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10 Best Klaviyo Alternatives & Competitors for Email & SMS Marketing for E-commerce in the US in 2024

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
October 8, 2023

SMS marketing has an open rate of 98%.  Similarly, 73% of marketers agree that email marketing is the best digital marketing channel with the highest ROI. Businesses are constantly looking for the right platform which will enable them to implement and execute these marketing strategies effectively and profitably. 

In such an e-commerce landscape, Klaviyo is a renowned name. With years of expertise, an impressive list of service offerings, and a client base, Klaviyo is undoubtedly the most preferred. 

However, there are other Klaviyo alternatives which businesses must be aware of in 2024. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the top 10 Klaviyo alternatives for the e-commerce and retail industry in the US. From features to pricing, this guide has everything you would love to know about the popular Klaviyo alternatives.

About Klaviyo: Features, Pricing & More  

Klaviyo Alternatives _About Klaviyo: Features, Pricing & More

Klaviyo is a global tech powerhouse that revolutionises e-commerce marketing with cutting-edge email and SMS marketing services. Designed for Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento stores, it's trusted by over 70,000 paying customers worldwide.

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform that gives users direct control over customer data and interactions. This means businesses can build lasting relationships, not just transactions, on a grand scale. Its seamless integration with the tech stack provides a complete customer profile, revealing what makes them click, bounce, or buy.

Klaviyo's insights help businesses acquire and retain new customers, making existing customers buy again. All this is in one user-friendly platform; there is no need to start from scratch or rely on third-party marketplaces. Klaviyo's impact is evident in the $3.7 billion in revenue generated for brands worldwide last year.


  • Intelligent Marketing Automation: Turns customer data into faster growth by connecting with customers seamlessly across channels.
  • Email Marketing: Comes with advanced features such as email segmentation, automation, pre-built reports, and drip campaigns.
  • SMS Marketing: Offers bulk SMS campaigns that can be personalised with powerful automation.
  • SMS Automation: Allows businesses to send personalised, cross-channel experiences to engage their audience faster.
  • Segmentation and List Management: Allows businesses to segment their email and SMS lists based on customer behaviour, demographics, and more.
  • Pre-built Library of Email Templates and Automation: Offers a pre-built library of email templates and automation to create effective email campaigns.
  • Tech Integrations: Integrates with many e-commerce platforms, websites, e-commerce CRMs, loyalty programs, etc.

Notable Customers 

Titan Fitness, The Messi Store, Tushy, ICONIC, ShipStation, and Peterson's Harley-Davidson.


Klaviyo Alternatives _Klaviyo pricing


Klaviyo's pricing comprises 3 simple plans: Free Plan, Email & Email and SMS. The pricing list of these plans is mentioned below. 

1. Free Plan 

Klaviyo's free plan is available for accounts with up to 250 subscribers and allows up to 500 monthly email sends. Once the limit is reached, account access is temporarily locked. It grants instant access to Klaviyo's full suite of features, including advanced tools.

Klaviyo also extends a free SMS plan despite its constraints. This plan permits monitoring SMS and MMS campaigns through the comprehensive analytics and dashboard features, but it's confined to only 50 active contacts. 

You can be at most 150 SMS or 50 MMS credits monthly. It's important to note that the cost of sending SMS messages varies according to the destination country. For the USA, each SMS message costs a mere 1 credit.  

Klaviyo's free plan is a valuable entry point for businesses seeking feature-rich marketing solutions. For customer support, free plan users have the option of email assistance. 

2. Email Plan

Starting at just $20 per month, this plan kicks in once you exceed the 250-contact limit of the free program. Users can effortlessly navigate the pricing structure on Klaviyo's official website using the convenient drop-down menu. For instance, managing a subscriber list of 10,000 costs approximately $150 per month, while at the uppermost tier of 150,000 subscribers, the plan comes in at around $1955 per month.

The detailed segmentation based on the number of subscribers allows email marketers to tailor their strategies precisely. This pricing model caters to mid-sized brands, offering robust features and extensive support.

3. Email & SMS Plan  

This plan combines the robust features of their email plan with the capabilities necessary for executing impactful SMS marketing campaigns. The pricing for this plan is marginally higher than the email-only version, with, for example, $165 per month for managing 10,000 subscribers compared to the standard $150. It starts at $35/month.

What sets this plan apart is the priority customer support, encompassing email, chat, and live telephone assistance. Klaviyo goes the extra mile by assigning dedicated customer success managers and onboarding specialists to ensure a seamless experience.

It's important to note that SMS and MMS credits come at an additional cost and do not carry over to the following month. Thus, it's essential to have a well-defined SMS marketing strategy in place when ordering credits.

The Email & SMS Plan features are comprehensive, with monthly SMS credits that scale with your brand, support for up to 150,000 contacts, 10 email campaigns to every active profile, and, most importantly, priority customer support. This plan is the ultimate package, granting access to all of Klaviyo's features, including dedicated support, making it a valuable choice for businesses seeking an all-in-one marketing solution.


1. Personalization: Klaviyo excels in micro-targeted email and SMS marketing, enabling businesses to deliver highly personalised content that resonates with customers.

2. Ease of Use: With a wealth of pre-built email campaign templates and flows, Klaviyo simplifies the creation of comprehensive email marketing strategies, making them accessible to users of varying skill levels.

