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Top 10 Best Chatbots for E-commerce Businesses to Boost Sales in 2024

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
March 1, 2024

The Ecommerce industry has the highest rate, i.e., 48% of customers accept chatbots. Chatbots have become a necessity in the Ecommerce industry because of their 24/7 availability and their ability to provide quick and reliable responses. 

Moreover, with further advancements in Conversational AI and Natural Language Processing, chatbots are able to understand users' emotions and sentiments and respond to them accordingly. This proves very useful in the Ecommerce industry. 

But why do Ecommerce businesses need AI chatbots? What are the top 10 best chatbots for Ecommerce? What features must one consider when choosing a chatbot platform for their Ecommerce business? Let's explore.

Why Do Ecommerce Businesses Need Chatbots? 

Online stores are greatly benefiting from chatbots as the two-way conversation between a chatbot and a customer has reportedly increased the annual revenue from 7 per cent to 25 per cent. This conversational method enables a chatbot to learn from customers' questions and build a relationship with them. 

Rather than being limited to the website alone, Ecommerce chatbots can take customers to new channels, and merchants can display their catalogues, collect payments over social platforms, etc. Based on the time spent by customers on a specific touchpoint, chatbots can send promotional texts that create a powerful engagement strategy to boost sales. 

The best chatbots for Ecommerce have the ability to provide clients with personalised recommendations based on their unique interests by leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics. Above all, chatbots can enhance Ecommerce customer service and handle all the above operations at a lower cost, which increases the profit margin. 

Top 10 Best Chatbots for Ecommerce Businesses in 2024 

Below listed are the top 10 best chatbots for Ecommerce automation in 2024.

1. App0 

best chatbots for ecommerce in the US_app0

App0 is a next-gen customer communication platform powered by machine learning (ML) & large language models (LLM) that allows you to launch conversational AI chatbots, agents and AI concierges with ease. With no-code integrations, workflow automation, and streamlined customer communication, App0 revolutionises the way E-commerce businesses connect with their customers, ultimately enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

For Ecommerce stores, App0 offers chatbots that provide users with a more personalised, text-based shopping experience. App0's chatbots can handle queries, support reordering via Text-to-Shop, and streamline processes, boosting the customer service experience. 

Specifically tailored for the Ecommerce industry, their chatbots can handle all types of customer requests right, from product-related questions to providing product recommendations. With App0, you can build conversational chatbots to guide your customers to order their favourite products anytime, hassle-free, with just a simple text—no downloads, accounts, or logins required! 

Moreover, it also has a chat-driven Seamless Checkout feature, which facilitates checkout for customers without having them exit the conversation thread. It's undoubtedly one of the best chatbots for Ecommerce businesses in the US in 2024. 


  • Automated conversations with conversational AI
  • Live chat, web chat, text messaging features
  • Text-to-Shop feature
  • Chat-driven Seamless checkout
  • Seamless and easy integrations with Shopify Plus, Klaviyo, Attentive
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Compliance 


App0 offers custom pricing to ensure that every individual customer gets a customised solution according to their individual needs. Users should request a demo from their team to have an overview of their solutions and services. 

best chatbots for ecommerce_app0
Conversational AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Move beyond traditional chatbots for customer engagement. Choose App0 to launch AI agents that guide customers from start to finish via text messaging, email & web chat to fully execute the tasks autonomously.

Explore App0

2. Giosg 

Giosg_best chatbots for ecommerce

Giosg is a well-known chatbot builder for the Ecommerce industry that is trusted by around 1200 clients across the globe. It's a no-code and easy-to-use chatbot builder with advanced features promising a rich experience for customers. 

It also has pre-made customisable templates that anyone can use to build and launch chatbots. What makes it a top-notch chatbot for Ecommerce is that it also offers integrations of live shopping features in its chatbots. 

Giosg is well known for its lead generation bots which are known to be four times more effective than traditional bots. Thus, if you're looking for a no-code chatbot builder platform with an easy interface and pre-made templates with customisation options, Giosg is an ideal choice. 


  • No-code chatbot builder
  • Pre-made templates along with customisation options
  • Rich replies in various content forms such as text, images, videos and interactive content.
  • Automated customer conversations
  • A/B testing tool 
  • Live chat integration in bots
  • AI-driven conversations
  • Smart routing
  • Integrations with Hubspot, Zapier, Salesforce and others.

Notable Customers

Ford, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz and Telia


Giosg pricing is intricately tailored to individual needs, accounting for factors like required features, user count, service level, integrations, customisation, and consultative support. Your unique requirements shape the pricing structure, ensuring you pay for precisely what your business demands. You may visit their pricing page and contact their team for a customised solution and pricing that aligns seamlessly with your objectives.

