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10 Best Twilio Alternatives & Competitors for Communication APIs for Businesses in the US in 2024

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
October 8, 2023

In an ever-evolving landscape of communication and connectivity, finding the right platform to meet your business's needs is paramount. As we enter 2024, the demand for robust communication APIs and services has never been more significant.

Twilio, an industry leader, has set a high standard. However, discerning organisations seek tailored alternatives to suit their unique needs. 

This comprehensive guide will delve into the top 10 Twilio alternatives and competitors, focusing on the US market, to assist businesses in making informed decisions. Whether you're a startup looking for cost-effective solutions or an enterprise demanding scalability, this blog post will provide invaluable insights, helping you navigate the diverse landscape of communication platforms in 2024.

About Twilio: Features, Pricing & More

best twilio alternatives and competitors in the US

Twilio, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a cloud communications platform-as-a-service which empowers developers to create customised customer experiences. It offers a suite of robust APIs that empower developers to create tailored customer experiences.

What sets Twilio apart is its programmable APIs, which act as building blocks for developers to craft seamless communication solutions. Whether SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Video, email, or IoT, Twilio offers a versatile toolkit for all customer journey stages. Integration is a breeze, allowing developers to infuse their software with Twilio's magic.

Twilio's single platform seamlessly combines digital channels, providing a highly scalable solution adaptable to any industry. In a recent development, Twilio has earned recognition as a Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPaaS, highlighting its ability to execute and furnish developers with an exceptional voice, video, and messaging application platform.


  1. Multi-Channel Notifications API
  2. Communications API
  3. Two-Way SMS
  4. Natural Language Processing
  5. Human Account Verification API
  6. authorisation API
  7. Programmable Connection Choices
  8. Proxy API
  9. Task Routing API
  10. Automated Routing
  11. CRM 
  12. Collaboration Tools
  13. Performance Management
  14. SIP Trunking
  15. Workflow Management


Omnichannel Campaigns

Create personalized omnichannel campaigns on a unified, data-first platform.

Communication APIs

Access SMS, MMS, chat, WhatsApp, email, voice, video, and SIP trunking APIs for seamless communication

Customizable Contact Centers

Tailor contact centre with intelligent bots and customization options

Developer Productivity Tools

Utilize developer tools to build, deploy, and operate apps at scale efficiently.

Super Network

Harness Twilio's Super Network to connect the world reliably and efficiently.


Prevent fraud with Twilio's Identity service by proactively identifying and stopping fraudulent activities.


Design and deploy communication workflows seamlessly.

Twilio CLI

Manage Twilio resources directly from the terminal, streamlining development processes.

Twilio Flex

Customize cloud-based contact centre, adapting it to user's unique business requirements.

Notable Customers

Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, HubSpot, Domino's, American Red Cross and IBM


twilio pricing

Twilio's pricing model comprises 3 simple and flexible options: Pay-as-you-go, Volume Discounts and Committed‑use discounts. 

Pricing Option 


The "Pay-as-you-go" option charges users based on their usage of communication channels, including phone, video, and messaging APIs. The cost depends on the message type, destination, and sender's number.

Volume Discounts

Twilio offers enticing "Volume Discounts" for high-volume users at specific usage milestones. The more messages users send, the greater their savings, making it cost-effective as their needs grow.

Committed‑use Discounts

With "Committed-use discounts," users can secure discounts by committing to Twilio services over one or three years. This option is perfect for those with long-term communication needs.


1. Wide Range of Communication Channels: Twilio is versatile. With voice, messaging, video, and email capabilities, businesses can create customised user communication experiences.

2. Scalability: One of Twilio's greatest strengths is that it's scalable and can accommodate businesses of all sizes. Whether the user is a startup or a large enterprise, Twilio's platform can seamlessly scale with its growth.

3. Developer-Friendly: Developers will find Twilio to be a treasure trove. It offers an array of APIs, SDKs, and libraries, simplifying and integrating communication features into applications. This ease of use expedites development.

4. Cost-Effective: Twilio's pay-as-you-go pricing model is a boon for businesses that don't need to send vast messages. It ensures cost-effectiveness and flexibility in managing expenses.

5. Customer Engagement: Over 10 million developers and 220,000 businesses globally trust Twilio's Customer Engagement Platform to build applications that enhance customer engagement. It's a testament to the platform's effectiveness in this regard.


1. Complex User Interface: Twilio's complex user interface can be overwhelming for clients, especially those unaccustomed to the platform. A more intuitive design would be beneficial.

2. Limited Analytics Functionalities: Twilio's analytics functionalities have room for improvement. Enhancements to the pricing model and more robust analytics features could provide users with better insights and value.

3. Cost: Twilio's services can be prohibitive for businesses that send high volumes of messages. Cost-effectiveness varies depending on the usage.

Top 10 Twilio Alternatives & Competitors for Communication APIs in the US in 2024 

Twilio has long been a stalwart in the realm of cloud communications. Some of the drawbacks in Twilio's offerings, such as the complexity of the user interface, pricing concerns, and the time required for Twilio integration, have left customers feeling dissatisfied. The ever-evolving landscape of software solutions has brought up alternatives and competitors that stand as formidable contenders in the United States in 2024. Below listed are 10 such Twilio alternatives businesses must try in 2024.

1. App0

best twilio alternatives & competitors_app0

App0 is a revolutionary no-code, AI-powered customer engagement platform redefining customer communication during onboarding. Ideal for banks, financial institutions, eCommerce, healthcare etc., App0 seamlessly integrates AI into text-based messaging and conversational AI to enhance the customer experience. It is one of the best Twilio SMS alternatives for businesses in the US in 2024.

At App0, they empower businesses with data-driven insights, accelerating Time-To-Market through a No-Code approach and ensuring enterprise-grade security and compliance. Leveraging AI, App0 transforms notifications into interactive conversations, simplifying complex processes like customer onboarding.


Customer interaction journeys using no-code

Build complex, multi-party interaction workflows using App0's no-code/low-code flow builder.

Data and AI

Use first-party customer interaction and behavioural data as a foundation to drive engagement.