3. Automation: The platform offers seamless omnichannel automation triggered by customer behaviour. It also handles automated transactional messages like order and delivery confirmations, saving time and improving customer engagement.

4. Integration: Klaviyo boasts over 300 native integrations, streamlining the process of automating personalised email and SMS communications and enhancing overall efficiency.

5. Analytics: Klaviyo provides robust analytics, allowing businesses to measure the effectiveness of their email and SMS marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions.


1. Price: One of the notable drawbacks is the cost. Klaviyo's email and SMS marketing plan pricing can be steep, potentially limiting its accessibility for smaller businesses.

2. Learning Curve: For newcomers to the platform, a learning curve may be involved in harnessing the full potential of Klaviyo's features.

3. Clunky Interface: Some users have reported issues with the email-building interface, where occasional glitches and difficulties saving changes can be frustrating.

Top 10 Klaviyo Alternatives & Competitors for Email & SMS Marketing for E-commerce in the US in 2024 

Klaviyo has been topping the lists of SMS marketing and Email marketing. However, it has its downsides. The ever-evolving landscape of software solutions has brought up alternatives and competitors as formidable contenders in the United States in 2024. Below listed are 10 such Klaviyo alternatives businesses must try in 2024.

1. App0 

Klaviyo Alternatives_App0

App0, a pioneering no-code, AI-driven customer engagement platform, revolutionises customer communication. Tailored for sectors such as eCommerce and retail, it seamlessly incorporates AI into text-based messaging and email marketing, elevating the customer experience. In 2024, it stands out as one of the finest Klaviyo SMS alternatives for US businesses.

At App0, we empower enterprises with data-backed insights, expedite Time-To-Market through a No-Code approach, and uphold rigorous security and compliance standards. App0 transforms notifications into interactive dialogues by harnessing its conversational AI feature, streamlining intricate processes like customer onboarding and redefining how businesses engage with their clients.


  • Simple and Conversational Client Experiences: App0 offers out-of-the-box, end-user-facing applications for various use cases like appointments, payments, marketing, retention, confirmations, consents, and more. Alternatively, you can build custom solutions using the user-friendly App0 EasyApp studio.
  • Email & SMS Marketing for eCommerce
  • Text-to-Shop: E-commerce customers can reorder anytime with a simple text.
  • AI-powered Prediction: eCommerce and D2C brands can know when each customer is running out of their products and engage with the customer accordingly.
  • Seamless Checkout: App0's AI messaging platform allow online customers to pay and place their orders easily without leaving the conversation thread.
  • Integrations for Rapid Deployment: App0's prebuilt industry-specific integrations helps enterprises get to the market faster.
Klaviyo Alternatives _App0 features
#1 Klaviyo Alternative for Email & SMS Marketing Automation

Looking for a better alternative to Klaviyo for Email & SMS marketing in E-commerce? Choose App0 today to skyrocket your marketing game using AI, data and no-code workflow automation.

See a demo

2. Omnisend  

Klaviyo Alternatives _Omnisend  

Headquartered in London, Omnisend is the all-in-one tool for streamlining and automating omni-channel marketing. It goes beyond email outreach, offering SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp, pop-ups, and dynamic Facebook and Google ad integration, thus making to one of the better Klaviyo Alternatives in the US in 2024. 

Catering to over 100,000 e-commerce businesses, Omnisend’s email and SMS tools automate the customer journey. It ensures precision targeting, delivering the right message at the perfect moment. From elevating your subscriber list with its landing pages and popups to engaging with polished email templates and newsletters, it has got everything covered.

Besides, it also helps businesses elevate conversions using pre-built automation such as welcome sequences and abandoned cart workflows. It seamlessly integrates with 30+ apps, granting you campaign creation and management flexibility. 


  • Integrated Email and SMS Marketing: Create personalised, on-brand campaigns with customisable templates on a single platform.
  • Omnichannel Marketing: Offer a consistent, multi-channel experience with email, SMS, and more on one platform.
  • Two-Way SMS Messaging: Real-time engagement, contests, and customer interaction with Gorgias integration.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Automated emails and SMS reminders for cart abandonment recovery.
  • Measurable Metrics: Track email campaign performance with cost-effective pricing based on list size.
  • Splits: Send tailored messages down different paths within a single automation workflow.

Notable Customers  

British Airways i360, Voisins and Son de Flor


Klaviyo Alternatives _Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend's pricing structure is flexible, ensuring businesses can choose the plan that aligns with their marketing requirements, whether just starting or seeking advanced features and support for high-volume outreach. Here's an in-depth look at their pricing options:

Omnisend's pricing plans are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring accessibility and scalability for email and SMS marketing needs. Here's an in-depth look at their pricing options:

1. Free Plan

The Free Plan is a great entry point, offering up to 500 monthly emails for a contact list 250. This plan encompasses a range of features, including email templates, pre-built automation, unlimited segmentation, A/B testing, pop-up and sign-up forms, and more. 

However, it's worth noting that all forms and landing pages under this plan carry Omnisend branding. Customer support is available via email, although it's essential to be aware that segmentation is limited to 20 per month, and web data history is tracked for 30 days.

