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What is A2P 10 DLC? How to register for A2P 10 DLC in the US to use A2P messaging for your business?

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Sriranjani Aravindan
July 8, 2023

According to Mobilesquared, A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging is projected to generate a staggering 10 trillion messages globally by 2023. As a business owner in the US, harnessing the power of A2P messaging can significantly enhance your communication strategy and customer engagement. To ensure compliance and transparency, the US wireless industry has introduced A2P 10 DLC (10 Digit Long Code) as the new standard for A2P messaging. In this blog, we will dive into what A2P 10 DLC is and guide you through the process of registering for A2P 10 DLC messaging in the US, enabling you to leverage A2P messaging effectively for your business.

To start using A2P messaging for your business, you need to register for A2P 10 DLC messaging in the US. The registration process involves partnering with a trusted messaging service provider and obtaining a Trust Score, which verifies your business and ensures that your messages adhere to the industry guidelines. Registering for A2P 10 DLC is crucial not only for compliance but also for maintaining the integrity of your communication and building trust with your customers.


In the following sections, we will explore the steps involved in registering for A2P 10 DLC, including the necessary documentation and best practices to successfully implement A2P messaging for your business in the US.

Table of Contents

  • What is A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Text Messaging?
  • What is 10 DLC (10-Digit Long Code Phone Number)?
  • What is A2P 10DLC?
  • How does A2P 10 DLC work?
  • 6 Reasons Why Businesses Need Carrier-Approved A2P 10DLC Messaging
  • How to Sign Up for A2P 10DLC Text Messaging with High Volume
  • Types of Campaigns, Their Uses, and Monthly Fees for A2P 10DLC Campaign Registry
  • Pricing for US A2P 10DLC and Additional Costs for US A2P 10DLC
  • Regulations & Compliance for US A2P 10DLC

What is A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS Text Messaging?

A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging refers to the practice of businesses and organizations using software applications and text messaging services to send automated text messages from computers to mobile devices. With the help of carrier-vetted SMS gateways, A2P messages can be sent at high volumes, reaching thousands of messages per second. This capability makes A2P messaging particularly well-suited for bulk text messaging purposes.

What is 10 DLC (10-Digit Long Code Phone Number)?

A 10DLC, short for 10-digit long code, is a local phone number consisting of ten digits, such as (123) 456-7890. Initially, carriers restricted the use of 10DLC numbers solely for person-to-person (P2P) texting and calling in personal contexts. However, the landscape has evolved, and businesses and organizations now have the opportunity to leverage 10DLC numbers, as well as toll-free numbers, for A2P text messaging and sending bulk SMS.

What is A2P 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC and Business Text Messages | CallTrackingMetrics Blog



A2P 10DLC messaging, or Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code, is a messaging framework that allows businesses and organizations to send application-based messages to customers using traditional 10-digit phone numbers. In the past, these 10-digit long codes were primarily limited to person-to-person communication. However, with the introduction of A2P 10DLC, businesses can now use these numbers to engage with their customers through text messaging in a more reliable and efficient manner.


A2P 10DLC provides a standardized and regulated approach to A2P messaging in the United States. It ensures compliance with industry guidelines, enhances message deliverability, and improves customer experience. By registering for A2P 10DLC, businesses can leverage the power of application-based messaging to effectively communicate with their audience, provide updates, deliver marketing campaigns, and facilitate customer support, among other use cases. It offers a secure and transparent channel for businesses to engage with customers, build brand loyalty, and drive meaningful interactions.

How does A2P 10 DLC work?

A2P 10 DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code) works by providing businesses with a standardized and regulated framework to send application-based messages to their customers using traditional 10-digit phone numbers. The process involves several key steps to ensure compliance and enhance message deliverability.


Firstly, businesses need to register for A2P 10 DLC messaging through a trusted messaging service provider. This registration process typically involves providing necessary information about the business, such as company name, industry vertical, and intended use of A2P messaging. Additionally, businesses may need to provide documentation to verify their identity and legitimacy.


Once registered, the business is assigned a Trust Score, which serves as an indicator of their compliance and adherence to industry guidelines. The Trust Score is determined based on factors like message content, frequency, and engagement rates. This score helps carriers evaluate and categorize businesses, enabling them to manage message traffic effectively and maintain a high-quality messaging ecosystem.


