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10 Best Sendbird Alternatives & Competitors for Business Chat Messaging and Communication APIs for Customer Engagement in the US in 2024

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
November 5, 2023

In an era marked by digital transformation, communication has evolved into an indispensable pillar of modern business operations. The need for seamless, real-time interaction between businesses and their customers, clients, or team members has never been more critical. 

One key player in this domain, Sendbird, has made a notable impact with its robust communication platform. However, as 2024 unfolds, a growing number of organizations in the United States are exploring Sendbird alternatives to meet their specific communication requirements.

This comprehensive blogpost is your guide to the top 10 Sendbird alternatives & competitors in the US in 2024. Throughout this article, we will delve into the distinctive features, strengths, and unique offerings of the top ten Sendbird alternatives and competitors available in the US this year.  So, without further ado, let's get started!

About Sendbird: Features, Pricing & More 

SendBird, a comprehensive messaging-as-a-service solution, empowers developers to effortlessly integrate messaging features in under 5 minutes. Their dedication to crafting the entire messaging SDK and backend from scratch ensures time and resource savings for developers, allowing a sharper focus on crafting more engaging apps and services. 

Mobile developers can seamlessly add one-on-one and group chat functionality, enriched with essential features like read message counts, delivery status, profanity filters, and user-to-user blocking. Managing chat sessions is made easy through their administration tools. SendBird's chat room accommodates multimedia files, graphics, voting, and content sharing. 

SendBird creates additional advertising and marketing channels by implementing live chat in mobile apps, games, or websites. It excels at user engagement and retention through real-time communication, suitable for various scenarios, including one-on-one communication, broadcaster-audience interaction, and e-commerce platform communication.


  1. Text, File and Custom Messaging
  2. API and API Tools
  3. Voice and Video Chat
  4. Push Notifications 
  5. Chat History
  6. Announcement Message
  7. Multiple Platform Synchronization 
  8. Auto-thumbnail Generation
  9. Auto-translation 
  10. Moderation Tools
  11. Profanity Filter 
  12. Web App Development 
  13. Data Modeling

Notable Customers 

Reddit, Carousell, Dream 11, Hinge, Delivery Hero and Teladoc.


SendBird provides flexible pricing options tailored to its diverse range of services. Here's a brief breakdown of their pricing.

1. Chat API Plans

  • Starter 5K: $399/month
  • Pro 5K: $599/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing designed for high-volume businesses with millions of Monthly Active Users (MAU).

2. Calls API Plans

  • Peer-to-peer: $0.0010 per minute per user for direct communication.
  • Server-relayed: $0.0015 per minute per user for server-relayed communication.
  • Cloud recording: $0.0014 per minute for seamless cloud recording.

3. Live API Plans

  • Livestream: $0.0037 per minute per user for audio and video, or $0.0015 per minute per user for audio-only.
  • Cloud recording: $0.0059 per minute for live cloud recording or $0.0014 per minute for cloud recording.

4. Notifications Plans

  • Custom pricing: Create a tailored plan based on your unique requirements.

The choice of plan depends on the user's needs and the number of Monthly Active Users. Moreover, SendBird even offers a free trial for each service, allowing users to explore its capabilities. Additionally, a free Chat API plan is available, though with limitations – it supports up to 1,000 chat MAU and allows test broadcasting messages.


1. Ease of Use: Sendbird stands out for its user-friendly nature, making it a breeze to integrate into mobile apps and websites. 

2. Customizability: Sendbird's custom features allow tailoring to the specific needs of customers and users, enhancing flexibility.

3. Rich Features: Sendbird packs a punch with features like message read count, delivery status, profanity filters, and user-to-user blocking, significantly enhancing chat usability.

4. Swift Integration: Sendbird's design streamlines the process for developers, enabling messaging functionality setup in under 5 minutes.

5. Pre-built UI for Major Platforms: Its pre-built UI components for major platforms simplify and expedite development.

6. Impressive Scalability: Sendbird's scalability is a notable advantage, ensuring it can grow with your needs.


1. Technical Know-How: Sendbird is most suitable for users with solid technical knowledge and experience in app development and APIs.

2. Limited Free Version: The limited free version might not suffice for all users and the premium version can be costly for small businesses.

