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10 Best Text Messaging Services for Business in the USA in 2024

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Sriranjani Aravindan
November 8, 2023

According to Mobile Marketing Watch, over 90% of consumers read text messages within three minutes of receiving them, and text messaging continues to be an incredibly effective and efficient communication channel for businesses. In today's fast-paced digital world, where instant communication is paramount, integrating a reliable text messaging service for business operations can make all the difference. To help you navigate the vast landscape of options, we've compiled a list of the ten best text messaging services for business in the US in 2024.

In this blog post, we will explore the top text messaging platforms that offer seamless and scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup looking to engage with your customers or a large corporation seeking to streamline internal communication, these services have been carefully curated based on their features, user-friendliness, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

With the right text messaging service at your fingertips, you can enhance customer engagement, improve response rates, and ultimately boost your business's bottom line. So, without further ado, let's dive into the top ten contenders that will empower your business to communicate efficiently, provide personalized experiences, and stay ahead of the competition in 2024.

What Is a Text Messaging Service?

A text messaging service, also known as an SMS service, is a platform that enables the exchange of short text messages between individuals or businesses using mobile devices or computers. It allows users to send and receive text messages instantly, providing a convenient and widely accessible communication channel. Texting services utilize the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol to transmit messages, which typically have a limit of 160 characters per message.

These services offer a range of features and functionalities that enhance the text messaging experience. They can be used for various purposes, including marketing campaigns, customer support, appointment reminders, notifications, and internal team communication. Text messaging services for business often provide robust APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow businesses to integrate messaging capabilities into their own applications or systems. They may also offer additional features such as message scheduling, message templates, group messaging, and analytics to track message delivery and engagement.

10 Best Text Messaging Services in the US for Business in 2024

1. App0

Text messaging service_app0

App0 is an innovative no-code solution revolutionising customer communication and engagement with the help of artificial intelligence. This revolutionary platform, designed for banks, financial institutions, eCommerce, healthcare, and more, seamlessly blends AI with text-based messaging and conversational AI. In 2024, it's emerging as one of the top text messaging companies for businesses in the US.

App0 leverages the power of conversational AI, facilitating targeted user interaction and intelligent decision-making through thorough behavioral analysis. Trusted by prominent financial institutions and eCommerce entities for its AI capabilities, App0 distinguishes itself as a top-tier competitor in the text messaging companies landscape. 


Here's a brief overview of the features of App0: 

  • Smart text messaging with AI insights: App0 offers AI-powered shopping concierge for Ecommerce businesses which understands and responds to customers' preferences and requests seamlessly via text messaging.
  • Effortless customer interaction journeys with no-Code: With App0, businesses can design intricate, multi-party interaction workflows effortlessly using App0's intuitive no-code/low-code flow builder for a seamless customer experience.
  • Strategic data and AI integration: App0 also allows businesses to use first-party customer interaction and behavioral data for elevating engagement and establishing a robust foundation for meaningful connections.
  • Streamlined client experiences: With App0, businesses can opt for pre-built user-facing applications for appointments, payments, marketing, and more. Furthermore, they can also craft personalised interactions using App0's EasyApp studio.
  • Integrations: App0 offers hassle free integrations with prebuilt industry-specific integrations, ensuring swift implementation of its use cases.
  • Enterprise-grade security: App0 offers adaptive authentication, providing a passwordless user experience while maintaining robust, enterprise-level security.

Request a demo today to learn more about full-service messaging that can help in revenue generation and delightful customer experience.

Best Text Messaging Platform for Businesses

Choose App0 to launch conversational AI agents to put all your customer interactions on autopilot. Sign up with App0 for AI-powered customer engagement through Text Messaging for the E-commerce & financial industry.

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2. Textedly

Textedly_text messaging service for business

Textedly, a prominent text messaging service for business in the USA, stands out as one of the best solutions for businesses seeking effective and efficient communication with their customers. With its cutting-edge platform and user-friendly interface, Textedly empowers businesses of all sizes to reach their target audience instantly through SMS marketing campaigns. By providing an extensive range of features, including automated responses, contact segmentation, and message scheduling,

Textedly streamlines communication processes and fosters meaningful connections with customers. With a strong commitment to reliability, security, and customer satisfaction, Textedly has earned its reputation as a leading text messaging service for business, trusted by businesses across the nation to elevate their marketing efforts and drive meaningful engagement with their clientele.


