pop-up forms, email and text automations, and web push notifications. 

A subsidiary of AfterShip, Automizely Marketing (formerly AfterShip Email) serves as an SMS marketing platform for Shopify that is specifically tailored for crafting and overseeing email marketing campaigns. This versatile tool accommodates both email and text campaigns, facilitating the creation of automated flows for event-triggered emails and SMSs and thus, is a top platform for text marketing for Shopify. 

Noteworthy features include support for push notifications, wish lists, and comprehensive app customisation, rendering Automizely a comprehensive solution for dynamic marketing strategies.


  • Personalised, automated email
  • Pre-built templates for emails and SMS
  • Conversion popups
  • A/B tests
  • Performance monitoring through one dashboard
  • Built-in CRM
  • Integration with Shopify and Shopify Plus
  • Automatic URL shortener 

Notable Customers  

Watsons, Secret Lab, Cariuma, Yahoo, and Gymshark


Automizely offers three distinct packages catering to varying business needs: Free, Essential, and Enterprise. Notably, commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by a 14-day free trial accompanied by a money-back and return on investment (ROI) guarantee.

  • Free Package: Designed for businesses with up to 50 orders per month, the Free package provides users with an opportunity to explore the platform's capabilities. Remarkably, this complimentary plan includes access to an array of promotional tools, a rarity in the industry. Additionally, users benefit from 24/7 online support, an exceptional offering for a free subscription.
  • Essential Package: The Essential package features a flexible pricing structure, contingent upon the user's monthly order volume. Starting at $9 for 100 orders per month, users can scale their subscription based on their specific requirements. This plan encompasses AI-powered recommendation features, campaign analytics, and all the offerings available in the Free plan.
  • Enterprise Package: Tailored for businesses with expansive needs, the Enterprise package is available at a fixed rate of $999 per month, granting users the capacity to process unlimited orders. Noteworthy features of this premium plan include custom platform integration and the dedicated support of an assigned success manager to ensure optimal utilisation of the services.

4. SMSBump


SMSBump is a cutting-edge SMS marketing and automation application tailored for e-commerce, specifically catering to Shopify stores. Tailored for over 90,000 global brands, it empowers users to segment customers, recover orders, and deploy campaign text messages renowned for their high click-through rates. 

This app seamlessly integrates with diverse e-commerce platforms and applications, boasting adherence to stringent SMS regulations. Available on the Shopify app store, SMSBump offers a plethora of features, including personalised mobile-first shopping experiences, sophisticated automations, and precisely targeted SMS campaigns. 

Noteworthy is its 24/7 live chat support and the ability to send both SMS and MMS messages, the latter currently exclusive to the U.S. Developed by Yotpo SMSBump, a seasoned contributor to the Shopify App Store based in Sofia, Bulgaria, the app has been enhancing e-commerce strategies for eight years.


  • Campaign Builder and Planner
  • Customizable Automated Messages
  • Audience Segmentation
  • 24/7 Email & Chat Support
  • International texting
  • Custom-built SMS and email flows
  • Unlimited Free Opt-In Keywords
  • Unlimited A/B Testing

Notable Customers  

Volcom, Embla, Dossier, American Hat Makers, and Soludos


SMS marketing platforms_Shopify_SMSBump_Pricing

SMSBump provides a range of pricing plans tailored to meet diverse SMS marketing requirements for businesses. It is one of the best sms marketing app for shopify. The following outlines the key plans and their associated pricing:

  • Free Plan: This plan does not incur a monthly fee; however, users will be billed at a rate of $0.0149 per SMS (US). Additionally, a complimentary allocation of 10,000 free emails every 30 days is extended to users across all plans, including the free version. The Free Plan encompasses customisable automated messages, a comprehensive campaign builder and planner, subscriber collection tools, audience segmentation capabilities, and continuous 24/7 email and chat support.
  • Growth Plan: Starting at $19 per month, the Growth Plan maintains a messaging charge of $0.0149 per SMS (US). Subscribers to this plan benefit from unlimited free opt-in keywords and advanced features such as Unlimited A/B testing and Timezone-based messages. All features inherent in the Free Plan are also incorporated into this offering.
  • Prime Plan: Priced at $59 per month, the Prime Plan carries a messaging cost of $0.0142 per SMS (US). In addition to encompassing all features of the Growth Plan, this tier includes export analytics and reports for enhanced business insights.
  • Powerhouse Plan: At $199 per month, the Powerhouse Plan offers an Onboarding specialist alongside all features available in the Prime Plan. Furthermore, subscribers to this premium tier benefit from Monthly SMS strategy sessions and a host of additional features.