3. Security Concerns: While Sendbird offers end-to-end encryption through third-party platforms like Virgil Security, there have been user reports of security concerns.

10 Best Sendbird Alternatives & Competitors for Messaging APIs & Mobile-First Chat Solution in the US in 2024 

Below listed are the 10 best Sendbird alternatives for US businesses in 2024. 

1. App0

Sendbird Alternatives & Competitors in the US_App0

App0, the game-changer in customer engagement, is a no-code, AI-powered platform that is transforming how businesses connect with their customers, particularly during onboarding. App0 caters to banks, financial institutions, eCommerce, healthcare, and more, seamlessly integrating AI into text-based messaging and conversational AI.

The key to App0's success lies in its commitment to simplicity and efficiency. By offering a no-code solution, they equip businesses with data-driven insights, facilitating faster time-to-market while maintaining top-notch security and compliance standards.  App0 tops the list of Sendbird competitors and helps businesses turn mundane notifications into engaging conversations, simplifying complex processes like customer onboarding.

In a world full of complications, App0 stands out as the best alternative to Sendbird and your ticket to streamlined and engaging customer interactions. Request a demo today to learn more about full-service messaging that can help in revenue generation and delightful customer experience.


  1. Customer interaction journeys using no-code
  2. Conversational AI
  3. AI Chatbots
  4. Integrations
  5. Data and AI
  6. Simple and conversational client experiences
  7. Enterprise-grade security
  8. Compliance
best Sendbird alternatives_app0 chat messaging api
#1 SendBird Alternative for Chat Messaging APIs

Looking for a better alternative to SendBird for communication APIs? Choose App0 today to drive your customer engagement using AI, data and no-code workflow automation.

Explore App0


2. Twilio  

best Sendbird alternatives_twilio

Twilio, a cloud communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) company headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a global game-changer. Trusted by countless businesses and ten million developers worldwide, Twilio is a force in transforming customer engagement. 

It has pioneered accessibility to essential channels such as voice, text, chat, video, and email through APIs. This innovation enables organizations to craft personalized interactions tailored to customer preferences.

Moreover, Twilio's partnership with Segment, a leading customer data platform, empowers real-time data capture, unified analysis, and enhanced scalability. With a $15.71 billion market cap as of July 2022, Twilio continues as one of the best Sendbird alternatives and top Sendbird competitor, shaping the future of customer engagement and communications.


  1. Omnichannel Communication
  2. Two-way SMS 
  3. All-round Messaging
  4. Live Chat
  5. Mass Texting 
  6. Programmable Chat
  7. Programmable Voice API
  8. Programmable Video
  9. Multi-factor User Verification
  10. Automatic Call Distribution
  11. Automatic Outbound Dialer
  12. Big Data Analytics
  13. SIP Trunking  

Notable Customers 

Uber, American Red Cross, Dell, Airbnb, Lyft, Netflix, and HubSpot


When it comes to Twilio's pricing, simplicity and flexibility are the name of the game, which makes it among the top Sendbird competitors. They offer three user-friendly options to cater to diverse communication needs.

1. Pay-as-you-go: First up, the "Pay-as-you-go" model is perfect for those who prefer to pay based on actual usage. Whether it's phone calls, video messages, or text APIs, the costs are determined by the type of communication, its destination, and the sender's number.

2. Volume Discounts: If the user's communication volume is on the rise, Twilio brings them "Volume Discounts." As they hit specific usage milestones, their savings increase, making it a cost-effective choice as your needs grow.

3. Committed‑use Discounts: For businesses with long-term communication requirements, the "Committed‑use Discounts" option is a winner. By committing to Twilio services for one or three years, users unlock significant discounts, ensuring cost-efficiency in the long run.

#1 Twilio Alternative for Communication (SMS) APIs

Looking for a better alternative to Twilio for communication APIs? Choose App0 today to drive your customer engagement using AI, data and no-code workflow automation.

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3. CometChat 

Sendbird alternatives competitors_cometchat

CometChat is a powerful chat API and in-app messaging SDK designed to enhance user interactions. With CometChat, businesses can effortlessly integrate high-definition voice and video calling into their mobile and web applications. This versatile alternative to Sendbird offers a range of features, including push notifications, read receipts, typing indicators, and real-time translation, to create engaging and seamless communication experiences.