Simple and conversational client experiences

Use out-of-box end user-facing applications for every use case - appointments, payments, marketing, retention, confirmations, consents, etc. or build your own using App0's EasyApp studio.


Use prebuilt industry-specific integrations to take your use cases to market quickly.

Enterprise-grade security

Adaptive authentication offers a seamless, passwordless user experience while maintaining robust, enterprise-level security.


Ensure comprehensive compliance designed to align with various national and local regulations.


App0 has a flexible pricing range for each of its customers. They understand and value the needs of every individual customer, thus providing the best prices for financial services, retail and e-Commerce inudstry. Thus, they don't have a clear-cut pricing option. Customers must request a demo to get a personalized price quote and assistance tailored to their individual needs and demands.

#1 Twilio Alternative for Communication (SMS) APIs

Looking for a better alternative to Twilio for communication APIs? Choose App0 today to drive your customer engagement using AI, data and no-code workflow automation.

See a demo


2. Infobip   

twilio alternatives_infobip

Infobip, a global leader in omnichannel communication, empowers businesses to foster strong customer relationships focusing on security, authentication, support, and data storage. Launched in 2006, Infobip has steadily evolved, boasting a vast global presence and a reputation for top-tier service. 

With a robust infrastructure dedicated to customer satisfaction, the company is one of the best Twilio alternatives, which offers a versatile API and services for mobile operators. Headquartered in Croatia, Infobip excels in providing WhatsApp-based business solutions.

Catering to finance, retail, and on-demand services, Infobip offers comprehensive global customer service and management solutions. Its communication arsenal includes WhatsApp, text messages, calls, emails, apps, chats, Facebook Messenger, and RCS, enabling businesses to connect with customers across various platforms. With over 15 years of growth and a global presence, Infobip is an Engineering Powerhouse with a mission to transform global communication.


  1. Multi-Channel Communication
  2. Two-Way Messaging
  3. AB Testing
  4. API
  5. Campaign Management
  6. Customizable Branding
  7. Email Marketing & Automation
  8. Lead Management
  9. Message Personalization
  10. SMS Marketing
  11. Third-Party Integrations

Feature Description 

Omni-channel Communication

Supports omni-channel communication, using SMS, voice messages, email, and mobile app messaging to enhance customer support and engagement.

Enhanced Customer Engagement with SMS

Offers an array of SMS features, enabling businesses to personalize and automate messages, target specific customers, and facilitate two-way communication, ensuring a more engaging customer experience.

Flexible and scalable APIs

Highly adaptable and easily integrate APIs with existing tech stacks. The unified API streamlines business workflows and simplifies the creation of efficient SMS campaigns.

Fast Long Numbers and Short Codes

Provides short codes, long codes, and 10DLC options in over 150+ countries, ensuring versatile and reliable messaging solutions.

Contact Management

Equips businesses with tools for efficient contact management, simplifying customer segmentation and enabling personalized message targeting.


Robust reporting features allow businesses to monitor the success of their SMS campaigns and make informed, data-driven decisions.


Streamlines customer service boosts agent productivity, and automates messaging on a unified dashboard. Features include comprehensive customer overviews, insightful data collection, and accessible reporting and analytics for continuous improvement.

Customer Profiling

Enables businesses to segment customers effectively and deliver personalized messages, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Notable Customers

Uber, RedEye, Doctor Care Anywhere and Apollo 24|7


Infobip, a global communication solutions provider, understands the diverse needs of businesses, which is reflected in its pricing strategy. Let's take a closer look at the products and pricing options Infobip offers.

1. WhatsApp Business Platform: Infobip follows a conversation-based pricing model for WhatsApp Business. The first 1,000 user-initiated conversations are on the house every month. Interactions via Facebook and Instagram ads or Facebook Pages' call-to-action buttons are free for 72 hours. This means users can kick-start their WhatsApp presence without incurring significant costs.

2. A2P SMS: Regarding SMS services, Infobip tailors pricing based on the country. Whether users send messages in Colombia at $0.0020 per SMS or Madagascar at $0.2774, Infobip has covered them. The flexibility extends to sending 1000 SMS, with prices ranging from $7.50 to $800, depending on the destination.

3. Voice: Like SMS, Infobip's voice services are country-dependent. Sending 1,000 voice messages can vary from $50 to $500. Their pricing adapts to different global needs.

4. AI Chatbots: Infobip's pricing starts at $0.005 per interaction if you're interested in chatbot services.

To cater to unique business requirements, Infobip offers custom pricing. While the specifics are not publicly available, users can contact their sales team for a tailored quote.

Infobip's pricing is designed to be flexible and competitive. However, the variability by country can make estimating costs a bit complex.


1. Omnichannel Communication: Infobip offers an integrated communication network, enabling businesses to seamlessly interact with customers through various channels. This versatility makes it attractive for organisations seeking to reach their audience efficiently.

2. Customizable Business Rules: Infobip empowers users with the flexibility to craft personalized business rules tailored to their unique requirements. This adaptability allows for more effective engagement across different channels, providing a tailored approach for customers. 

3. Large-Scale Contact Handling: Infobip's ability to effortlessly manage extensive contact lists is a game-changer for those engaged in SMS marketing campaigns. It streamlines mass messaging and ensures that no customer is left unattended.

4. Dedicated Account Manager: A standout feature of Infobip is its provision of a dedicated account manager. This personalized support can be a significant asset for businesses, offering guidance and assistance throughout the journey with the platform.

5. Security and Customer Interaction: Infobip goes beyond mere communication; it offers additional services like customer loyalty, security, and enhanced customer interaction. These extra dimensions can enhance the overall customer experience.


1. Complexity: Infobip's multifaceted nature can be a double-edged sword. While it offers a wide array of features, its complexity means that users will need time to learn how to harness its full potential.

2. Slow Customer Service: One significant downside is the potential for slow response times from Infobip's customer service team. Technical issues may take up to three days to resolve, which could be frustrating in time-sensitive situations.