2. Standard Plan

Pricing begins at $16 monthly for 250 contacts, with costs scaling to $1120 monthly for 150,000 contacts. Moving up, the Standard Plan is perfect for growing businesses and SMEs searching for more advanced marketing tools. 

Beyond this threshold, custom pricing arrangements are in place. The number of emails you can send is tied to your contact list; for instance, with 1,500 contacts, you can send 18,000 emails each month. 

In addition to the features provided in the free plan, users on the Standard Plan gain access to a customer success manager upon reaching 60,000 contacts, the ability to remove Omnisend branding on forms and campaigns, and the power to utilise up to 100 segmentation options. Web history data is tracked for up to six months, and real-time sales and performance reports provide valuable insights.

3. Pro Plan

For businesses with high email volumes and a desire to harness SMS functionality, the Pro Plan is the ideal choice. With pricing ranging from $59 per month for 250 contacts to $1650 per month for 150,000 contacts, this plan opens the doors to unlimited emails and web push notifications per month, making it a top pick for e-commerce stores. 

It also introduces advanced reporting for pinpointing the best-performing campaigns and workflows. Priority support, offering access to the support team within just one hour, adds further convenience. Pro Plan subscribers can utilise up to 200 segmentation options, enjoy web history data tracking for up to 18 months, and gain access to advanced reporting features.


1. User-Friendly Interface: Omnisend's intuitive interface simplifies the creation and delivery of email and SMS campaigns, ensuring a smooth user experience.

2. Omnichannel Marketing: Seamlessly integrate email and SMS campaigns to reach customers on multiple channels, enhancing the reach of your marketing efforts.

3. Efficient Automation: Omnisend's automation features save time and boost engagement with triggered emails and follow-up campaigns.

4. Effective Segmentation: Target specific audiences with precision through Omnisend's segmentation capabilities, amplifying the impact of your campaigns.

5. Affordable Pricing: Accessible to businesses of all sizes, Omnisend offers a variety of pricing plans, including a free option, to accommodate various budgets. This makes it one of the best budget-friendly Klaviyo alternatives.


1. Limited Customization: The email editor's lack of advanced functionality can limit user customisation options.

2. Buggy Features: Some users have encountered occasional glitches and slow loading times in certain features.

3. Language Limitation: Omnisend is available solely in English, potentially hindering businesses targeting non-English-speaking audiences.

3. Attentive 

Klaviyo Alternatives _Attentive

Attentive is a New Jersey-based company founded in 2016 which offers an exclusive SMS marketing platform designed to establish direct connections between retail and e-commerce brands and their customers. Attentive capitalise that 87% of consumers prefer communication via text messages. Attentive's SMS-powered platform, is one of the better & cheaper Klaviyo altenrative in the US that empowers over 5,000 brands to boost revenue by 10 times compared to email marketing.

Attentive's achievements have given it a spot on Forbes' "America's Best Startup Employers 2022 List" and a prestigious ranking as the #10 entry on the "2022 Forbes Cloud 100 List." Moreover, Attentive was the third fastest-growing company in North America, as recognised by the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500. All of this makes it one of the best Klaviyo alternatives.


  • Two-Way Messaging: Customers can have interactive conversations with the brand, enhancing engagement.
  • Automated Responses: Triggered responses for actions like sign-ups or cart abandonment streamline customer interactions.
  • Campaign Planning: Plan and strategise campaigns, set goals, and measure success effectively.
  • Campaign Management: Efficiently schedule, target, and segment both SMS and email campaigns.
  • Reporting: Track SMS and email campaign performance with metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
  • Magic Composer: It combines SMS and email marketing into a unified UI for writing and scheduling your SMS and email messages.
  • Bulk SMS: Send messages to large customer groups simultaneously for maximum reach.
  • Short Codes: Utilise shortened phone numbers for SMS marketing, enhancing brand recognition.
  • Triggered Email: Identify and engage more on-site browsers by increasing the email identification rate of your website traffic.

Notable Customers 

CB2, Jack in the Box, Pura Vida, Coach and Urban Outfitters.


Attentive offers a highly adaptable pricing structure to accommodate every customer's unique requirements. It understands the distinct needs of its clientele. Consequently, it refrains from offering pre-defined, one-size-fits-all pricing models. Customers must request a demo for a personalised price quote and assistance tailored to their needs and demands.


1. Effective SMS Campaigns: Attentive successfully launches SMS marketing campaigns, offering a powerful tool for direct customer engagement.

2. Feature-Rich with Analytics: Attentive provides a rich feature set and in-depth analytics for SMS marketing, helping brands make data-driven decisions.

3. User-Friendly Interface: Its user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation and quick familiarity with the application, reducing the learning curve.

4. Customized Pop-Ups: Brands can enhance their campaigns with custom pop-up windows and forms, optimising user interaction.

5. Agency-Free Management: Attentive's ongoing services eliminate the need to hire external agencies for SMS marketing management, reducing costs.


1. Lackluster Analytics: Some users need more comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, potentially limiting data-driven insights.

2. Unclear Audience Segmentation: Information on audience segmentation capabilities needs to be improved, making it challenging to target specific demographics.

3. A/B Testing Ambiguity: Users need more information regarding A/B testing capabilities, hindering campaign optimisation.