What sets CometChat apart from other Sendbird competitors is its ability to enable customization, allowing users to craft their own user interfaces for private or group chats. Whether voice or video calling, file sharing, or media exchange, CometChat simplifies the process. With easy-to-use SDKs, APIs (including SMS API), and UI Kits, it's the ideal choice for businesses seeking swift integration. CometChat makes in-app chat, voice, and video integration a breeze, ensuring a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for your communication needs.


  1. Group Chat 
  2. Video and Voice Chat
  3. One-On-One Chat
  4. Cross-Platform Compatibility
  5. Push Notifications
  6. File Sharing
  7. Screen Sharing
  8. Typing and Reading Indicators
  9. Webhooks 
  10. AI Chatbots 
  11. White Labeling
  12. Multi-Language Support
  13. Communication Management
  14. Contact Management
  15. Customizable Branding

Notable Customers 

Hubspot, Amazon Web Services, Stripe, Zapier, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure


alternatives to Sendbird_cometchat pricing

CometChat's pricing model is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses, providing flexibility and value. Here's an overview of their pricing options:

1. Essentials Plan: Starting at just $109 per month, the Essentials Plan offers core chat functionality, including one-on-one private chat, group text conferences, presence indicators, and more. It's a great choice for those seeking fundamental communication tools.

2. Pro Plan: Priced from $529 per month, it includes all Essentials Plan features and takes it a step further with voice and video calling, group calling, and advanced functionalities. Ideal for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities.

3. Custom Plan: For businesses with unique requirements, CometChat offers a custom plan with pricing available upon request. This ensures a tailored solution that precisely matches specific needs.

CometChat also provides a free plan with some limitations, suitable for smaller businesses. It's important to note that pricing is determined by the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and a monthly platform fee, ensuring users pay based on their usage. All plans include 5% peak concurrent connections (PCC).

4. MessageBird 

sendbird alternatives_messagebird

MessageBird, established in 2011 by Robert Vis in Amsterdam, is among the leading cloud communications platforms linking 15,000+ enterprises to their global clientele through unparalleled SMS, Voice, and Chat APIs. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company boasts a diverse team of 800+ professionals from 55 nationalities. 

Having facilitated over 5 trillion messages, calls, and emails, MessageBird serves 29,000+ clients, including Google, Facebook, and Uber. Dedicated to simplifying customer communication, MessageBird employs a collaborative and communicative approach in its daily operations.


  1. SMS Messaging and Voice Calls
  2. IVR/Voice Recognition
  3. Debugging
  4. Omnichannel Communication
  6. Track Status of Messages
  7. Sticky VMN
  8. VoIP Features
  9. Supports 19 Media Types
  10. SDK Libraries for MessageBird's APIs

Notable Customers 

Lufthansa Airlines, Heineken, Hugo Boss, Uber, Deliveroo, Facebook Messenger, Google, and Facebook


1. Connectivity: MessageBird provides a range of connectivity services, including SMS, Numbers, Voice, and Lookup API. SMS services commence at a competitive rate of USD 0.0068, offering cost-effective communication solutions. 

Numbers start at just USD 1, making it accessible for users to obtain dedicated numbers. Voice services begin at USD 0.015, ensuring affordable voice communication options. Additionally, the Lookup API is available for free, enhancing accessibility.

2. Email Services: In the email services, MessageBird offers six distinctive services with varying pricing structures. Cloud Sending starts at no cost, providing a seamless entry point. Recipient Validation is priced at USD 0.01, offering value-driven email verification. 

PowerMTA, Deliverability Analytics, Inbox & Competitive Tracker come with custom pricing, catering to specific needs. The Email Design System Studio also features custom pricing for tailored design solutions.

3. Omnichannel Communication: Under the omnichannel, MessageBird covers SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Mobile Push, Messenger, Google Business Messages, and Instagram Direct. WhatsApp services start at USD 0.0147, ensuring accessible business messaging. SMS and Email services have a free starting point, promoting widespread usage. 

Messenger and Google Business Messages offer the first 1000 monthly messages for free, with additional messages priced at USD 0.005 each. Instagram Direct follows a similar model, providing an economical option for social media communication.