5. Avada


Avada emerges as a comprehensive marketing platform, seamlessly integrating email marketing, SMS marketing, pop-ups, and automation. Founded in 2014 by CEO Sam Nguyen, Avada Commerce is based in Singapore, positioning itself as a pivotal e-commerce solution provider and among the best SMS marketing platforms for Shopify.

With a mission to facilitate revenue growth for one million online businesses, Avada caters to merchants aiming to convert visitors into lasting customer relationships. Avada's Email & SMS marketing is accessible on the Shopify App Store, extending its reach to over 150 countries for SMS campaigns. 

Beyond conventional offerings, Avada incorporates AI-powered solutions and detailed analytics, empowering businesses to target their customer base with enhanced precision and efficiency. It is one of the top platforms for text marketing for Shopify.


  • Pre-made SMS Workflows
  • SMS Reports
  • Global Reach up to 150 countries
  • Omnichannel Marketing
  • Mass Mail
  • Sales Pop-up Forms
  • Integration with Popular Apps
  • AI-Powered Solutions and Analytics
  • Save SMS Templates

Notable Customers  

State University of New York, Seagate Technology, International System Corporation, and Spirit Halloween



Avada provides a range of pricing plans for its email marketing services, categorised as Free, Pro, and Advanced. The trial period spans 14 days from the moment of Avada installation, with charges being incurred upon the user's confirmation to upgrade their plan. 

In the absence of confirmation, the user will automatically revert to utilising the Free plan within Avada Marketing Automation once the trial concludes. It is essential to note that SMS pricing is billed separately from the Pro/Enterprise Plan, necessitating the acquisition of SMS credits prior to transmission. SMS and MMS charges are contingent on the destination country.

The pricing structure is contingent upon the total number of sendable contacts within Avada, with the plans detailed as follows:

  • Free Plan: This plan includes support for 12,000 emails and 500 contacts per month. Additionally, users benefit from basic email templates and automation workflows.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $16 per month for fewer than 500 contacts, the Pro Plan offers unlimited automation flows, branding removal, and access to email and chat support.
  • Advanced Plan: At $47 per month for fewer than 2500 contacts, the Advanced Plan encompasses 48,000 email sends, access to all features, and priority support. Users subscribing to this plan will also be assigned a dedicated account manager. 

6. Postscript 


Postscript is a leading SMS marketing app for shopify, which helps businesses revolutionise customer communication through text message marketing. Postscript's mission is to transform the generic, spam-driven SMS tactics, aiming to redefine SMS as a personalised, respectful communication tool.

Originally a one-way broadcast tool, Postscript has evolved to empower brands in sales and customer service through SMS. As traditional marketing channels become pricier, Postscript offers a cost-effective path for brands to acquire valuable customers.

Trusted by over 3,500 ecommerce brands, Postscript's impact is evident in the hundreds of millions of text messages sent in 2020, contributing to a staggering $500 million in attributed revenue. Postscript has a stellar 5-star rating from over 1,100 Shopify App Store reviews. Moreover, it has been recognised as a 2021 Winter Leader on G2 and is a proud Shopify Plus Certified App Program member.


  • Two-Way SMS
  • Landing Page & Opt-In Form
  • Desktop & Mobile Pop-ups
  • Checkout Collection
  • Automation Triggers
  • Data, Segmentation, and Targeting
  • SMS Sales
  • SMS Lists
  • Flow Builder
  • Campaigns

Notable Customers 

Native, Homesick, Kopari, Brooklinen, Dr. Squatch and Spikeball



Postscript offers transparent and feature-rich pricing options catering to businesses of all sizes. Understanding the diverse needs of merchants, Postscript offers tiered plans designed to scale alongside your SMS marketing journey. They are listed below.

  • Starter: For those venturing into SMS marketing, the "Starter" package offers a fantastic entry point with no monthly fee. Priced at $0.015/SMS and $0.045/MMS, plus carrier fees, it includes features like campaigns, unlimited segments, and a dedicated toll-free number.
  • Growth: The "Growth" tier at $100/month is ideal as your brand grows. Beyond the Starter perks, it introduces unlimited opt-in keywords, live chat, and email support, making it perfect for brands developing their SMS programs.
  • Professional: The "Professional" tier, at $500/month, caters to established brands scaling up SMS as a primary revenue channel. Enjoy all Growth features, plus personalised support like an Onboarding Launch Specialist and API access for custom integrations.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan encompasses everything from Professional, with added perks like personalised messages, priority live chat support and advanced features such as Data Warehouse Push. However, you need to contact sales to shape a custom pricing strategy and propel your brand into the SMS stratosphere with Postscript.