3. MessageBird 

best twilio messaging alternatives_messagebird

MessageBird, headquartered in Amsterdam, focuses on multi-channel communications. Established in 2011, this cloud communications platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for multi-channel interactions. The company's mission is to streamline customer communications by providing a dedicated platform that caters to emails, text messages, chats, calls, and even video.

One of the standout features of this company is its cloud-based SMS marketing platform. This platform equips businesses with the tools to engage with customers across various channels, including WhatsApp, voice, live chat, and more. Using the cloud, MessageBird ensures maximum security and fluidity for its customers, making communication effortless and efficient.

The platform's integration with third-party applications, such as Tray, Zendesk, Zapier, and Salesforce, adds flexibility. Furthermore, it offers features like chatbots and analytics to help businesses fine-tune their communication strategies, making it one of the best Twilio alternatives.


  1. Two-way messaging & API
  2. IVR / Voice Recognition
  3. CRM
  4. Employee Directory
  5. Call List Management
  6. Contact Database 
  7. Appointment Scheduling
  8. Scheduled Messaging
  9. SMS Marketing
  10. Unified Communications
  11. VoIP Connection
  12. Web App Development

Feature Description 

Two-Way Messaging

Engage with customers via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more


Integrate communication channels into existing systems

Automated Responses

Set up automated replies for common customer inquiries

Campaign Management

Create and manage SMS and other messaging campaigns

Flow Builder

Enable non-technical staff to build customer communication workflows


Centralized inbox for tracking customer interactions, orders, and more

Multi-Channel Communication

Connect via SMS, Voice, Chat, WhatsApp, Messenger, and other channels

Virtual Numbers

Obtain virtual numbers for messaging campaigns

Audience Targeting

Target specific audiences for messaging campaigns

Brand Management

Maintain brand consistency across messaging channels

Calendar Management

Organize messaging campaigns and interactions on a calendar

Batch Permissions & Access

Manage permissions and access for multiple users

Notable Customers 

Uber, Delivery Hero, SAP, Hello Fresh, Revolut


MessageBird has classified its product offerings into 4 categories: Connectivity, Email, Omnichannel and Support Plans. Below are the products under each category and their pricing for the United States. 

1. Connectivity 

  • SMS: Starting at USD 0.0068
  • Numbers: Starting at USD 1
  • Voice: Starting at USD 0.015
  • Lookup API: Starting for free

2. Email 

  • Cloud Sending: Starting for free
  • PowerMTA: Custom Pricing 
  • Deliverability Analytics: Custom Pricing
  • Inbox & Competitive Tracker: Custom Pricing
  • Recipient Validation: Starting at USD 0.01
  • Email Design System Studio: Custom Pricing

3. Omnichannel

  • WhatsApp: Starting at USD 0.0147
  • Mob: Starting for free
  • Messenger: First 1000 monthly messages for free USD 0.005 per additional message
  • Google Business Messages: First 1000 monthly messages for free USD 0.005 per additional message
  • SMS: Starting at USD 0.0068
  • Email: Starting for free
  • Instagram Direct: First 1000 monthly messages for free USD0.005 per additional message
  • Inbox: First 2 seats for free USD30 per additional seat
  • Flows: 1000 monthly invocations for free
  • Chat Widget: Free to use
  • Video Scheduling: Custom pricing

4. Support Plans

  • Support Plans: Starting for free


1. Easy-to-Use Interface: One of MessageBird's biggest advantages is its user-friendly interface. Users appreciate its simplicity, making it a top choice for daily communication.

2. Competitive Pricing: MessageBird offers competitive pricing, particularly attractive when purchasing in bulk. It's a cost-effective solution for businesses.

3. Multiple Communication Channels: MessageBird outshines its competitors with various integrative channels. It's a versatile tool for reaching customers.

4. Great Performance: MessageBird boasts exceptional performance with minimal errors. This reliability is crucial for smooth customer interactions.

5. Excellent Customer Support: The outstanding customer support provided by MessageBird is a significant asset. Users can rely on helpful and responsive assistance.


1. Complicated User Interface: On the flip side, some users find the MessageBird interface complex and less intuitive, which can be a learning curve.

2. Incomplete Functionality: Some users have noted that MessageBird lacks complete functionality for certain features, limiting its capabilities.

#1 MessageBird Alternative for Omnichannel Communication

Choose App0 today to drive your customer engagement using AI, data and no-code workflow automation..

See a demo

4. Sendbird  

best twilio sms alternatives_sendbird

Sendbird is an all-in-one messaging-as-a-service solution which empowers developers to infuse chat, messaging, and real-time communication seamlessly into their applications. Boasting a suite of software tools and cloud-based services, it offers APIs and SDKs that support text, multimedia, voice, and video communication. 

Businesses across diverse sectors, from on-demand services to gaming and enterprise messaging, harness SendBird's capabilities to craft in-app chat, customer support, and social networking features. But what sets Sendbird apart from all other Twilio alternatives? Customizability and simplicity. With Sendbird, developers can tailor communication experiences, from one-on-one chats to group discussions.


  1. Web App Development
  2. Deployment Management
  3. Collaboration Tools
  4. Software Development
  5. Mobile Development
  6. Data Modeling
  7. Message Read Tracking
  8. Source Control
  9. Access Controls/Permissions
  10. Customizable Branding
  11. Geotargeting
  12. Integrated Development Environment

Feature Description 

UI Kit

Easily build in-app chat with integrated UI components through Sendbird's chat SDK. An open-source version is also available.

Typing Indicators

Keep conversations flowing smoothly by allowing users to see when another user is typing.

Read Receipts

Keep users informed by providing read receipts to indicate when their messages have been read.

Delivery Receipts

Message senders are notified when their messages have been successfully delivered.

Freeze Channel

Control the chat environment by freezing channels and preventing users from sending messages to each other.


Easily monitor essential metrics through Sendbird's analytics feature, tracking user behaviour across nine categories: channels, messages, and users.

Post-Event Webhooks

Capture event information from the application's chat and utilize it for custom notification services, CRM and support desk integrations, and more.

Auto Message Translation

Translate received messages into the user's preferred language, fostering global communication.