4. Application: The Application category encompasses Inbox, Flows, Chat Widget, and Video Scheduling. Inbox offers the first 2 seats for free, with additional seats available at USD 30 each, promoting collaboration. Flows provide 1000 monthly invocations for free, catering to varying business needs. 

The Chat Widget is freely available, facilitating seamless customer interaction. Video Scheduling features custom pricing, ensuring flexibility for video communication solutions.

5. Support Plans: MessageBird's Support Plans are initiated at no cost, underscoring the company's commitment to providing assistance and guidance to users. This ensures that users can leverage the full potential of MessageBird's services with the added assurance of comprehensive support.

#1 MessageBird Alternative for Omnichannel Communication

Choose App0 today to drive your customer engagement using AI, data and no-code workflow automation.

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5. PubNub  

sendbird alternatives & competitors_pubnub

PubNub is an essential developer API platform, fueling real-time application interactions to create vibrant virtual spaces where online communities can truly connect. This platform is one of the finest Sendbird alternatives, serving as the backbone for online chat, live events, geolocation, IoT control, and real-time updates, utilized by numerous organizations worldwide.

Renowned companies like Adobe, Atlassian, DocuSign, TicketMaster, and RingCentral trust PubNub's global infrastructure to power their platforms and applications. Since its inception in 2010, PubNub has secured over $130 million in funding from prominent investors, including Cisco, Ericsson, and HPE. 

PubNub ranks among the top Sendbird competitors & one of the best Sendbird alternatives in the US in 2023 because it simplifies the creation of scalable, real-time apps by offering a secure, global software platform with 99.999% reliability, <100 ms worldwide latency, and 75+ SDKs. It supports a wide range of in-app experiences, including chat, virtual events, IoT device control, and push notifications, enabling businesses to build engaging, scalable, and dependable applications.


  1. Pub/Sub Messaging
  2. In-App Messaging
  3. Transport
  4. Message Format
  5. Data Streams
  6. Presence Detection
  7. Access Manager
  8. Channel Groups
  9. Functions
  10. Files
  11. Message Persistence
  12. Mobile Push

Notable Customers 

Adobe, TicketMaster, DocuSign, Atlassian, and RingCentral


sendbird alternatives & competitors_pubnub pricing

PubNub's pricing model is as flexible as it is transparent, allowing customers to pay based on their actual usage without hidden fees or unnecessary costs. This transaction-based approach makes it a budget-friendly alternative to Sendbird, ensuring that you only pay for what you use, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

1. Free Plan: For those looking to dip their toes into the world of PubNub, the Free Plan offers a great starting point at $0 per month. It covers up to 200 Monthly Active Users (MAUs) or 1 million monthly transactions. It's perfect for testing, prototyping, or smaller implementations. However, it's important to note that exceeding these limits will lead to an automatic upgrade or product key locking.

2. Starter Plan: Stepping up from there, the Starter Plan, starting at $49 per month, offers more generous allowances, catering to up to 1000 MAUs and up to 3000 transactions per MAU. Any usage beyond these limits incurs nominal charges. This plan also provides access to PubNub Insights Standard, adding a layer of valuable analytics to your offerings.

3. Pro Plan: For businesses with more substantial needs, the Pro Plan offers custom pricing, volume-based discounts, and annual pre-pay options. This plan allows you to tailor your rates and limits to your requirements. It includes all the features of the Starter Plan, plus PubNub Insights Premium, providing a comprehensive solution for your real-time communication needs.

6. Stream 

sendbird alternatives & competitors_stream

Stream is a versatile tool that offers chat API and SDKs for crafting custom messaging applications, making real-time chat development a breeze. With its robust chat infrastructure, users can swiftly deploy in-app messaging, boosting engagement in their communities and even replacing email for team communication. Whether you're looking to build live-chat software or create a Slack alternative, Stream has you covered. 

This platform provides a host of features, including dynamic slash commands, file attachments, direct and group chats, Giphy integration, multi-tenancy, organized threads, and previews for sharing information effectively. Stream, as one of the top Sendbird alternatives, even enables you to add live chat to your Livestream events with AI-based auto-moderation to maintain a civil conversation. 

With no participant limits and features like reactions and threads, Stream empowers users to keep conversations organized effortlessly. Using Stream's react components, SDKs, and UI kits, you can create a robust web-chat or mobile app experience with minimal code. It's the ideal solution for building a complete chat experience in your applications, and it also supports various SDKs to cater to your specific needs.