4. Emotive  

Klaviyo Alternatives _Emotive

Emotive is an SMS marketing platform for fast-growing e-commerce businesses looking to execute successful SMS marketing campaigns. Over 750 firms have used Emotive for their e-commerce stores. Its standout features are its segmentation and automated messaging flows. 

Emotive was founded by Brian Zatulove and Ray Landgraf in 2018. Today, in 2024, the company has served over 750 customers and has more than 150 employees working at its office in Los Angeles. Emotive’s features are similar to most SMS marketing tools. However, all users of Emotive software are also provided services from a dedicated onboarding manager, customer success manager, and copywriter.


  • Conversational Ads: Capture emails and phone numbers directly in Facebook ads, growing first-party data 5-10x faster than traditional pop-ups.
  • Conversational Text Message: Facilitates 1:1 SMS communication, allowing customers to interact with real people for queries or concerns.
  • Text Message Automation: Sends automatic messages based on browsing history or past purchases.
  • Text to Pay: Allows purchases within SMS threads, reducing checkout friction and boosting cart conversion rates.
  • SMS Payments: Enables frictionless purchases within SMS threads, improving cart conversion rates.
  • Short Codes: Offers Short Codes for memorable 5-6 digit numbers used in marketing campaigns, simplifying SMS communication.
  • SMS API Integration: Integrates with eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Klaviyo, Gorgias, and Zendesk.

Notable Customers 

Eat Well Nashville, Thread & Supply, Parade and BYLT Basics


Klaviyo Alternatives _Emotive Pricing

Emotive has divided its SMS marketing pricing into different tiers. Here's an in-depth look at their pricing options:

1. Free (SMS Marketing Free for 14 Days): $0/month 

2. Starter ($0.02 per SMS): $150/month 

3. Pro ($0.015 per SMS): $400/month

4. Advanced ($0.01 per SMS): $750/month

5. Managed SMS ($0.01 per SMS): $2000/month

6. Enterprise (messaging fees vary): Custom 


1. Ease of Use: Users find Emotive easy to navigate and utilise, ensuring a seamless experience.

2. Dedicated Account Manager: Emotive goes the extra mile by providing users with a dedicated account manager, offering valuable support and guidance.

3. Segmentation: Emotive's robust segmentation capabilities empower users to target specific customer groups precisely, enhancing the relevance of their marketing efforts.

4. Automated Messaging: Emotive's automated messaging feature is a powerful asset for eCommerce businesses seeking targeted marketing and personalised messages to engage customers effectively.

5. Combining SMS and Email Marketing: Emotive allows users to synergise SMS and email marketing efforts, leveraging the strengths of each channel to boost conversions and customer retention.


1. Not Self-Service: Unlike some SMS marketing tools, Emotive is not self-service, requiring a more hands-on approach from users.

2. Cost: Using Emotive comes with a monetary investment, so users should carefully weigh the costs against the tool's benefits.

5. Airkit 

Klaviyo Alternatives _Airkit

Airkit (now acquired by Salesforce), a cutting-edge Digital CX Automation platform, empowers businesses to craft seamless customer experiences. With over 50 pre-designed components and templates for web, mobile, and voice apps, creating your application is a breeze using Airkit Studio. Whether digital self-service, agent assistance, or dynamic digital forms, Airkit simplifies the process. It's one of the leading Klaviyo Alternatives in the US market in 2024.

Its low-code foundation enables users to deliver hyper-personalized customer journeys, bridging existing systems effortlessly. Additionally, Airkit boasts 24/7 omnichannel support, increasing enrollments, sales, and closed deals.

Trusted by Fortune 500 and industry leaders, Airkit accelerates digital self-service by 40 times, enhancing customer satisfaction. Businesses across all sectors can harness the power of Airkit for a hassle-free, efficient, and customer-centric approach to digital transformation. 


  • Two-way Messaging: Offers the capability for businesses to engage in one-to-one, two-way personalised messaging with clients individually.
  • Automated Messaging: Allows for the efficient management of large-scale automated text message campaigns.
  • Subscriber List Builders: Provides various tools and methods to build a subscriber list for SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Segmentation: Create highly targeted SMS marketing campaigns by segmenting subscribers based on demographics, behaviour, or other criteria.
  • Personalisation: Enables personalised messaging by utilising shortcodes that fetch customer data and add it to text messages. T
  • Compliance with Anti-spam Laws: Assists businesses to adhere to anti-spam laws when sending promotional and transactional text messages.
  • Customisable Templates: Provides customisable templates to send the right messages at the right time.

Notable Customers 

OpenTable, Ember and ShipBob


Airkit takes a customer-centric approach to pricing, offering a flexible range that caters to each customer's unique needs. Unlike traditional one-size-fits-all pricing models, Airkit doesn't have a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, they prioritise understanding every customer's requirements and demands to provide the best possible pricing.

This personalised pricing strategy means that Airkit needs to offer a clear-cut pricing option on its website. Customers interested in using Airkit's services must take the first step by requesting a demo. This demo is the gateway to discovering the pricing details tailored to their needs.


1. Customizable templates: Airkit provides customisable templates, simplifying sending well-timed and tailored messages.

2. Automated messaging: Airkit empowers users to efficiently send automated text messages in large volumes while effectively managing them.