With A2P 10 DLC in place, businesses can send application-based messages to their customers using 10-digit long codes. These messages can include transactional notifications, promotional offers, appointment reminders, and customer support interactions. The A2P 10 DLC framework ensures that messages are delivered reliably and securely, fostering better customer engagement and experience.


It's worth noting that A2P 10 DLC also facilitates two-way communication, allowing customers to respond to messages sent by businesses. This enables businesses to have interactive conversations with their customers, gather feedback, and provide personalized assistance. By leveraging A2P 10 DLC, businesses can enhance their communication strategies, streamline customer engagement, and build stronger relationships with their audience.


Overall, A2P 10 DLC revolutionizes the way businesses communicate with their customers by offering a regulated and reliable channel for application-based messaging. By following the registration process and adhering to industry guidelines, businesses can leverage A2P 10 DLC to effectively deliver their messages, drive engagement, and achieve their communication objectives.


6 Reasons Why Businesses Need Carrier-Approved A2P 10DLC Messaging

1. A2P 10DLC enables faster text message delivery (increased text message throughput) by allowing businesses to send a larger volume of texts at higher rates. Previously, short codes were the only option for bulk messaging. However, with A2P 10DLC and business texting software, businesses can now use various texting services to send messages more quickly and in greater quantities. Carriers and messaging providers refer to this as "throughput," which determines the speed of sending messages through business texting software.


2. A2P 10DLC is compatible with toll-free and local phone numbers, expanding the options for organizations to obtain phone numbers for business texting. Businesses now have more choices for SMS phone numbers, including local area codes with 10-digit numbers, toll-free numbers, existing business landlines, and VoIP phone lines. Additionally, if a business already has a phone number, they can transfer, host, or port it to a new text messaging provider.


3. A2P 10DLC ensures optimal text message delivery rates, addressing the issue of messages not reaching recipients. By obtaining approval for high-volume sending, businesses can achieve the best possible delivery rates for their text messages. This optimization enhances engagement, response, and open rates, maximizing the effectiveness of text message campaigns.


4. A2P 10DLC helps businesses maintain trust and credibility with carriers, who often scrutinize messages sent by organizations for promotional and transactional purposes. A2P 10DLC assures carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile that the messages sent by a business are not spam. Registering a phone number and brand for A2P texting results in the assignment of a Trust Score, which informs carriers about the type and speed of messages being sent. Adhering to guidelines from organizations such as CTIA, FCC, and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) ensures compliance with relevant regulations.


5. A2P 10DLC supports two-way conversational text messaging, which is preferred by many people due to its interactive and friendly nature. Unlike short code messaging, A2P 10DLC enables businesses to send out text blasts while maintaining a conversational experience for recipients. This conversational technology allows businesses to send personalized messages at scale, enhancing the overall messaging experience.


6. A2P 10DLC offers lower costs for bulk text messaging compared to short codes. Businesses can expect significantly reduced fees with a 10DLC or toll-free SMS number, potentially saving hundreds of dollars per month compared to the higher costs associated with dedicated SMS short codes, which can reach into the thousands of dollars per month.

5 Easy Steps to Sign Up for A2P 10DLC Text Messaging

1. Provide your business information

Once you have furnished us with your business details, we will take care of the registration process and ensure you stay informed throughout. The information we require includes your company's legal name, country of registration, organization type (private, publicly traded, nonprofit), tax number/ID/EIN, business website, descriptions of each use case for texting, and sample messages for each use case. If you sign up for Text Request, we will collect this information during the registration process. Existing customers need not worry as we already have this information on file or will have a representative reach out to you soon.


2. Complete registration for your "brand"

A 10 DLC brand represents your business, the entity responsible for the text messaging. One brand can have multiple "campaigns'' associated with its account.


3. Complete registration for your text messaging "campaign(s)"

A 10DLC campaign refers to a specific use case for text messaging. If you intend to text for multiple purposes, there is a "mixed" use case option that covers a range of scenarios. A campaign can be associated with up to 50 10DLC phone numbers.


4. Await approval or rejection from The Campaign Registry

The good news is that we will receive a response almost instantly. However, before you can start texting, there is an additional step.