  1. SDKs
  2. State Library
  3. AI-based auto-moderation
  4. Offline Support
  5. UI Components Libraries 
  6. Scalability
  7. Customizability
  8. Real-time Engagement

Notable Customers 

TaskRabbit (owned by Ikea), NBC Sports, Unilever, Delivery Hero, Gojek, eToro, Stanford University, and Zaya


Stream offers a range of products with flexible pricing options to suit various needs:

1. Chat:

  • Startup ($499/month): Ideal for small businesses with 10,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) and 500 Concurrent Connections. It includes all chat features, email support, a global edge network, and robust security and compliance.
  • Standard ($1299/month): Designed for growing businesses, it supports 25,000 MAU and 1250 Concurrent Connections, offering the same features as the Startup plan.
  • Premium ($2299/month): Tailored for larger enterprises, this plan supports 50,000 MAU and 2500 Concurrent Connections, with all features included.
  • Enterprise (Custom Pricing): For high-volume users, Stream offers custom pricing with volume discounts, providing enterprise-grade service with a 99.999% SLA, SAML SSO, private dedicated servers, and 24/7 support.

2. Video:

  • Startup ($12.00 per 1000 Minutes Good Call Quality): Offers cost-effective video and audio API features, with a global edge network and strong security and compliance.
  • Standard ($16.00 per 1000 Minutes Good Call Quality): Balances cost and reliability with the same features as the Startup plan.
  • Professional ($21.00 per 1000 Minutes Good Call Quality): Provides the best call reliability with a global edge network and robust security and compliance.
  • Enterprise (Starting at 1M participant minutes): Tailored for large-scale usage, it includes 24/7 support, a shared Slack channel, SOC 2 compliance, and a 99.999% uptime SLA.

3. Feeds:

  • Startup ($59/month): Suitable for startups, it offers 5 million monthly feed updates, 500 Concurrent Connections, and all Feeds API features.
  • Standard ($269/month): Designed for growing businesses, it supports 9 million monthly feed updates, 2500 Concurrent Connections, and additional features.
  • Premium ($899/month): Tailored for enterprises, it provides 25 million monthly feed updates, 5000 Concurrent Connections, and advanced features.
  • Enterprise (Activity-based pricing model): For high-scale users, it includes all previous features, a 99.999% uptime SLA, SAML/SSO, private dedicated servers, and 24/7 support.

Stream's pricing options cater to a wide range of business sizes and requirements, ensuring users can find the right plan for their needs.

7. Bandwidth 

sendbird alternatives & competitors_bandwidth

Bandwidth stands as a prominent global communications software enterprise, delivering cloud-ready voice, messaging, and emergency services tailored for enterprises. Established in 1999 by co-founders David Morken and Henry Kaestner, the company seamlessly merged Bandwidth International into Bandwidth.com in 2001. Bandwidth distinguishes itself by offering software application programming interfaces (APIs) for voice and messaging, leveraging its proprietary IP voice network.

A unique feature is Bandwidth's status as the sole API platform provider owning a Tier 1 network. This ownership ensures superior quality, competitive rates, and enhanced control. The company's comprehensive services encompass voice, messaging, 911, and phone number management, all anchored in its nationwide 48-state facilities-based CLEC. It is a top alternative to Sendbird in the US, when it comes to communication APIs for businesses.

With a foundation in telecom and robust software expertise, Bandwidth empowers businesses to craft exceptional customer experiences globally. The company's direct connections in key locations underscore its commitment to unmatched reliability, bringing customers closer to a seamless communication experience.


  1. SMS, MMS, and 10DLC Messaging Services
  2. Inbound, Outbound, and Toll-free Voice and Telephone Numbers Globally
  3. Bulk Porting
  4. SIP Trunking Replacement
  5. Two-way Messaging Solutions
  6. Group Messaging API
  7. SMS Survey
  8. Support Higher than 1 MPS (message per second)

Notable Customers 

Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Zoom, Uber, and RingCentral


Bandwidth is a company that offers various services, including voice API, message API, authentication API, enterprise cloud, and emergency access. Here is a breakdown of Bandwidth's pricing for some of their services:

1. Voice API: They offer almost 8 different services. The price starts from as low as $0.002 per minute for services like Call recording and costs a maximum of $0.045 for call transcription. There are other services like domestic inbound, domestic outbound, text to speech and many more.