3. Compliance with anti-spam laws: Airkit aids businesses in adhering to anti-spam laws, ensuring legal compliance when sending promotional and transactional text messages.

4. Personalization: Utilizing shortcodes, Airkit enables personalised messaging by integrating customer data into text messages, creating messages tailored to each shopper's journey.


1. Learning curve: Users may need time to learn and master Airkit's features, potentially delaying implementation.

2. Integration challenges: Airkit may only seamlessly integrate with some existing systems, requiring additional setup efforts.

Power Email & SMS Marketing for E-commerce Using AI

App0 offers a flexible no-code/low-code platform to enable enterprises to launch AI agents faster & at scale with no upfront engineering investment or prior technical knowledge. Sign up with App0 for AI-powered Email and SMS marketing automation for the Ecommerce industry.

See a demo

6. Mailchimp 

Klaviyo Alternatives _Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an industry-leading platform founded in 2001 by visionaries Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong and later joined by Dan Kurzius. Mailchimp isn't just an email marketing tool; it's a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses to engage with clients, customers, and interested parties seamlessly. 

Boasting features like marketing automation, customer journey mapping, dynamic content, integrations, and retargeting ads, Mailchimp revolutionises digital communication. Its game-changing elements include transactional emails, webhooks, analytics tools, AI, customisable templates, SMS capabilities, and multivariate options. It's one of the best budget-friendly Klaviyo alternatives in 2024.

With an estimated annual net revenue of $344.7 million and a valuation of $10 billion as of August 2021, Mailchimp has become a cornerstone in the digital marketing landscape. Following the acquisition, founders Ben Chestnut and Mark Armstrong are estimated to be worth $5 billion each. 


  • Email Marketing: Leverage the power of personalised email to promote your business's products and services effectively.
  • Email Builder: Create impactful emails.
  • Campaign Manager: Streamline omnichannel marketing.
  • Marketing Automation: Save time and boost efficiency by automating your marketing campaigns for a more streamlined approach.
  • Content Creation: Craft visually appealing emails and landing pages effortlessly using customizable templates for a polished look.

Notable Customers  

Slack, Zendesk, Shopify & Infosys


Klaviyo Alternatives _Mailchimp pricing


The pricing of Mailchimp is divided into 4 packages including a free plan. Their most popular plan is the standard one, which costs $20 monthly. Check all the plans in detail: 

1. Free Plan

Perfect for beginners, the Free Plan allows experimentation with Mailchimp's tools. It covers up to 500 contacts and 1,000 monthly sends, though branding and features are limited.

2. Essentials Plan ($13/month)

Tailored for growing enterprises, this plan includes foundational features like email templates, A/B testing, and basic marketing automation. It starts at $13/month for 500 contacts and 500 sends.

3. Standard Plan ($20/month)

The Standard Plan commences at $20/month. Offering advanced attributes like retargeting ads, custom branding, and profound audience insights, it's an ideal choice for businesses seeking more sophisticated tools.

4. Premium Plan ($350/month)

The Premium Plan encompasses all Standard features and more for larger enterprises with intricate needs. It costs $350/month and introduces advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, and exclusive phone support. 


1. User-friendly Interface: Mailchimp welcomes users with a friendly interface. Navigating the platform is clean, making it accessible even to beginners.

2. Great template editor: Designing captivating emails with Mamilchamp is easy. The template editor is a standout feature, offering creative freedom without compromising simplicity.

3. Data-Driven Reporting: The reporting tools are comprehensive, offering insights beyond mere open-and-click rates in Mailchimp.

4. Free Forever Plan: For new customers and beginners, Mailchimp’s free plan helps them understand their services. It's a chance to explore and experiment without worrying about costs.

5. Integrated Campaigns: Mailchimp is not just an email platform; it includes different elements of your marketing campaign. It seamlessly connects various aspects of your campaigns.


1. Advanced Learning Curve: While user-friendly, Mailchimp’s advanced features might overwhelm beginners. 

2. Sparse Template Library: The library lacks competitors' richness, leaving users searching for that perfect design spark.

7. Brevo (Previously Sendinblu) 

Klaviyo Alternatives_Brevo (Previously Sendinblu)

Founded in 2007 by the visionary minds of Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma, Brevo has evolved into a global force, with offices stretching across Paris, Delhi, Seattle, Berlin, Sofia, and Vienna. With a mission to revolutionize relationship marketing, Brevo is a SaaS solution offering a comprehensive cloud-based marketing communication software suite. 

Brevo is a toolbox where email marketing, transactional email, marketing automation, customer relationship management, landing pages, Facebook ads, retargeting ads, and SMS marketing seamlessly converge. Currently empowering 180,000 firms worldwide, Brevo boasts over 700 dedicated employees and supports 500,000 active users across 180 countries. 

What sets Brevo apart is the suite of features—A/B testing, report production, and contact list management—and the commitment to helping businesses forge enduring customer connections through channels like email, WhatsApp, SMS, chat, and marketing automation. 


  • Email Templates: Provides a variety of email templates, empowering businesses to craft polished, professional emails effortlessly.
  • SMS Campaigns: Extend your reach beyond emails—Brevo facilitates SMS campaigns, WhatsApp outreach, and chat, meeting your audience on their preferred platforms.
  • Click Map Reports: Visualize engagement patterns through Brevo's click map reports, understanding how subscribers interact with your emails.
  • Multichannel Marketing: Elevate your strategy with Brevo's multichannel capabilities, encompassing SMS, WhatsApp, web push notifications, and transactional emails.
  • Integrations: Seamlessly connect Brevo with popular applications such as Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Facebook Messenger.