5. Submit your registration for DCA (Dedicated Campaign Administrator) vetting

Every campaign registration undergoes an additional vetting process conducted by a DCA. During this stage, you will need to provide evidence of opt-ins, demonstrating that the contacts you will be texting have willingly agreed to receive messages from your business. This manual process can take anywhere from two days to four weeks or longer, but we will keep you informed throughout the process.


Types of Campaigns, Their Uses, and Monthly Fees for A2P 10DLC Campaign Registry

Standard A2P 10 DLC Campaign Types:



Special A2P 10DLC Campaign Types:


Pricing for US A2P 10DLC and Additional Costs for US A2P 10DLC

US A2P Standard Brand registration fee: There is a one-time registration fee of $4 for brand registration.


Note: Starting from October 1, 2021, T-Mobile will implement a one-time $50 campaign activation fee for each newly registered campaign, excluding Starter campaigns.


AT&T carrier fees: AT&T has set the fees at a discounted rate of $0.002 per outbound SMS segment and $0.0035 per outbound MMS. As of March 1, 2022, AT&T has increased the cost of unregistered traffic.


AT&T plans to introduce a detailed fee table in the future, which will vary by campaign type. However, the launch date for the complete fee table is yet to be determined. The following fees are effective for all long code messages to AT&T as of March 1, 2022:


- $0.002 per registered outbound SMS message segment to AT&T

- $0.0035 per registered outbound MMS message to AT&T

- $0.004 per unregistered outbound SMS message segment to AT&T

- $0.005 per unregistered outbound MMS message to AT&T


T-Mobile carrier fees (including Sprint): Starting from March 1, 2022, T-Mobile has increased the per-message fees for unregistered long code messaging to T-Mobile (including Sprint) users. The following fees are effective for all long code messages to T-Mobile as of March 1, 2022:


- $0.003 per registered outbound/inbound SMS message segment

- $0.01 per registered outbound/inbound MMS message

- $0.004 per unregistered outbound/inbound SMS message segment

- $0.013 per unregistered outbound/inbound MMS message


Verizon Wireless carrier fees: Since January 2019, Verizon has implemented the following A2P 10DLC fees, and there have been no announced changes to this fee structure:


- $0.0025 per outbound SMS message segment to Verizon Wireless

- $0.005 per outbound MMS message to Verizon Wireless

Regulations & Compliance for US A2P 10DLC

What is an A2P 10DLC Trust Score?

Upon completing the registration of your A2P Brand in the US, your Brand will be assigned a Trust Score ranging from 0 to 100. This Trust Score plays a crucial role in determining the maximum message throughput allocated to each of your Campaign use cases. 


The Registration process involves providing your Brand and Campaign information to your messaging service provider, which then transmits this data to The Campaign Registry (TCR), an independent third party responsible for managing the new registration system.


A2P 10DLC Trust Scores and messaging throughput:



How carriers determine your Trust Score:

Carriers are concerned about spam and aim to prevent their customers from receiving unwanted or harmful text messages. Consequently, carriers require detailed information about your organization and its intended SMS uses before approving your brand for high-volume text messaging. An independent agency assesses your trustworthiness based on the nature of the messages you intend to send, categorizing them as low or high risk. For example, a "low-risk" messaging campaign could involve two-factor authentication, while a "high-risk" use case may pertain to sending messages related to debt relief.


How Trust Scores influence text message delivery and throughput:

Trust Scores are classified into four levels, ranging from the lowest to the highest. Your Trust Score level, combined with your Campaign Type, determines the message throughput allocated to your campaign use case.


In conclusion, A2P 10 DLC (Application-to-Person 10 Digit Long Code) is a powerful messaging solution that allows businesses in the US to engage with their customers through text messages. It provides a secure and reliable channel for delivering automated text messages, such as marketing promotions, appointment reminders, and customer service notifications. Registering for A2P 10 DLC is essential if you want to leverage the benefits of A2P messaging for your business and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Registering for A2P 10 DLC brings numerous benefits to your business. It allows you to establish a direct and reliable communication channel with your customers, increasing engagement and response rates. A2P messaging enables personalized and timely interactions, enabling you to deliver targeted offers, important updates, and valuable information. Moreover, being compliant with A2P 10 DLC regulations helps build trust with mobile carriers and ensures the deliverability of your messages, safeguarding the reputation of your business. By embracing A2P 10 DLC, you're equipping your business with a valuable tool to enhance customer communication and drive growth.


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