2. Message API: Bandwidth has five pricing editions ranging from $0.004 to $0.0185 per message, and a free trial is available. Offers like SMS outbound, MMS outbound and short code outbound services are also available.

3. Authentication API: This service will cost $0.05 per authentication.

4. Enterprise Cloud: This plan offers a range of services like powerful SIP and emergency services. The pricing is available on request. 

5. Emergency Access: The user can connect their phone number to 911 with fast emergency routing. The plan is customisable, and it is available on request. 

8. Podium 

sendbird alternatives & competitors_podium

Podium, headquartered in Lehi, Utah, is a distinguished private technology company specializing in cloud-based solutions for messaging, customer feedback, online reviews, product sales, and payment requests. 

Established in 2014 by Eric Rea and Dennis Steele, the company boasts a significant impact, with over 17 million interactions facilitated. Serving a vast clientele of over 100,000 local businesses, Podium has achieved remarkable success, surpassing $100 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR).

At the forefront of Podium's offerings is an advanced lead conversion platform seamlessly integrating AI technology. This platform harmoniously consolidates diverse communication channels, enabling users to efficiently manage 100% of their leads through a unified inbox. From phone calls and emails to texts and online reviews, Podium empowers businesses with a comprehensive solution for streamlined communication and lead management. Elevate your business's efficiency and customer engagement with Podium's innovative and integrated approach.


  1. VoIP Phone System
  2. Website Chat, Text Marketing, and Inbox Management
  3. Unlimited Contacts and Team Members
  4. Automated Messaging
  5. Team Collaboration Tools
  6. Easy-to-use Interface
  7. Website Reporting and Customization
  8. Gamification

Notable Customers 

Ag-Pro, MINT Dentistry, TCS Technologies, and American Residential Services. 


sendbird alternatives & competitors_podium pricing

Podium offers a set of 3 pricing structures covering businesses of all sizes. The plans include Essentials, Standard, and Professional. The price ranges from $249 to $599. Podium presents three distinct plans for users to choose from. Let's check them in detail:

1. Essentials: Priced at $249 per month, this plan is ideal for small businesses, or self-employed. Along with 100s of app integration, the podium allows you to add 1000 contacts under this plan. This plan runs under a 12-month agreement where 3 users can be added.

2. Standard: At $409 per month, the Standard plan is designed for multi-location businesses. The Professional plan, priced at $599 per month, is suitable for businesses which are expanding. Under this plan, unlimited team members can connect, and unlimited contacts can be added. 

3. Professional: This plan is available at $599 and includes all the features of the Standard plan. Additionally, it provides advanced segmentation, integrations, and one-on-one onboarding. 

9. Vonage

sendbird alternatives & competitors_vonage

Vonage stands as a prominent American cloud communications provider, specializing in broadband communication services and delivering cloud-based solutions such as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). Their offerings encompass voice, video, and messaging services, along with advanced features like AI virtual assistants, coaching capabilities, call recording, and Salesforce gamification within cloud contact centres. 

Catering to diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, education, retail, transportation, and the public sector, Vonage ensures flexibility and scalability in its voice, messaging, video, and data capabilities. With a global reach extending to over 100,000 businesses, 1.15 million registered developers, and a remarkable 99.999% uptime reliability, Vonage remains a trusted choice for comprehensive communication solutions.


  1. Unlimited Vonage-to-Vonage calls
  2. Voicemail transcription
  3. International & Directory Assistance Block
  4. Vonage Boomerang
  5. Three-Way Calling
  6. Call hold and music on hold
  7. Network Availability Number
  8. Ring Lists

Notable Customers 

OutSystems, Nichiha USA, and Salesforce


sendbird alternatives & competitors_vonage pricing

Vonage's pricing model is one of the most balanced plans that is tailored by categorising the needs and demands of brands. It has a better price structure and affordability in comparison to its competitors, which makes it an ideal alternative to Sandbird. 

1. Mobile Plan: The basic plan starts at $19.99 per line, per month. The best part about the Mobile Plan is that it offers unlimited domestic calls. Vonage provides app support on desktop even in their basic plans.