Notable Customers 

Michelin, ebay, Sodexo, Huawei, Carrefour & Liligo.com


Klaviyo Alternatives _Brevo (Previously Sendinblu) pricing


1. Marketing Platform

  • Free: The free plan is best for exploring and discovering the features of Brevo. Three hundred emails are free per day, and users can try the free customisable email templates and editors. 
  • Starter: At $25, the starter plan offers 20,000 emails per month. The best part is that there is no daily limit; users can use all 20,000 monthly email quota in a single day. Users will also get basic reporting and analytics support. 
  • Business: The business plan starts at $65. The number of monthly emails is the same as the starter pack, but many advanced tools like A/B tasting, advanced statistics, and marketing automation are introduced. 
  • BrevoPlus: This is mostly recommended for large organisations and firms. It is a customisable plan, so there is no specific price. The customer needs to have a take before they can acquire this plan. This plan's best offerings are enterprise-grade and advanced security. 

2. Conversations

  • Free: It is limited to only one user with unlimited chat support. The free versions have many features, including website chat support, third-party plugins, etc. 
  • Pro: The pro plan costs $15 per month, applicable per user. Along with all the features from the free plan, you can get advanced features like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp integration and powerful customer support. 

3. Transactional Email 

  • Free: It allows the user to send 300 free transactional emails daily. 
  • Customizable slider: A customisable slider allows users to choose the plan according to their requirements. The first paid plan starts from 20k emails at $15, and it can go up to more than 1 million as per the user's demand. 


1. Good Email Builder: Brevo has a stellar email builder and customizable templates. Crafting engaging emails becomes easy, elevating your brand communication.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Brevo is a delight because of its intuitive platform. It is free from unnecessary friction and promises streamlined operations.

3. Variety of design tools: With various design tools and elements, Brevo empowers users to create visually stunning emails. Aesthetics meet functionality for impactful marketing.

4. Insightful Reports: Brevo doesn't just send emails; it provides detailed reports. Support with analytics, businesses can make informed decisions to fine-tune their strategies.

5. Unified Customer Journey: Brevo offers a unified view of the customer journey. Integrating diverse tools like Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Chat, Marketing Automation, Meetings, etc., simplifies marketing and CRM.


1. Price Tag: The brilliance of Brevo comes at a cost, potentially posing a hurdle for small businesses with budget constraints.

2. Limited Free Plan: Brevo's free plan might feel restrictive for businesses with expansive contact lists, limiting growth potential.

8. Braze.com 

Klaviyo Alternatives _Braze.com 

Braze, headquartered in the bustling landscape of New York City, stands as a pioneering force in cloud-based software. It is one of the best Klaviyo alternatives in 2024. Since its inception in 2011 under Appboy, co-founders Bill Magnuson, Jon Hyman, and Mark Ghermezian envisioned a platform redefining customer engagement through multichannel marketing. 

Braze's commitment to excellence permeates through every facet of its operations—be it the innovative customer engagement platform designed to unleash the creative prowess of marketers or the unwavering dedication to providing top-notch strategic customer support.

With a global presence spanning 12 offices and a virtual community, Bonfire, boasting over 3,000 marketers, Braze has emerged as one of the finest Klaviyo alternatives. The company's success is underscored by its recognition as a leader in the Forrester Wave™ and Gartner's Magic Quadrant, attesting to its prowess in cross-channel marketing hubs and mobile marketing platforms. 

Braze's remarkable achievements extend beyond industry accolades, as evidenced by its inclusion in esteemed lists such as Inc. and Crain’s Best Places to Work. As of 2024, Braze surpassed the $400M mark in annual recurring revenue, solidifying its position as an industry titan and a beacon of innovation in customer engagement.

Braze is also one of the best alternatives to Twilio. To learn more about this, read our blog on the best Twilio alternatives & competitors in the US in 2024.


  • Send Relevant Texts: Showcase the perfect products and deliver messages tailored to your customer's preferences.
  • Streamline Your Program: Optimize engagement effortlessly by leveraging ready-to-use templates and workflows.
  • Create Personalized Email: Craft dynamic email experiences throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Controlled Mailing: Ensure precise email delivery timing with unified data, 360 user profiles, action-triggered segmentation and timely communication.
  • Intelligent Channel Selection: Seamlessly target your audience by sending messages through their preferred channel.
  • Intelligent Timing: Determine the optimal time for email delivery, enhancing the chances of interaction and maximizing the impact of your email campaigns.
  • Test to Optimize: Experiment with interactive emails using Braze.

Notable Customers 

MAX, Skyscanner, PureGym, Burger King, Babylon Health, Grubhub, NASCAR, OkCupid, and TUI


Braze's website lacks detailed pricing information, leaving the option of obtaining a direct quote as the primary avenue. Users can initiate this process by contacting the sales team and discussing their business requirements. 

Typically, at this juncture, users can expect an offer for a product demonstration to gain a hands-on understanding of Braze's sophisticated array of engagement tools.