3. Tidio 

Tidio_best chatbots for ecommerce

Tidio is a conversational customer service platform which allows users to build and integrate custom Ecommerce chatbots across various communication channels. Trusted by around 300,000 businesses, Tidio is well known for its simple, visual, drag-and-drop editor, which enables users to build Ecommerce chatbots even without coding expertise. 

Tidio has over 42 ready-to-use Ecommerce templates for different purposes to help its users get started on their journey. Furthermore, it uses Lyro AI to connect with the customers and create a more natural and human-like conversational experience. 

Tidio chatbots are highly functional, being able to answer and resolve around 70% of customer queries. Besides, these chatbots for Ecommerce can also track the traffic flowing into the website and its activities. This helps Ecommerce businesses create a more personalised offer for their new customers. 


  • Visual chatbot builder
  • Drag and drop editor 
  • 42+ Ready-to-use Ecommerce templates
  • Customisable chatbot UI elements
  • Numerous chat triggers
  • Integrations with Wix, Shopify and other Ecommerce platforms
  • Use ecommerce chatbots for seamless data integration across platforms.

Notable Customers

Videlio, University Of Utah, Davines, Vertex Aerospace


Tidio Pricing_best chatbots for ecommerce

Tidio offers a versatile pricing structure catering to diverse business needs. 

  • Free Plan: The Free Plan, accommodating 100 visitors, boasts social media integrations and 35+ chatbot templates. 
  • Chatbots: For enhanced capabilities, the Chatbots plan, starting at $29/month, extends to 40k visitors, featuring automation analytics, 24/5 live chat support, and a brand-free experience with the addon option. 
  • Tidio+: Those seeking comprehensive solutions can opt for Tidio+, priced at $398/month. This plan encompasses all Chatbot features, with customisable limits on visitors, conversations, and Lyro interactions. It also includes valuable perks such as chatbot building assistance, strategic guidance, and a dedicated Success Manager. 

4. Chatfuel 

Chatfuel_best chatbots for ecommerce

Chatfuel Chatbot Builder is a leading platform focusing on ecommerce bots for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This no-code bot-building tool allows individuals and businesses to develop real-time conversational chatbots powered by AI.

The platform boasts a user-friendly interface and a suite of tools facilitating the creation of interactive and automated conversations. Leveraging AI and machine learning, Chatfuel empowers businesses to deliver personalised customer experiences and streamline communication processes.

Notably, the platform achieves a remarkable 80% resolution rate, providing 24/7 immediate responses to customer inquiries and contributing to effective customer retention. For those seeking simplicity, quick chatbot deployment, and a range of features, Chatfuel emerges as a standout option in the realm of best chatbots for Ecommerce in 2024. 


  • Intuitive, no-code interface
  • Drag and drop builder with 30+ Ecommerce templates
  • Essential chatbot features such as keyword detection
  • Customisation options
  • Free FAQ bot templates
  • Autoresponders
  • A/B Testing
  • Automated publishing 
  • Integrations with Shopify, Zapier and more. 

Notable Customers

YCombinator, Stanford University, Adidas, Upwork


Chatfuel Pricing_best chatbots for ecommerce

Chatfuel offers various pricing plans designed to cater to the specific requirements of users, depending on whether they are seeking services for Facebook and Instagram or WhatsApp. These plans are categorised into Business and Enterprise, with the Business plan readily accessible. However, to access the Enterprise plan, users need to get in touch with Chatfuel's dedicated sales team. For a thorough grasp of the pricing structure, users are encouraged to explore the official Chatfuel website.

Best chatbot for Ecommerce-app0


5. ManyChat 

Manychat_best chatbots for ecommerce

ManyChat Chatbot Builder stands as a prominent platform designed for businesses to streamline and automate customer interactions across messaging platforms, notably Facebook Messenger. This robust tool simplifies the creation and management of Ecommerce chatbots, enabling businesses to deliver instant responses, gather valuable data, and effectively engage with their customer base. 

Operating on a rules-based system, ManyChat excels in the realm of ecommerce chatbots, offering robust features and pre-made templates to expedite the setup process.

Ecommerce businesses leverage ManyChat to seamlessly redirect leads from advertisements to messenger bots, automating comment replies on Facebook for enhanced customer engagement. ManyChat's ecommerce chatbots play a pivotal role in guiding leads through the customer journey, sharing promotions, assisting with product browsing, and providing post-sale support, including help with returns and shipping information.

This versatile platform extends its capabilities to multiple messaging platforms, including Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger. Furthermore, ManyChat facilitates seamless integration with various tools and services, such as HubSpot, MailChimp, and Google Sheets.