Message Moderation

Ensure a safe and enjoyable social experience with Sendbird's message moderation dashboard.

ChatGPT Powered Chatbots

Benefit from unique ChatGPT-powered chatbots for interactive and engaging conversations.

Notable Customers 

NBA, Yahoo!, Reddit, Delivery Hero and Paytm


SendBird offers different pricing plans for its various services. Here are the pricing plans for each of its services:

1. Chat API Plans

  • Starter 5K: $399/month
  • Pro 5K: $599/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing with millions of MAU

2. Calls API Plans

  • Peer-to-peer price: $0.0010 per minute per user for communication
  • Server-relayed price: $0.0015 per minute per user for communication
  • Cloud recording: $0.0014 per minute for cloud recording

3. Live API Plans

  • Livestream: $0.0037 per minute per user for audio and video, $0.0015 per minute per user for audio only
  • Cloud recording: $0.0059 per minute for cloud recording, $0.0014 per minute for cloud recording

4. Notifications Plans

  • Custom pricing: Create your plan based on your needs

SendBird also offers a free trial for each of its services. In addition, it has a free plan for its Chat API, but it is limited to 1,000 chat MAUs, and users can only send test broadcasting messages. 

The pricing for SendBird varies based on the number of MAUs. For example, the Starter 5K plan costs $399/month and is suitable for those just starting with chat, while the Pro 5K plan costs $599/month and is ideal for growing businesses. The Enterprise plan is custom-priced and is suitable for those who need the full power of the SendBird platform. 


1. Ease of Use: Sendbird is tailor-made for developers, offering a hassle-free setup to build and manage messaging functions in just minutes.

2. Rich Features: With a robust feature set, Sendbird elevates chat functionality with message read tracking, delivery status notifications, profanity filters, and user-to-user blocking.

3. User-Friendly UI: Sendbird's default user interface is impressive, ensuring a smooth user experience right out of the box.

4. In-App Chat Excellence: Sendbird excels in providing in-app chat experiences that users will cherish, fostering engagement and interaction.

5. Broadcasting Power: Sendbird empowers users to effortlessly broadcast messages to all chat accounts, making mass communication a breeze.


1. Customization Challenges: Sendbird could improve its UI customization options, allowing greater flexibility in tailoring the user interface to specific needs.

2. SMS Drawbacks: Sendbird's SMS feature has room for enhancement, as it can be expensive and may not be the most converting channel for all use cases.

3. Integration Limitations: Sendbird's integration options with other tools are somewhat limited, which may require additional effort to connect it with the existing systems.

5. Vonage 

Vonage is an American cloud communications provider that delivers versatile and scalable solutions. Its solutions encompass voice, messaging, video, and data capabilities across Unified Communications, Contact Centers, and Communications APIs. Its roots as one of the best Twilio alternatives trace back to 1998, founded as Min-X, originally focusing on providing residential telecommunications services leveraging voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Vonage has evolved into a pivotal player in cloud communications. They offer tailored calling plans for residential customers and a spectrum of businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises, mid-market companies, and large enterprises. Notably, the company shifted its focus to business cloud communications in the mid-2010s.

Vonage offers two unified communications platforms for businesses. These seamlessly integrate various communication services, including video conferencing, voicemail transcription, and desktop sharing, all anchored on the foundation of voice as a platform. Not limiting its reach, Vonage extends its services to home phone solutions, providing cost-effective calling plans for both domestic and international use. Through its diverse portfolio, Vonage continues to be a prominent player in shaping the landscape of modern communication solutions.


  1. Enhanced Call Forwarding
  2. Simulring
  3. Anonymous Call Block
  4. Auto Attendant
  5. Call Forwarding 
  6. Unlimited Team Messaging
  7. Conference Calls
  8. Screen Sharing
  9. Call Hold and Music On Hold

Features Description

Unlimited Vonage-to-Vonage Calls

Engage in unlimited calls to other Vonage users at no additional cost, fostering seamless and cost-effective communication within the Vonage network.

Virtual Numbers

Vonage extends the convenience of obtaining a Virtual Number in 22 countries. This feature enables friends and family to call without incurring international long-distance rates, facilitating global connectivity.

Unified Communications

It empowers users to call from business phone numbers and extensions across various devices, leveraging a high-speed internet connection for utmost flexibility.

Video and Voice Conferencing

Users can initiate and schedule meetings seamlessly with dial-in numbers. The platform facilitates video conferences with robust privacy features, whiteboarding, collaboration tools, instant reactions, and more, elevating the conferencing experience.

Never Miss a Call

Vonage integrates mobility features that ensure users never miss important calls. These include Call Forwarding, Simultaneous Ring, Follow Me, Voicemail, and Do Not Disturb. Users can choose how calls are routed when away from the office, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness.

Notable Customers 

Zendesk, Salesforce, AirBnB and Shopee


Twilio alternatives_vonage pricing

Vonage offers different pricing plans for different types of customers. Here are the details of the pricing plans available on Vonage's website:

1. Vonage Business Communications

This cloud-based business phone system offers unlimited calls and SMS, video collaboration, 50+ phone features, and team messaging. The price changes according to the number of employees. 

  • Mobile: $13.99 per month
  • Premium: $20.99 per month
  • Advanced: $27.99 per month

2. Communication APIs

  • SMS API: €0.0062/ Message 
  • Messages API: € 0.0050/ delivered message
  • Voice: €0.0127/ minutes 
  • Verify API: € 0.0500/ per successful verification 
  • Video API: €0.0040/ minutes 
  • In-App Messaging €0.0007/ message sent
  • Dispatch API: €0.0020/ post API call
  • Number Insight API: €0.0050/ phone number
  • Conversation API: €0.0007/per custom event post
  • Report API: €0.0004/per CDR

3. Contact Centre Plans

The price is listed on the official website, and the user needs to contact the official team to get a quotation. 

  • Priority: Ideal for companies initiating their journey with a contact centre.
  • Premium: Tailored for companies that enhance customer experience and boost agent performance.
  • Add-on Options: Supplement the user's contact centre capabilities with additional add-on options.