1. Comprehensive Engagement: Braze facilitates meaningful interactions, fostering relevant and unforgettable experiences between brands and their audience.

2. Multi-Channel Mastery: Offering a robust platform for crafting multi-channel campaigns and user journeys, Braze empowers businesses to reach their audience wherever they are.

3. Feature-Rich: Automation, personalization, and real-time reporting are just a few of the many features in Braze's arsenal, providing a rich toolkit for marketers.

4. Targeted Campaigns: Businesses can leverage Braze's capabilities to create laser-focused campaigns based on customer behaviour and purchase history, automating workflows and segmenting users for maximum impact.

5. Flexibility enabled: Braze offers flexibility in segmentation, personalization, and analytics, allowing businesses to tailor their approach to meet specific needs.


1. Customer Service Quandaries: Some users report dissatisfaction with Braze's customer service, citing sluggish responses and a lack of helpfulness.

2. Interface Irritations: Navigating Braze's user interface can be uneasy, with some users finding it confusing and challenging.

3. Documentation: The documentation provided by Braze is occasionally insufficient, not up-to-date, or challenging to comprehend, leaving users seeking clearer guidance.

9. ActiveCampaign

Klaviyo Alternatives _ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a trailblazer in the Software as a Service (SaaS) domain, presenting a comprehensive suite encompassing email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM functionalities. This platform, founded in 2003 by Jason VandeBoom, has garnered substantial funding, fueling its evolution into a powerhouse for businesses aiming to rival larger counterparts. 

With a commitment to empowering growing enterprises, ActiveCampaign adopts a personalized, automation-first strategy, enabling teams to streamline operations, enhance customer connections, and foster expansion. Boasting features such as Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales Automation, CRM, and seamless integrations, ActiveCampaign emerges as a versatile solution.  

Leveraging a library of predictive recipes and complimentary marketing tools grounded in global best practices, ActiveCampaign has witnessed remarkable growth, amassing 145,000 customers by April 2021—an impressive surge from 90,000 in January 2020. ActiveCampaign epitomizes a transformative force in the SaaS landscape, epitomizing efficiency, scalability, and user-friendly automation.


  • SMS Functionality: ActiveCampaign offers versatile SMS features to send messages directly and trigger automation through SMS.
  • Personalized Marketing: Achieve a personal touch with highly customizable and personalized email marketing campaigns.
  • SMS Compliance: Ensure compliance with SMS regulations using valid phone numbers, identification, and adherence to legal requirements.
  • Geo-Targeting: Tailor your messages precisely using geo-targeting.
  • RSS to Email Automation: Automate email campaigns effortlessly by syncing with your website or blog's RSS feed.
  • Predictive Sending: Enhance engagement with predictive sending, optimizing delivery times based on individual subscriber activity patterns.
  • Expertly-Crafted Templates: Access a vast library of 250+ B2B and B2C friendly, responsive email templates designed by experts.

Notable Customers 

Bumper leads, Slick Business, Cambiati, and OctoNation


Klaviyo Alternatives

1. Marketing

  • Lite: The plan starts from $29 monthly per user. It is the best option for small teams and businesses. It offers marketing automation, API & Webhooks. Users will always have help via chat & emails.
  • Plus: At $49, the plus plan includes land and everything in the lite plan. Additionally, the users will get landing pages, Inline, pop-up modal forms, and more. 
  • Professional: The plan will cost $149 monthly for 5 users. This plan includes Predictive sending AI, Split automation, Site Messages, etc.
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan has no specific price. The users must talk to their team to avail it according to their requirements. It includes everything the professional plan offers; in addition to that, the users will get custom reporting, HIPAA support, and unlimited email testing. 

2. Transactional Email 

This plan comes with a range of options according to the number of emails per month. Users can equip add-ons by paying additional charges. 


1. Integration: ActiveCampaign seamlessly merges email marketing, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM, catering specifically to small businesses. With over 900 integrations, it ensures compatibility with various third-party tools.

2. Feature loaded: Boasting an impressive array of features, including split testing and predictive content, ActiveCampaign stands out. 

3. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the automation landscape is easy with ActiveCampaign's intuitive user interface. Building automation campaigns becomes not just a task but an enjoyable experience.

4. CRM system: The CRM system automates contact management, providing a panoramic view of your sales process. Automated sales routing and task assignment keep your team synchronised, enhancing efficiency.

5. Budget-Friendly Options: ActiveCampaign is affordable compared to the competitors. With pricing starting at a mere $9/month, it’s a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.


1. Dated Email Creator: The email creation interface feels somewhat dated, and handling image assets can be clunky and unreliable, lacking the finesse expected from a modern platform.

2. CRM Limitations: While stellar for small businesses, ActiveCampaign’s CRM may fall short for larger, more complex scenarios. It might not be the perfect fit for every business scale.

3. Learning Curve: There's a learning curve with many features. Navigating the richness of ActiveCampaign may require some time investment, especially for those new to advanced marketing tools.

4. Lack of Free Plan: ActiveCampaign misses the mark by not offering a free plan, putting it at a disadvantage against competitors that provide a more accessible entry point.

10. Yotpo 

Klaviyo Alternatives_Yotpo

Yotpo is a powerful name in eCommerce retention marketing, positioning itself as a comprehensive platform that pioneers solutions in email and SMS marketing, loyalty and referrals, subscriptions, reviews, and visual UGC. 