  • Visual flow builder
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Functional chat flow builder
  • Diverse variety of pre-made templates 
  • Growth tool
  • In-built analytics tool

Notable Customers

Amazon, Minute Media, Decathlon, Instanatural


Manychat pricing_best chatbots for ecommerce

ManyChat provides three distinct pricing options catering to diverse needs.

  • Free Plan: Ideal for those with under 1000 contacts, the ManyChat Free Plan offers essential features like unlimited chatbot flow customisation, audience segmentation with 10 customer tags, and support for basic Growth Tools. Users can engage their target audience exclusively through Facebook Messenger. For assistance, the support team is accessible 24/7 via email.
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $10/month and scaling up to $435/month, the ManyChat Pro Plan surpasses the Free Plan by eliminating contact limitations. It introduces premium features such as unlimited tags and automated message drip sequences, built-in Analytics Tools for performance tracking, and advanced Growth Tools like Checkbox and Click-to-Messenger Ads. Integration with existing tools becomes seamless, but the cost increases with the subscriber count. Despite lacking a free trial, ManyChat Pro offers a no-questions-asked refund within the initial 30 days.
  • Business Plan: Tailored for specific business needs, the ManyChat Business Plan requires direct contact with the sales team. This plan provides customised features and services, along with full access to all Pro Plan features. The Pro Plan pricing varies based on the size of the contact list, ensuring flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

6. Botsify  

Botsify_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

Botsify Chatbot Builder is a leading platform revolutionising chatbot creation for customer support and marketing. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop visual builder boasting over 1,000 integrations, Botsify caters to both novices and seasoned developers. Whether users enhance Facebook Messenger or their website, the no-code solution simplifies dialogue creation. 

Based in Pakistan, Botsify doubles as one of the best chatbots for Ecommerce, offering white label platforms and expert developers to optimise marketing and customer service efforts. Ideal for e-commerce and online education, Botsify empowers businesses to craft bespoke chatbots aligning with their unique requirements. Its best features include real-time live chat capabilities, swiftly engaging visitors, delivering personalised messages, and providing instant assistance. 


  • Chat Widget
  • Voice Capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop visual builder
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Human Takeover
  • Website Chatbot
  • Multilingual chatbots
  • AI-Based Routing
  • Checkbox plugin
  • Conversation forms

Notable Customers

Metcloud, Costi, Jazz, and Trax


Botsify Pricing_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

Botsify presents three flexible pricing plans meticulously crafted to address the varied requirements of businesses. 

  • Do It Yourself:  This plan is ideal for personal use, startup websites, and Facebook pages at a cost of $49 per month. This basic plan includes 2 chatbots, accommodating 5k users per month with an additional $10 per 1,000 users. It offers limitless stories, conversations, forms, and media across multiple platforms such as Messenger, SMS, and Website, making it a versatile choice for those looking for an affordable and customisable solution.
  • Done for You: For businesses seeking a more comprehensive approach, this plan priced at $25 per month per additional chatbot. With 5 included chatbots, unlimited users, stories, conversations, and media, it covers FB, SMS, Website, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram. The package also includes a free $100-worth chatbot development per month, whitelabel dashboard, reselling rights, and access to Botsify resources. It also offers personal onboarding sessions and bi-weekly training for one chatbot for the first 12 months.
  • Custom: Enterprises with high usage and specific needs can opt for the "Custom" plan, designed for on-premises solutions and priced according to custom chatbot development. The customer has to contact their sales team in order to get a customised pricing structure. This plan encompasses all platforms, on-premises solutions, or cloud-dedicated licences. With a 7-day training history, it offers unlimited users, chatbots, stories, and forms, providing a tailored solution for businesses with unique requirements.

7. BotCore 

Botcore_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

BotCore Chatbot Builder is an advanced enterprise platform created by Acuvate to empower organisations in the development, training, and deployment of custom conversational bots enhanced with artificial intelligence. 

With over 15 person-years invested in research, design, and development, BotCore serves various sectors, including employee support, customer service, and vendor interactions. Its versatility is evident through support for no-code, low-code, and pro-code bot building, accommodating different technical proficiencies within enterprises. It's one of the best chatbots for Ecommerce.

BotCore sets itself apart with "Cognitive Abstraction," allowing seamless integration with any existing AI service and ensuring scalability for future innovations. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies, this Microsoft Preferred Co-Sell-ready solution enhances customer experiences, automates support functions, and streamlines operations in HR, IT, finance, and more. 