1. Call Clarity that Speaks Volumes: Vonage boasts a commendable reputation for call clarity. The crispness of voice makes it a reliable choice for businesses where clear communication is non-negotiable.

2. User-Friendly Experience: Navigating the telecommunication world can be daunting, but Vonage simplifies the process. Users appreciate its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for tech-savvy and tech-challenged alike.

3. Unlimited Calls and Texts: Vonage throws a lifeline for businesses drowning in a sea of calls. Offering unlimited calls and texts is a valuable lifeline, especially for larger enterprises with high call volume.

4. Customer Support that Stands Out: Vonage's customer support is the anchor when the waves get rough. Their top-notch support team ensures that issues are resolved swiftly and satisfactorily.

5. Quick Setup for Instant Connectivity: Time is money, and Vonage gets it. The quick setup and deployment facilitated by the Vonage team minimise downtime and maximise productivity.


1. Pricing Peculiarities: While Vonage offers quality, it comes at a cost. It's not the most budget-friendly option for small businesses, potentially making it a tough pill for cost-conscious entrepreneurs.

2. Sign-up Struggles: Signing up for Vonage can be a challenge. Even for a test run, the process may test the user's patience, posing a potential barrier for businesses seeking a quick onboarding experience.

3. Add-ons and Upgrades Add Up:  Features like toll-free numbers and CRM integrations demand add-ons and upgrades, a potential downside when competitors offer these as part of the package.

6. Plivo 

Plivo is a global cloud communications platform extending SMS API and Voice API services to businesses worldwide. Trusted by thousands of enterprises across more than 190 countries as one of the best Twilio alternatives, this platform facilitates seamless communication with customers on a global scale. 

Plivo's cloud communications platform empowers businesses to streamline and personalize customer interactions, offering a comprehensive suite of features, including SMS API, Voice API, and cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. 

Renowned brands such as IBM, MercadoLibre, OneLogin, and Zomato leverage Plivo's AI-driven solutions to enhance and simplify customer engagement strategies. Recognized for its remarkable growth and success, Plivo proudly holds a position in the esteemed Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States.


  1. Delivery report notification
  2. SMS data redaction
  3. Sensitive Data Protection
  4. Global conference calling
  5. Dual-channel call recording
  6. Advanced Call Control

Features Description

Support for Any Character Set

Plivo provides built-in support for GSM and Unicode characters, enabling the utilization of any language, including Chinese and Arabic. Additionally, it supports emojis and symbols.

Message Queuing

Send multiple SMS messages in a single API request, with Plivo handling the queuing of customers' messages for seamless and efficient communication.

Long Message Concatenation

Plivo's Message API allows the sending of SMS messages exceeding 160 characters, with the platform ensuring the delivery of long messages as one intact message on the recipient's handset.

Opt-Out Handling

Plivo automates SMS opt-out handling, recognizing keywords like Stop, Cancel, End, Quit, and Unsubscribe. It ensures compliance and respects user preferences.

Message Body Purging

Complying with regulatory and data standards, Plivo features message body purging, guaranteeing that SMS content is never stored within any message detail record.

Smart Rate Limiting

Plivo optimizes message delivery by replacing Unicode characters with similar GSM characters, ensuring compatibility with networks that don't support Unicode. It employs a pool of phone numbers for efficient message distribution.

Conversion API

Plivo's Conversion API provides real-time feedback from the application, enabling Plivo's self-adjusting, quality-based routing engine to ensure optimal message delivery.

Call Queueing

Plivo's voice features include call queuing, allowing users to queue incoming calls and play music or a message to callers during the wait.

Text to Speech

Leverage Plivo's text-to-speech feature to convert text into speech, enhancing the interactive elements of voice communications.

Custom Caller ID

Set a custom caller ID for outbound calls with Plivo's voice features, providing a personalized touch to the communication.

Notable Customers

Uber, Netflix, Spotify and Zomato


alternatives to Twilio_plivo pricing

Plivo offers a competitive pay-as-you-go pricing model for various services, including voice calls, SMS, SIP trunking, and phone number types such as long code, 10DLC, toll-free, and shortcode. Pricing is subject to variations based on the specific service and country. Here's an overview of the starting prices for different services:

1. Voice API Platform

  • To Make a Call: $0.0050/minute
  • To Receive a Call: $0.0050/minute

2. SMS API Platform

  • To send an SMS: $0.0050/message
  • To receive an SMS: $0.0050/message

3. Zentrunk SIP Trunking

  • To Make a Call: $0.0050/minute
  • To Receive a Call: $0.0050/minute

4. Phone Number Rental

  • Local Numbers: $0.0050/month
  • Mobile Numbers: $0.0050/month
  • Toll-Free Numbers: $0.0050/month
  • Short Codes: Contact sales for pricing

It's crucial to note that the provided prices are starting points, and additional charges may apply based on factors such as the country and the type of service selected. Plivo acknowledges the diverse needs of businesses and offers volume discounts for committed spends as they scale. 


1. Global Reach: Plivo connects users across 190+ countries, fostering expansive global communication capabilities. Whether it's messages or voice calls, Plivo ensures a seamless worldwide reach.

2. Enterprise-Ready Premium Communication Network: The Premium Communication Network boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime, making Plivo an enterprise-ready solution. Reliability and continuity are promises and part of its core identity.

3. Easy Integration: Plivo takes the complexity out of integration with its clean API and SDK for various platforms. This ensures a smooth onboarding process, enhancing user convenience.

4. SIP Trunking and Phone Number Services: Plivo contributes to a comprehensive communication solution by offering SIP trunking services and providing phone numbers. This adds a layer of versatility to its offerings.

5. Feature-Rich, Robust, and Reliable: Plivo has a feature-rich and robust platform that delivers reliable communication services. It's not just about connecting; it's about providing a complete and dependable communication experience.


1. Limited Advanced Integrations: While Plivo offers robust features, some users note it lacks the extensive advanced integrations seen in some of its competitors. 

2. Customer Support Improvements Needed: Feedback from users suggests that customer support could be enhanced. While Plivo delivers on the technical front, improvements in customer support could elevate the overall user experience.