2. Premium Plan: Priced at $29.99, the Premium Plan is the most popular plan of Vonage. It promises to provide enhanced business communication. It includes all the features of the mobile plan. Additionally, it provides unlimited video meetings and VoIP desk phones. 

3. Advanced Plan: The Advanced Plan is the best-valued plan, priced at $39.99. It covers all the Premium features, including analytics and reporting support.

10. Plivo

sendbird alternatives & competitors_plivo

Plivo is a cutting-edge communications platform that empowers businesses to connect and engage with their customers effortlessly. By simplifying the intricacies of telecom, Plivo offers both straightforward and enterprise-grade tools for seamless communication. 

Handling billions of voice calls and messages yearly from businesses worldwide, Plivo equips its clients with the resources needed to thrive in the ever-evolving communications landscape.

This platform provides pre-packaged templates, reducing development time when adding SMS and voice features to applications. With the ability to reach people across 1,500 telecom networks and 200 countries, Plivo offers limitless scalability on a global scale. 

Starting with Plivo's CPaaS solution is straightforward, and the platform boasts high-quality performance, reliable uptime, and an easy-to-understand pricing model. While the CPaaS platform itself is free, users pay for the specific tools they utilize, such as voice minutes and SMS texts, with volume discounts available for scaling businesses.


  1. Two-Way SMS
  2. Message Queueing
  3. Bulk Messaging
  4. Call Tracking
  5. Call Recording
  6. SMS Short 
  7. Real-time SMS Notifications and Logs
  8. Delivery Reports
  9. Two-Factor Authentication

Notable Customers 

Audi, Accenture, ING and Zynga


sendbird alternatives & competitors_plivo pricing

Plivo boasts a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy that ensures you only pay for what you use. This approach covers a wide array of services, including voice calls, SMS, SIP trunking, and phone number types such as long code, 10DLC, toll-free, and shortcode.

Pricing at Plivo is designed to meet the unique requirements of businesses, taking into account the specific service and country you're operating in. Here's a breakdown of their different services:

1. Voice API Platform

  • To Make a Call: $0.0050/minute
  • To Receive a Call: $0.0050/minute

2. SMS API Platform

  • To send an SMS: $0.0050/message
  • To receive an SMS: $0.0050/message

3. Zentrunk SIP Trunking

  • To Make a Call: $0.0050/minute
  • To Receive a Call: $0.0050/minute

4. Phone Number Rental

  • Local Numbers: $0.0050/month
  • Mobile Numbers: $0.0050/month
  • Toll-Free Numbers: $0.0050/month
  • Short Codes: Contact sales for pricing


In the dynamic landscape of communication platforms, the choice of the best from amongst many Sendbird alternatives becomes pivotal, influencing the way businesses connect and engage with their audience. The list of 10 Best Sendbird Alternatives & Competitors, which we've meticulously curated, represents a comprehensive assortment of solutions, each offering distinct strengths and capabilities to cater to diverse business needs.

By exploring these Sendbird alternatives, you can be confident that you are making an informed decision that aligns with your business goals and aspirations in the ever-evolving world of communication platforms.

As the digital realm continues to expand, these Sendbird competitors provide an indispensable array of tools and features, facilitating seamless communication, collaboration, and customer engagement. Whether you are a start-up seeking cost-effective options or a large enterprise aiming for scalability, this list encompasses choices that can suit your unique requirements.

If you're looking for the best Sendbird alternative, look no further than App0! It's the best and most budget-friendly alternative to Sendbird with the finest set of features. It's the future of customer communication in the financial, retail & eCommerce industry. It turns notifications into two-way conversations, simplifying document collection and streamlining applications through text messaging. 

App0's advantages include: 

  • Data-driven customer insights.
  • No-Code for swift deployment.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance.

It's a game-changer for user engagement and elevating customer satisfaction. Our AI-powered messaging platform redefines loan origination, delivering seamless, data-driven interactions.

Leading financial institutions, eCommerce & retail companies trust App0 for exceptional customer experiences. Transform your customer support process, harness AI, and stay ahead in 2024 with App0. Request a Demo today to learn more about full-service messaging using AI that can help in revenue generation and delightful customer experience.

Sendbird Alternatives & Competitors: FAQs 

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