  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Short codes
  • Mobile blast texting
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Delivery Status Tracking
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Subscriber time stamps and activity feed
  • Inbox feature 
  • Free incoming SMS
  • SMS promotion
  • Group text messaging


Textedly offers an extensive array of pricing options, featuring 12 plans that cater to diverse operational needs. Upon signing up, users can benefit from a 14-day free trial with 50 messages, a custom keyword, and free incoming messages. Subsequent subscription to any of the below plans ensures Textedly's unique pricing model, where lower prices do not compel users to switch from monthly to annual billing. Instead, opting for annual billing provides hundreds or thousands more texts per month at the same rate.

The pricing plans are as follows, and in comparison to other SMS marketing platforms, Textedly's per-month messaging limits are notably more cost-effective. All plans come with free incoming messages:

  • Bronze: $24 per month
  • Plus: $39 per month
  • Enterprise: $50 per month
  • Elite: $70 per month
  • Business: $140 per month
  • Silver: $210 per month
  • Premium: $350 per month
  • Pro: $500 per month
  • Gold: $700 per month
  • Platinum: $1,400 per month
  • Diamond: $2,100 per month
  • Champion: $2,800 per month

Each plan varies in the number of custom keywords and monthly message limits, with annual billing offering even more substantial monthly allowances.


  • Cost-effectiveness: Textedly is one of the less expensive SMS marketing services available right now.
  • Two-way discussions: Textedly's inbox makes it easier for your business and its clients to have two-way interactions.
  • Character limit: Textedly is one of the few services that lets you send single texts with up to 455 characters.


  • Costs incurred just once: Drip campaigns, custom fields, and autoresponders must all be purchased separately.
  • Analytics: Textedly's analytics section contains a remarkably little number of data and drill-down possibilities.

3. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting_text messaging service for business

SimpleTexting is a versatile messaging software that empowers businesses to create seamless two-way communication with their customers, saving time and driving sales. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, SimpleTexting enables businesses to send and receive text messages with ease, fostering a frustration-free experience for customers.

Trusted by both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, SimpleTexting provides a comprehensive solution for SMS communication. From SMS customer service to mass texting service, employee surveys, automated campaigns, and more, the platform offers a range of features to suit various business needs. With flexible pricing plans and a mobile app available for iOS and Android, SimpleTexting empowers businesses of all sizes to start and scale their SMS efforts effectively.


  • ‍Mass texting
  • Two-way messaging
  • Detailed analytics
  • Away messages
  • No limits on SMS keywords and contacts
  • Download detailed reports
  • Track the unsubscribe rate


SimpleTexting pricing_text messaging service for business

Pricing is as per various credits.

1. 500 Credits: For only $29.00, users can enjoy 500 outgoing text messages with SimpleTexting. This plan includes unlimited free keywords, allowing businesses to create custom keywords for easy subscriber opt-ins. With free incoming messages and unlimited chat, email, and phone support, users can receive and respond to customer inquiries effortlessly. The plan also offers the convenience of rollover credits, ensuring unused credits carry over to the next billing cycle.

2. 1,000 Credits: With the 1,000 credits plan, priced at $49.00, users can send up to 1,000 outgoing text messages. Similar to the previous plan, this option includes unlimited free keywords and free incoming messages. Users also have access to unlimited chat, email, and phone support for any assistance they may require. Rollover credits are provided, allowing users to retain unused credits for future use.

3. 2,000 Credits: SimpleTexting offers the 2,000 credits plan for $79.00, enabling users to send 2,000 outgoing text messages. This plan encompasses the same features as the previous plans, such as unlimited free keywords, free incoming messages, and unlimited chat, email, and phone support. Rollover credits are also included, ensuring that users have flexibility in their messaging usage.

4. 3,000 Credits: At a price of $109.00, the 3,000 credits plan provides users with the capability to send up to 3,000 outgoing text messages. Users can benefit from unlimited free keywords, free incoming messages, and unlimited chat, email, and phone support. Rollover credits are available as well, allowing users to make the most of their messaging resources.

5. 7,500 Credits: The 7,500 credits plan is priced at $229.00 and offers 7,500 outgoing text messages. In addition to the features provided in the previous plans, users of this plan enjoy the benefit of free unlimited keywords, allowing for a more expansive messaging strategy. With free incoming messages and unlimited support, users can effectively manage their communication needs. Rollover credits are also included for added convenience.

6. Enterprise: For businesses with higher messaging requirements, SimpleTexting offers the Enterprise plan, which provides 50,000+ messages per month. This plan offers all the benefits of a regular account, including unlimited free keywords, free incoming messages, and unlimited support. Additionally, users on the Enterprise plan enjoy the services of a dedicated account representative, the option of a unique SMS short code, and unlimited users with permissions. 