AI Concierge for Enterprises for Customer Communication_App0

7. Sinch 

Sinch, established in May 2014 by Andreas Bernström in Stockholm and San Francisco, is a prominent player in telecommunications and cloud communications companies. Initially receiving $12 million in funding, the company honed its focus on the mobile-first and app-developer market. Sinch unveiled its Voice and Instant Messaging products in May 2014, swiftly followed by the introduction of its SMS API product by the end of the same year.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sinch has cultivated a substantial customer base, boasting over 150,000 businesses, including eight of the top 10 global tech companies. The company offers a comprehensive customer communications cloud, driving various communication channels such as SMS, rich messaging, voice, email, video, and more. 

Notably, Sinch has earned recognition as amongst the leading CPaaS companies (Communications Platform as a Service) by Gartner and secured the title of a Leader in the IDC MarketScape 2023. Furthermore, Sinch received the 2023 Adobe Digital Experience Technology Partner of the Year award, which makes it among the best Twilio alternatives.


  1. Appointment Management
  2. Auto-Responders
  3. Conversation API
  4. Configuring Sinch Contact Pro
  5. Communication Panel
  6. Churn Management
  7. Chat/Messaging
  8. Voice Calls
  9. Easy to Start

Feature Description 


Sinch takes the hassle out of acquiring 10DLC numbers, effortlessly procuring and provisioning them for clients.

Porting/ Migration

Seamlessly migrate existing numbers to Sinch's platform with expert assistance, ensuring a smooth transition.

Omnichannel Routing

Sinch Contact Pro offers omni-channel routing for telephony, email, live web chat, video chat, SMS/MMS, and popular social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, Telegram, Line, WeChat, and Facebook Messenger.


Let Sinch handle vetting or empower your customers to vet themselves through the user-friendly TCR portal/API.

Concatenated Messages

Sinch supports concatenated SMS and MMS messages, delivering a comprehensive messaging experience.

API Integration

Integrate Sinch seamlessly into your applications with its user-friendly API, enhancing communication efficiency.

Alerts/ Escalation

Stay ahead with Sinch Engage, featuring alerts and notifications to ensure you never miss important conversations.

Multilingual Support

Chatlayer, part of Sinch, offers best-in-class natural language processing in multiple languages, breaking down communication barriers.

Notable Customers

Macif, Adobe and Meta


Sinch's pricing structure is designed to enhance business communication strategies, making it versatile and affordable. It provides various cost-effective messaging solutions, ensuring flexibility to meet individual business needs. Here are the pricing options offered by Sinch:

1. Sinch 10DLC Pricing

  • Send SMS: $0.0078 per outbound message
  • Receive SMS: $0.0078 per inbound message
  • Send MMS: $0.02 per outbound message
  • Receive MMS: $0.01 per inbound message
  • Number Lease: $1.00 per month

2. Toll-Free Numbers Pricing

  • Send SMS: $0.0078 per outbound message
  • Receive SMS: $0.0078 per inbound message
  • Send MMS: $0.018 per outbound message
  • Receive MMS: $0.018 per inbound message
  • Number Lease: $2.00 per month

3. Short Codes Pricing

  • Send SMS: $0.0078 per outbound message
  • Receive SMS: $0.0078 per inbound message
  • Send MMS: $0.02 per outbound message
  • Receive MMS: $0.015 per inbound message
  • Number Lease: $500 Random or $1000 Vanity per Month of Messaging (MoM)


1. Easy to Use: Sinch flaunts an enchanting simplicity, offering users an easy-to-navigate interface that even novices can master effortlessly.

2. Complete toolkit for developers: Sinch captivates developers with its seamlessly integrated APIs, enabling the incorporation of voice, SMS, MMS, chat, and video conferencing within applications. It serves as a powerful tool for technology enthusiasts.

3. Dependability: Sinch consistently ensures reliability. End-users laud its steadfast services and pristine call quality, establishing it as a robust partner in communication.

4. Cost Structure: Sinch offers cost-effectiveness through its competitive pricing, rendering it a compelling selection for budget-conscious businesses.

5. Customer Support: Sinch's 24/7 in-house support team emerges as a beacon of assistance, reachable through various channels such as email, telephone, and customer portals.


1. Not simple to set up/use: Some users in the Sinch have reported struggles in setting up and using the platform, revealing a complexity that might daunt the uninitiated.

2. Lacks customer service: Sinch, while generally praised, has encountered criticism for lacking in the customer service department, leaving some users yearning for more attentive support.

3. Limited uptime guarantee: Sinch's 99.9% uptime guarantee, while solid, falls short of the perfection sought by some, as other providers boast higher percentages.

4. Limited integrations: Sinch reveals its limitations with fewer integrations than some of its more versatile competitors.

5. Feature limitations: Sinch, though powerful, faces scrutiny for its feature limitations when measured against the expansive offerings of other Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) providers.    

8. Telnyx 

Telnyx, a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) company, distinguishes itself by providing voice, messaging, and various communication services through its cloud-based platform. Founded in 2009 by CEO David Casem and COO Ian Reither, Telnyx initially operated as a lifestyle consultancy specializing in installing call centre systems. 

Over the years, from 2010 to 2013, the company transitioned into reselling voice minutes, ultimately obtaining full licensing as a telecommunications carrier. Telnyx is a global carrier, extending its services to 222 countries and territories.

A key differentiator for Telnyx is its status as the sole API-enabled communications platform that owns a purpose-built, private, global network. This unique ownership affords Telnyx a competitive edge in quality, availability, and scalability. The company's commitment to a robust and global infrastructure positions it as a leader in the CPaaS landscape.


  1. Phone Calls
  2. Video Calls
  3. Instant Messaging
  4. Screen Sharing
  5. Conference Calls
  6. Elastic SIP Trunking
  7. High-Quality Voice
  8. SMS Text Messaging

Feature Description 


Telnyx provides users with access to comprehensive call and messaging detail records. Additionally, it offers robust usage reports, empowering businesses with valuable insights.