7. Emotive


Emotive stands out as a distinguished SMS marketing enterprise, providing an all-encompassing platform enriched with conversational ads to facilitate businesses in expanding their contact lists and optimising payment processes through text threads. The platform boasts advanced attributes, including automated product suggestions, interactive SMS messaging, and bidirectional SMS conversations facilitated by human operators. 

Founded and led by Simon Joyce as its CEO, Emotive is of the best sms marketing apps for Shopify, that collaborates predominantly with mid-sized e-commerce enterprises operating on platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. The company's services extend to promoting sales, showcasing new products, and effectively tackling shopping cart abandonment. It is one of the top platforms for text marketing for Shopify.


  • Mass texting service 
  • SMS broadcasts
  • Text message promotions
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • CRM
  • Two-way SMS conversations
  • MMS Marketing
  • Text Scheduler
  • Segmentation
  • 600+ pre-tested templates
  • Customised pop-ups and checkout flows

Notable Customers  

Thread & Supply, Alfred, Welly, and Beardbrand



Emotive offers a comprehensive pricing structure for its SMS marketing services, designed to cater to various user needs. The available plans are outlined below:

Free Plan: The free plan provides users with a 14-day trial period, during which they can explore the platform's features. This plan includes complimentary SMS credits for campaign usage.

  • Starter Plan: At $0.02 per SMS, $150/month, the starter plan supports SMS marketing with an option of up to 500 contacts. Users can access the support team during office hours and reach out via email and live chat.
  • Pro Plan: At $0.015 per SMS, $400/month, the Pro plan gives access to 500 - 5000 contacts. Users subscribed to this plan benefit from a dedicated customer success manager and a personalised onboarding process.
  • Advanced Plan: This plan encompasses all features of the Pro plan. Additionally, subscribers to the Advanced Plan benefit from the services of a dedicated copywriter and custom design solutions, all available at a monthly cost of $750.
  • Managed SMS Plan: The Managed SMS Plan is priced at $0.01 per SMS, totalling $2000 per month. This comprehensive plan provides a full-service experience, inclusive of a dedicated team for A/B testing of all campaigns.
  • Enterprise Plan: Messaging fees under the Enterprise Plan are subject to variation and are offered with custom pricing. Interested parties are encouraged to schedule a demonstration and engage in a direct call to explore the specifics of this tailored offering further.

8. Klaviyo


Klaviyo stands as a prominent global technology firm, specialising in a comprehensive marketing automation platform tailored for email and SMS marketing. Renowned for its capacity to catalyse accelerated business growth, Klaviyo seamlessly transforms customer data into impactful connections across channels. The platform excels in crafting compelling emails enriched with dynamic content, targeting the most engaged VIP customers. 

Klaviyo's unique value proposition extends to recommending products aligning with customer preferences and introducing them to potential favorites. Real-time segments leverage a mix of profile and activity data from a business's tech stack, while peer benchmarks provide valuable insights into a brand's comparative performance, offering clear guidance for enhancement. Trusted by over 135,000 brands in more than 80 countries, Klaviyo serves as the driving force behind intelligent digital relationships.


  • Automated Flows
  • Data and Reporting
  • Personalised Cross-Channel Experiences
  • SMS Subscribe Links
  • AI Content Creation
  • API Integration
  • SMS Consent Management
  • AB Testing
  • Activity Dashboard

Notable Customers  

Decathlon, Tushy, ShipStation, and Titan Fitness



Klaviyo provides a user-friendly dropdown menu to facilitate the selection of desired contact quantities for pricing considerations. The available contact ranges extend from 0 to 250 and upwards to 250,001+. It is important to note that the complimentary plan is exclusively accessible to users with 0-250 contacts.

For users within the 251-500 contact bracket, selecting this range is necessary to access information on all available plans. Klaviyo's pricing model encompasses three distinct plans: the Free Plan, the Email Plan, and the Email & SMS Plan. A comprehensive overview of each plan is outlined below.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for users who are in the initial stages of testing Klaviyo, the Free Plan offers accounts accommodating up to 250 subscribers, with a maximum of 500 monthly email sends. A nominal 1 credit per SMS message fee applies for the USA, with variations for other destination countries.
  • Email Plan: Commencing at $20 per month, the Email Plan becomes relevant once the user surpasses the 250-contact limit of the free program. This plan includes features such as mobile push notifications and email chat support.
  • Email & SMS Plan: Starting at $35 per month, the Email & SMS Plan provides a comprehensive suite of features, including monthly SMS credits that scale according to brand requirements and support for up to 150,000 contacts.