Going beyond conventional support tools, BotCore drives innovation by utilising intelligent conversationalists to boost customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Unified NL
  • Visual Flow Builder
  • Triggers
  • Customisation Settings
  • Composer Integration
  • Proactive Messaging
  • Security Parameters
  • Sales Support
  • User & Channel Data Store

Notable Customers

Unilever, Shell, Tata Global Beverages, and Diageo


The cost of BotCore depends on the desired features, required support or training, and any customisation requirements. While specific pricing information may not be readily available, It is suggested that potential customers reach out directly to vendors for comprehensive details on pricing structures.

Conversational AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Move beyond traditional chatbots for customer engagement. Choose App0 to launch AI agents that guide customers from start to finish via text messaging, web chat & email to fully execute the tasks autonomously.

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8. ActiveChat

ActiveChat_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

ActiveChat Chatbot Builder is distinguished as a premier AI-powered customer service automation software designed specifically for contact centres and customer service. Operating on on-premise or private cloud setups, this comprehensive platform integrates AI-assisted live chat automation, self-service automation, conversational marketing, knowledge management, analytics, and natural language chatbots into a user-friendly system.

A standout feature is the visual chatbot builder, which empowers users to automate repetitive tasks through AI natural language understanding and decision-tree chatbots. This versatile tool extends automation across communication channels such as website chat, Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Recognised for its flexibility, catering even to non-technical teams, and effectively handling intricate conversation scenarios, these capabilities make it one of the best ecommerce chatbot platforms. 

User reviews highlight ActiveChat's strength in being one of the easiest builders for complex chatbots. Praise extends to the founder's support and ongoing platform enhancements. While users acknowledge a learning curve and occasional bugs, they recognise the platform's potential to be amongst the best chatbots for Ecommerce.


  • Visual Chatbot Builder
  • Customisation Settings
  • Ecommerce Platform Integrations
  • Multi-channel Support
  • AI Natural Language Understanding
  • Decision-Tree Chatbots
  • Sentiment Analysis

Notable Customers

ConnectedHealth, Patios & Clotures Beaulieu, Marram studios, and Mobile Marketing Max


Activechat employs a straightforward volume-based pricing model, which depends on usage. Charges are determined by the monthly volume of conversations and the number of live support agents using the platform. On average, the cost per conversation is approximately $0.001. Large enterprises looking for customised contract terms can engage with Activechat for tailored pricing. 

Interested clients are encouraged to reach out for a personalised quote, which includes additional features like guided onboarding, custom analytic dashboards, a dedicated support team, and wire payments. For further information on custom pricing and enhanced functionalities, please contact our team directly.

9. Flow XO

Flow XO_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

Flow XO is a powerful platform for building chatbots in a code-free ecosystem. The user-friendly interface assures the hosting of chatbots across various social media platforms. Along with seamless integration of third-party applications, this platform also supports customisation of the chatbot workflow. The best part about this platform is that it allows businesses to build any kind of chatbot they require to fit into their work ecosystem. 

Chatbots created on this platform can perform tasks ranging from answering questions to providing entertainment and handling complex functions such as accepting payments and filtering leads. The platform aims to include bots and flows to integrate with various platforms and series of actions to do a task. Users can monitor these tasks and flows and also provide external data support to enhance performance. It is one of the top eCommerce chatbots in the US in 2024.


  • Code-Free Chatbot Creation
  • Human Handover
  • Omnichannel Support
  • Live Chat
  • Payments via Chatbots
  • Pre-filter leads
  • WhatsApp Integration
  • Telegram Updates
  • Updated Messaging Tools

Notable Customers



Flow XO pricing_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

Flow XO has straightforward and flexible pricing plans. It has two plans and additionally they offer addons if a customer needs extra services. 

  • Start for free: Flow XO has a free plan that offers Flow XO for chats, workflow, and 500 plus integrations. It also comes with 50 lifetime AI credits and email support. 
  • Standard Plan: The standard plan starts at $25 per month, which includes all the features of the free plan. Additionally, the plan offers 5000+ integrations, 50 monthly AI credits, and allows 5 team member login. 
  • Addon: Addons are for those who want a little extra for any particular feature. Their addons start from $1 per month to $25 per month. They have addons for adding team members, AI credits, integrations, bots and active flows.

10. Snatchbot

Snatch bot_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

Snatchbot is one of the best ecommerce chatbot platforms, which provides a user-friendly chatbot-building solution that eliminates the requirement for coding skills. The Snatchbot Chatbot Builder stands out as an effective platform that promises to boost user engagement. It offers advanced features, including text-to-speech in over sixty languages, natural language processing, and voice recognition features. 