STT (Speech-to-Text)

Telnyx introduces a cutting-edge, cost-effective Speech-to-Text (STT) engine. This highly accurate technology is well-suited for developing conversational AI applications.

Voice API

Telnyx boasts an intuitive Voice API, facilitating the seamless creation of voice applications for diverse purposes.

Desk-to-Desk Calls

Telnyx allows users to make calls conveniently from their desk phones, enhancing communication efficiency in professional environments.


Telnyx's TeXML presents a low-code, programmable voice solution. Users can craft custom call flows effortlessly using simple XML scripting.

Global Numbers

Telnyx operates as a carrier in over 30 countries, providing millions of local numbers. These numbers are easily searchable and provisioned through the Mission Control Portal for swift setup.


With Telnyx's FastPort capability, users can effortlessly port North American numbers with just a few clicks, streamlining the number porting process.

Notable Customers

Upmarket, OneText, Willie Howe, Lighthouse Works, Replicant, Lightspeed and Ooma


twilio competitors_telnyx pricing

Telnyx's transparent and scalable pricing empowers businesses to optimize their communication strategies. Here are the products and pricing options offered by Telnyx:

1. Messaging

  • Messaging API: Starting at $0.004 to send and receive a message.

2. Voice

  • SIP Trunking: Starting at $0.005 per minute to make a call.
  • Voice API: Starting at $0.007 per minute to make a call.

3. Numbers

  • Global Numbers: Starting at $1.00 per number.

4. Video

  • Video API: Starting at $0.002 per participant per minute.

5. Identity

  • Number Lookup API: Starting at $0.003 per query.
  • Verify API: Starting at $0.03 per verification.

6. Fax

  • Fax API: Starting at $0.007 per page.

7. IoT

  • IoT Sim Card: Starting at $0.0125 per MB.

8. Networking

  • Programmable Networking: Starting at $100/month (AWS 50Mbps)
  • Global Edge Router: Starting at $5 per IP


1. Reliable: Businesses can count on the robust and consistent performance of Telnyx, ensuring that communication channels stay open without a glitch.

2. Unified Connectivity: Telnyx pioneers a distributed infrastructure solution that promises unified connectivity. This is a game-changer for businesses seeking seamless integration and high-performance networking solutions.

3. User-Friendly Platform: Telnyx offers a user-friendly platform with edge infrastructure accessible via APIs. Developers, in particular, talk of its simplicity while enjoying the benefits of economical yet high-performance networking solutions.

4. Responsive Support: With free in-house support available through chat or call, assistance is just a message away, guaranteeing support whenever needed.

5. Affordable SMS/MMS Solutions: Telnyx proves to be a go-to platform for SMS/MMS use cases. The platform not only delivers on cost-effectiveness but also maintains a commendable level of reliability.


1. Transparency Concerns: Some users have raised concerns regarding Telnyx's pricing, finding it less than transparent. Clear communication on pricing structures could go a long way in building trust among potential clients.

2. Further Improvement: While Telnyx shines in many areas, some aspects could use a touch-up. Users have noted that certain elements of Telnyx's services could be refined for an even smoother experience.

9. Podium 

best twilio alternatives_podium

Podium is a renowned marketing and communication platform which empowers local businesses to enhance their digital presence, drive lead conversion, and foster customer loyalty through the power of text messaging. With an impressive track record of aiding over 100,000 businesses, Podium consolidates brand management, website chat, marketing campaigns, and mobile payments into a comprehensive inbox.

Notably, Podium seamlessly integrates with Google Business and offers user-friendly tools for soliciting reviews and gathering customer feedback. It's the ultimate text message marketing platform for elevating customer relationship management. 


  1. Online Reviews
  2. Two-way Messaging
  3. Automated Messaging
  4. Teamchat
  5. Net Promoter Score Survey
  6. Webchat Widget
  7. Customised branding & Imagery
  8. Payments
  9. Analytics 

Feature Description 

Messaging Platform

Facilitates customer communication through text, phone calls, and webchat, aided by an AI-powered assistant for message creation

Lead Management

Simplify lead management with Podium's unified inbox, capable of handling all lead sources, including phone calls, emails, texts, and online reviews

Text Marketing

Harness the power of text marketing with Podium, achieving an impressive 98% open rate for text campaigns.

Omnichannel Messaging

Ensure seamless communication across all channels with Podium's omnichannel messaging platform, connecting businesses with leads, customers, and their teams.

Webchat Widget

Enhance the customer experience by integrating Podium's webchat widget into the user's website, merging incoming messages with the text inbox.

AI Response Generator

Rely on Podium's AI-powered assistant to expedite message composition, saving valuable time for business.

Google Review Link Generator

Streamline review collection via text using Podium's Google Business integration, making it easier for customers to provide feedback.

Personalized Review Assessment

Leverage personalized review assessments to elevate the business's online reputation and gain valuable insights for improvement.

Payment Solutions

Podium offers tailored payment solutions designed for its users, simplifying financial transactions within the platform.


Connect other essential tools, including social media and CRM systems, to Podium for an integrated business ecosystem.

Notable Customers 

Imago Med Spa, Budget Blinds of Salt Lake and Davis Counties, Ag-Pro, MINT Dentistry and York Jewellers. 


twilio alternatives and competitors_podium

Podium provides a variety of pricing plans to accommodate diverse business requirements and budgets. Here's a breakdown of their pricing structure:

1. Essentials: At $249 per month, this plan is designed for up to 3 users. It encompasses fundamental communication features, lead management, and review management, ideal for single-location businesses looking to enhance their digital presence and customer engagement.

2. Standard: Priced at $409 per month with no user limitations, the Standard plan offers advanced communication features, streamlined payment solutions, robust marketing tools, and comprehensive review management for businesses spanning multiple locations.

3. Professional: At $599 per month with unlimited users, the Professional plan encompasses all the Standard plan features, with an additional layer of advanced analytics and reporting tools to empower businesses with deeper insights and data-driven decision-making capabilities.