9. Privy


Privy stands as a pioneering force in the realm of e-commerce marketing, offering a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for businesses in the digital landscape. Established by Ben Jabbawy and Marshall Pribadi, Privy.com boasts over 10,000 consumer-oriented businesses relying on cutting-edge email capture tools. 

With Marshall Pribadi at the helm, Privy has amassed an impressive user base of 40 million, aspiring to be a global leader in electronic identification and authorisation services. The platform, utilised by over 400,000 marketers across 180 countries, provides a versatile range of features, encompassing email and SMS marketing, list growth, and customer support. 

Privy's unwavering mission is to empower marketers, fostering accelerated customer relationship building. Recognised for its user-friendly tools and responsive support, Privy stands as a vital catalyst for businesses aiming to elevate sales and expand their customer base.


  • 60+ free templates for SMS marketing campaigns
  • Adding SMS signup forms to pop-ups
  • Customer Reminder
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Shopify Product Catalog Integration
  • Flexible Campaign Editor
  • Purchase Follow-Up
  • Pre-Built Segments
  • Shopping & Browsing Behavior
  • Email Engagement
  • Custom Tags

Notable Customers  

Publix Super Markets, Yahoo, Tiger Lily Crafts, Barbour Publishing, NBA Media Ventures, and Blackbird



Privy offers a user-friendly and flexible pricing structure encompassing three distinct plans: the Free Plan, the Starter Plan, and the Growth Plan.

  • Free Plan: The Free Plan is available at no cost and accommodates up to 100 mailable contacts. This plan provides access to all types of pop-ups, advanced pop-up targeting features, and synchronisation capabilities with email service providers and Shopify coupons.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $30 per month, the Starter Plan caters to businesses with up to 1,500 mailable contacts. In addition to all the features offered in the Free Plan, subscribers to the Starter Plan benefit from advanced email targeting and automation. This plan also includes complimentary email and chat support.
  • Growth Plan: The Growth Plan, available at a starting price of $45 per month, supports up to 2,000 mailable email contacts and up to 75 textable contacts. Subscribers enjoy all the features of the Starter Plan, augmented by full access to SMS marketing, advanced SMS targeting and automation. Notably, the Growth Plan includes free email and chat support, adding 1:1 support when the subscriber base surpasses 9,000 email contacts.

10. Textedly


Textedly, established in 2015, stands as a premier text message marketing (SMS) platform renowned for its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge capabilities. Catering to the needs of thousands of businesses, Textedly offers an online web-based software-as-a-service platform that facilitates automated bulk texting services

The platform empowers users to elevate revenue through strategic promotional messaging, engage seamlessly with contacts, and efficiently reach a broad audience via SMS and MMS text messaging services. With offices in Los Angeles and Nashville, Textedly is distinguished for its advanced technology and tight-knit, diverse team, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to exceptional customer service.


  • Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Toll-Free Texting
  • Text Blast
  • Personalised Messages
  • Auto reply text
  • Free incoming messages
  • SMS surveys
  • Omnichannel Inbox

Notable Customers 

Disney, Coca-Cola, GoDaddy, and Walmart 


Textedly has a complex pricing plan. It has more than 14 different plans, including free ones and plans with $2999 per month. The user will get 50 text messages in the free plan; the number will increase in the higher plan. The general features of the plan include custom keywords, free incoming messages, unlimited contacts, and chat support. For detailed options of the feature, visit the official pricing page of the Textedly.

Why is App0 the Best Platform for Text Marketing for Shopify?

In 2024, the effective integration of SMS marketing stands as a pivotal strategy for Shopify store owners seeking to enhance customer engagement and drive business growth. The list of the 10 best SMS marketing platforms is a valuable guide for businesses looking to optimise their communication channels, capitalise on automation features, and ultimately foster stronger connections with their target audience.  

If you're looking to supercharge your customer marketing strategies through the magic of conversational AI? Look no further than App0.

App0, your ultimate no-code, AI-driven messaging companion, is here to redefine the game of customer retention. Renowned as a top-notch AI tool for eCommerce, it's the secret sauce for elevating your revenue growth. App0 goes beyond the ordinary – it adapts to customer behaviour, effortlessly boosting repeat revenue without the headaches of coding.

Why choose App0? Here's how it transforms browsers into loyal customers:

  • Boosts retention and repeat revenue
  • Provides lasting, exemplary, personalised experiences
  • Scale effortlessly with an AI concierge
  • Instant, cost-effective customer support
  • Easily integrates into your tech stack

Let App0 transform your shoppers into loyal customers. Experience the future of eCommerce success—request a demo now and witness the impact firsthand!

FAQs: SMS Marketing Platforms for Shopify

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