Established in 2011 by Tomer Tagrin and Omri Cohen, Yotpo has burgeoned into a powerhouse with its headquarters in New York City's heart, boasting a dedicated team of 800 employees. The recent milestone of securing $230 million in Series F funding in March 2021 propelled Yotpo's valuation to an impressive $1.4 billion.

Yotpo's ascendancy is underlined by the soaring demand for its innovative products, notably the remarkable growth of Yotpo Loyalty, nearly doubling in 2020, and the exponential rise of Yotpo SMS Marketing, witnessing a staggering 170% surge

The synergy of two or more Yotpo products has become a catalyst for brands, propelling growth rates to 54% higher than those utilizing a solitary offering. With a clientele encompassing industry titans such as Patagonia, Revolution Beauty, Brooklinen, Steve Madden, and Princess Polly, Yotpo has become the trusted ally for over 30,000 customers.

Strategically, Yotpo is poised for further evolution, earmarking investments in product enhancement, marketing endeavours, and strategic acquisitions. 


  • Contact Card: Enhance SMS messages by adding a contact card featuring their business name, phone number, and website link.
  • SMS Flows and Triggers: Utilize over 20 SMS flows and triggers to guide customers through a personalized path to purchase based on real-time events.
  • SMSBump: Yotpo SMSBump is a specialized marketing platform tailored for eCommerce, ensuring personalized communication.
  • Ultra-tailored Texts: Send highly personalised and ultra-tailored text messages to engage customers effectively.
  • Automated SMS: Automated SMS messages triggered by customer behaviour like abandoned carts enhance post-purchase follow-ups.
  • Email and SMS Integration: Integrate email and SMS marketing efforts seamlessly, ensuring a cohesive customer experience.

Notable Customers 

Bulk, Bokksu, Everlast, Volcom, and Steve Madden


Klaviyo Alternatives _Yotpo

1. SMS Pricing

  • Free: This plan is free but will cost $0.0165 per SMS for US users. The plan offers customisable automated messages, Audience segmentation, two-way SMS conversations, etc. 
  • Powerhouse: At $199 per month, the plan offers unlimited A/B testing, unlimited free Opt-In keywords, timezone-based messages and much more. 
  • Enterprise: The enterprise plan has custom pricing according to the requirements. It includes enterprise-grade service and integration. 

2. Email Pricing 

  • Free: This plan offers 10,000 free emails per month. The offer allows add-ons with some extra charges if the user requirement increases. It offers an intuitive email editor, SMS & email orchestrated flows, and more. 


1. User-Friendly Interface: Yotpo's intuitive design makes it easy for users to navigate and leave reviews effortlessly.

2. Automated Review Generation: The tool eliminates the hassle of sending automated emails to customers, streamlining the feedback collection process.

3. Q/A Section and User-Generated Content: Engage with your audience through the Q/A section, addressing queries and collecting valuable user-generated content to enhance your brand.

4. Seamless Integration: Yotpo plays well with major eCommerce platforms, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing setup.

5. Powerful Moderation Tools: Keep your brand image pristine with Yotpo's robust moderation tools, allowing you to filter and manage reviews effectively.


1. CRM Integration Gap: Yotpo's lack of seamless integration with certain CRMs might challenge businesses heavily invested in specific customer relationship management systems.

2. Feature Packaging Complexity: The packaging of features can be confusing, potentially leading users to pay for functionalities they don't necessarily need.

3. Limited Sales Impact Visibility: Yotpo excels in reviews, but businesses may find it challenging to observe its impact on sales directly.


While Klaviyo is the leading solution in the dynamic landscape of Email and SMS marketing, businesses must know about these top 10 Klaviyo alternatives. By diversifying their options, they can empower their organization with robust messaging, voice, and video communication tools. 

If you're looking for the ultimate no-code AI platform to streamline your retail & e-commerce marketing, look no further than App0. App0 is an eCommerce-focused platform for SMS and email automation. It enables businesses to create personalized email and SMS campaigns based on customer behavior and demographics. You can automate these campaigns for timely messaging, segment your customer list for targeted communication, and use analytics for tracking campaign performance. This helps increase customer retention and growth.

App0 is an SMS and email automation platform that helps eCommerce businesses acquire, retain, and grow their customers. It offers a wide range of features that make App0 a better Klaviyo Alternatives for adding conversational-based experiences to products, including:

  • Email marketing: App0 allows you to create and send personalized email campaigns to your customers, based on their behavior and demographics. You can also use App0 to automate your email marketing campaigns, so you can send the right messages to the right people at the right time.
  • SMS marketing: App0 also allows you to send SMS messages to your customers, which can be a great way to reach them with time-sensitive offers and promotions.
  • Automation: App0 allows you to automate your marketing workflows, so you can save time and send more relevant and timely messages to your customers and increase customer's LTV by boosting repeat purchases.
  • Analytics & Reporting: App0 provides detailed reporting on your email and SMS marketing campaigns, so you can track your results and see what's working and what's not.

Our ML and LLM-powered platform offers seamless integration, business-driven engagement, and zero dev dependency. Request a demo now to elevate customer communication and streamline origination.

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