In addition to these plans, Podium is considerate of its users' evaluation needs, offering a 14-day free trial, enabling businesses to explore the software's capabilities before committing. For further customization, Podium provides optional add-ons like text messaging and web chat, which can be seamlessly integrated into any plan for an extra cost.


1. Effective Communication: Podium enables efficient communication through text messaging and online reviews. This boosts customer engagement and satisfaction, enhancing the business's reputation.

2. Review Generation: Podium's seamless integration with Google Business allows for easy review collection via text, bolstering the business's online reputation and credibility.

3. Lead Management: With its unified inbox, Podium simplifies lead management by consolidating leads from various sources, including phone calls, emails, texts, and online reviews, streamlining the workflow.

4. Text Marketing: Podium's text marketing software ensures that messages reach their intended audience effectively.

5. Omnichannel Messaging: Podium's omnichannel messaging platform facilitates seamless communication across all channels, enabling users to nurture leads, support customers, and connect with their team from anywhere.


1. Limited Integration: Podium's compatibility is limited to Facebook pages and Google Maps, restricting its reach for businesses looking to diversify their online presence.

2. Customer Support: Some users have reported issues with Podium's customer support, including difficulties in cancelling services and unresponsiveness to problems, potentially impacting user experience.

10. Cometchat 

Cometchat is a versatile communication platform that seamlessly integrates text chat, voice, and video functionalities into websites and apps. The ultimate communication platform seamlessly bridges the gap between websites, web apps, and mobile apps, empowering users to interact effortlessly. 

With its versatile toolkit, including UI kits, SDKs, and APIs, developers can effortlessly embed real-time chat, voice, and video functionality into their applications. It's as simple as copy and paste. Cometchat supports multiple programming languages, including React, iOS, Android, and Flutter. Trusted by 50,000 developers worldwide and available in 70 countries, Cometchat has crafted a scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform. 


  1. 1-to-1 & Group Text Chat
  2. Typing & Read Indicators
  3. Online Presence Indicators
  4. Voice & Video Calling
  5. Single Sign-On
  6. Webhooks & Bots
  7. Customer Support Chat
  8. Custom Messages

Feature Description 

One-on-one and group text chat

Engage in public, private, or password-protected conversations. Connect with multiple users in public, private, or password-protected chats.

Typing and reading indicators

Real-time insights into users' activity, from seeing when they're typing to tracking read messages.

Audio messages

Enhance conversations by sharing audio messages, adding a personal touch to the communication.

File and multimedia sharing

Collaborate effortlessly by sharing various files and multimedia content, fostering productive exchanges.

Unread message count

Keep chats organized with the ability to mark and count unread messages, ensuring nothing is missed.

Custom data

Developers can transmit custom data across users and groups, tailoring the experience to meet unique needs.

Online Status

Easily identify which friends and users are online simultaneously, facilitating real-time connections.


Leverage in-house and third-party extensions to amplify chat solutions with features like email notifications and media sharing.

Notable Customers 

ClickButler, Ace My Homework, Kraftwurx and HeySummit


top twilio competitors in the US_cometchat pricing

Cometchat provides flexible pricing options designed to cater to diverse business needs. Here's a closer look at the pricing details:

1. Essentials Plan: Starting at just $109 per month, the Essentials Plan delivers an array of fundamental features. These include core chat functionality, one-on-one private chat, group text conferences, private, public, password-protected conversations, user and friends lists, presence indicators, typing notifications, and more. It's an excellent starting point for those seeking essential communication tools.

2. Pro Plan: The Pro Plan is available from $529 per month for more advanced requirements. This plan encompasses all the features within the Essentials Plan, and it goes further by adding voice and video calling, group calling and conferencing, and other advanced functionalities to the mix. It's ideal for businesses looking to elevate their communication capabilities to the next level.

3. Custom Plan: For businesses with unique, tailored needs, Cometchat offers a custom plan. The pricing for this plan is available upon request, ensuring that users can design a solution that precisely fits their specific requirements.

In addition, there's a free plan on offer, although it comes with limitations, particularly for larger businesses, as it's restricted to 25 active users per month. All pricing plans encompass 5% peak concurrent connections (PCC).

It's essential to note that pricing is calculated based on the number of Monthly Active Users (MAUs) in conjunction with a set monthly platform fee. The total price is determined by the number of MAUs and the selected plan, ensuring that a user pays following his/her usage.


1. Easy Integration: One of Cometchat's standout advantages is its seamless integration. Setting up this communication powerhouse on a website can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes, offering businesses a hassle-free start. 

2. Customizability: Tailoring a personalised chat environment is a breeze with Cometchat. No technical expertise is needed to adjust the look and functionality to suit the user's unique needs. 

3. Comprehensive Features: Cometchat offers an in-app chat SDK, which empowers businesses to introduce real-time chat, voice, and video into their applications and websites, elevating user engagement.

4. Robust Extension Library: CometChat's extension library integrates with third-party applications and services to enhance the user's communication solution. 

5. Exceptional Customer Support: Cometchat's support team is a reliable ally. They exhibit patience, responsiveness, and a commitment to delivering timely solutions to customer queries


1. Higher Pricing: While Cometchat is feature-rich, it's worth noting that its pricing falls on the higher end of the spectrum, which may not be ideal for budget-conscious businesses. 

2. Not Plug and Play: Although obtaining a chat API is relatively straightforward, Cometchat is not considered a "plug and play" solution, potentially requiring more setup than some businesses might prefer.

3. Infrastructure Demands: Developing a chat app necessitates making the right infrastructure choices and allocating resources for ongoing maintenance, which can concern some businesses.


As we explore the dynamic landscape of communication API providers in the US for 2024, it becomes evident that Twilio faces some robust competition. The emergence of these Twilio alternatives has empowered businesses with diverse and tailored solutions to suit their specific needs.

Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness, scalability, advanced features, or specific industry focus, the alternatives mentioned in this article have proven their mettle. However, your unique business requirements should guide you in choosing the best Twilio alternative.

The selection process involves meticulously evaluating pricing structures, API functionalities, customer support, and security. By making an informed choice, you can optimize your communication strategy and stay at the forefront of innovation in this ever-evolving tech landscape.

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