Snatchbot helps users easily craft automated or human-hybrid chatbots and integrate them into their desired platform. With conversation design choices such as "Simple" or "Multiple Choice," the process of publishing bots across various channels is now possible. 

The company prioritises optimising business workflows, elevating customer experiences, and scaling interactions with customers, employees, and agents. Leveraging advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, SnatchBot enables chatbots to understand, remember, and learn from user interactions. 

Emphasising enterprise-grade security and compliance tools, the platform ensures adherence to regulatory requirements. SnatchBot Chatbot Builder emerges as a pivotal tool for businesses, fostering innovation in automated interactions and enhancing overall efficiency.


  • Easy-to-use platform
  • Automated or human hybrid chatbots
  • chatbots with Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Access to the Bot Store 
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Voice recognition
  • Text-to-speech in over sixty languages
  • Integration with APIs
  • RPA bots

Notable Customers

Cruz Verde, Credit One Bank, Maicao, and Caja Libertad


Snatch bot_best ecommerce chatbot platforms

The pricing plans of SnatchBot are flexible and cater to a diverse group of users. It offers premium plans along with free plans for welcoming users. It has one free plan and four pro plans. 

  • Free: The free plan offers 2000 messages per account along with access to all the basic features. The basic features include live chat, SnatchBot store access, broadcast, etc.
  • Starter: It starts from $99 per month, with a limit of 10,000 messages. It gives access to advanced features, including customisable bot designs and premium plugins. The user will get integration into Hootsuite, Zoho CRM, Salesforce, etc. 
  • Business: The business plan starts at $499 per month, it promises to offer a 75,000 message limit. Along with all the advanced features it offers Team collaboration, security assistance and personal onboarding options.
  • Enterprise: This plan comes with a customizable pricing, and the best part in this plan, it offers unlimited messages each month. Along with advanced features like Premium plugins it also allows custom integration, and premium chatbot building services.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Ecommerce Chatbot Platform for Your Business 

Choosing the right one from the list of the best chatbots for Ecommerce is very important to grow one's business. There are several factors that one should consider before making a choice. Let's study them in detail. 

1. Integration

Integrating flawlessly with CRM platforms, email platforms, and many other automation tools should be a major priority for chatbots. This helps make the process of sales, marketing and lead generation more efficient. In a nutshell, the best chatbots for Ecommerce are capable of handling various business aspects, and integration makes the entire process smoother. 

2. NLP Capabilities

Having NLP (Natural Language Processing) units enables a chatbot to understand human language more efficiently. NLP allows chatbots to interpret language with context, which, in turn, makes it easier for chatbots to interact like real humans. 

3. Flexibility and Customisation

The ability of a chatbot to customise responses, appearance and behaviour will help a business express its original style. This will also provide customers with a more personalised experience. On top of that, the best chatbots for Ecommerce must be capable of adding new features to keep pace with the growth of the business. 

4. Analytics and Reporting

A chatbot must excel in collecting in-depth data on client interactions, customer satisfaction and conversion rates. This can help a business modify and improve its chatbot's performance.  


As businesses strive for digital excellence, these best chatbots for Ecommerce emerge as indispensable tools, providing customisable solutions that cater to diverse industry needs. These platforms empower businesses to seamlessly integrate AI-driven chatbots, revolutionising customer interactions and boosting operational efficiency.

If you're looking forward to incorporating Ecommerce chatbots in your business, then look no further than App0. App0 helps you build conversational AI chatbots and agents which serves as a customer support representative for customers at your Ecommerce store. This AI concierge is a market expert well-trained to understand your business, customers' product portfolio and customers. Besides understanding and adapting just to your customers, it also learns your business processes, integrating them to boost customer acquisition and retention marketing

The best part is your customers can literally start their conversation anywhere- from text, SMS, web chat or directly from the website. Integrating seamlessly, our AI concierge can handle all types of customer requests right, from offering personalised product recommendations to queries related to order management and post-sales support. 

Here's why leading Ecommerce giants trust App0 when it comes to conversational commerce. With App0, you can guide your customers to order their favourite products anytime, hassle-free, with just a simple text—no downloads, accounts, or logins required! Moreover, it also has a chat-driven Seamless Checkout feature, which facilitates checkout for customers without having them exit the conversation thread. Getting started is a breeze; connect your data for tailored AI training. Let App0 transform your business by improving your customer service—request a demo now and witness the impact firsthand!

AI Shopping Concierge for Every Customer

AI shopping concierge to learn your customers’ behaviors and respond to any of their requests via text messaging, web chat and Email. Choose App0 today to improve customer service using AI, data and no-code.

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Best Chatbots for Ecommerce: FAQs

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