  • User-Friendly Interface: SimpleTexting offers a highly intuitive platform, making it effortless to set up and manage text messaging campaigns.
  • Robust Automation Tools: SimpleTexting provides powerful automation tools, enabling businesses to automate message sending, appointment reminders, and keyword-based responses.
  • SimpleTexting seamlessly integrates with popular business tools such as CRM systems, email marketing platforms, and social media platforms. 


  • SimpleTexting's texting services for business include limited international messaging capabilities, which can hinder global outreach.
  • It also lacks built-in voice calling features, which may require businesses to seek alternative solutions for voice communication needs.

4. TextMagic

TextMagic_texting service for business

TextMagic Messaging Software is widely recognized as a leading provider of user-friendly text message marketing software that significantly enhances customer experiences and streamlines communication processes for businesses across the globe. With an extensive track record of over 20 years in the industry, TextMagic has established itself as a trusted solution for organizations in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The company's robust SMS platform empowers businesses to effortlessly send a variety of messages, including notifications, alerts, reminders, confirmations, and impactful SMS marketing campaigns, ensuring effective engagement with their target audience anytime and from anywhere. With a remarkable monthly volume of 15.2 million text messages and an exceptional average delivery rate of 98.4%, TextMagic ensures reliable and efficient communication that surpasses industry standards. 


  • Automated SMS
  • SMS Gateway API
  • Real-time Cost Monitoring
  • Custom Fields
  • SMS Scheduling
  • Text Messaging Mobile App
  • API Integration
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Enterprise SMS Solutions
  • Secure Text Messaging
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Incoming Messages Automation
  • SMS Surveys for Collecting Feedback
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) SMS


TextMagic pricing_texting service for business

TextMagic pricing starts at $0.04 per message. Businesses will typically spend anywhere between $20 to $1,000, making it one of the most expensive SMS marketing tools on the market today.


  • TextMagic has been a preferred choice due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive reporting, and competitive pricing.
  • The seamless integration capabilities of TextMagic have greatly enhanced workflow efficiency.
  • Exceptional support from the TextMagic team, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory user experience serves as an added advantage.


  • Lack of Employee Reply Options: This means that employees may not have a straightforward way to respond to messages, which can hinder effective communication and collaboration.
  • Challenges with Adding Pictures or Files: The process of attaching visual or multimedia content may not be as seamless or intuitive, potentially impeding the sharing of important information or visuals.

5. EZ Texting

EZ Texting_sms services for business

EZ Texting emerges as one of the premier text messaging services for businesses in the USA, offering a comprehensive and efficient platform that empowers companies to connect with their audience through SMS communication. With a commitment to excellence and a robust suite of features, EZ Texting enables businesses of all sizes to optimize their marketing efforts, customer engagement, and communication strategies.

The company's user-friendly interface, extensive coverage, and adherence to industry-leading security standards make it a trusted choice for organizations seeking a reliable and impactful text messaging solution. As a leading player in the industry, EZ Texting continues to revolutionize business communication, cementing its position as one of the best text messaging services for business available in the USA.


  • Contact Management
  • Textable Number Options
  • SMS Integrations & API
  • Group Texting
  • Two-Way Texting
  • Scheduled Text Messages and Drip Campaigns
  • Dedicated Short Code
  • Text-Enabled Landline
  • Keyword Auto-Response
  • Delivery Reports
  • Text-to-Join Campaigns
  • API Integrations
  • Scheduled Text Messages and Drip Campaigns
  • Dedicated Short Code
  • Text-Enabled Landline


EZ Texting offers a 14-day free trial to users for testing their platform. After the trial period, customers can choose from four different pricing plans, all of which include 200 credits. Each SMS message consumes one credit, while each MMS message requires three credits. Additional "anytime" credits are available at a cost of up to 4 cents each. Depending on the number of credits purchased per month, the total price ranges from $9.90 to $274.40.

The four pricing plans provided by EZ Texting are as follows

1. Value: $19 per month (annual billing) or $24 per month (monthly billing). Includes one user, one keyword, and one textable number. No MMS messages or advanced features and analytics are included.

2. Essentials: $29 per month (annual billing) or $36 per month (monthly billing). Offers two users, three keywords, and two textable numbers.

3. Premium: $49 per month (annual billing) or $61 per month (monthly billing). Provides three users, six keywords, and three textable numbers.

4. Custom: $299 per month (annual billing) or $374 per month (monthly billing). Allows customization of the number of maximum users and textable numbers, along with unlimited keywords.

EZ Texting's credit pricing structure is presented with some confusion on their website. The first 200 credits per month are included, and beyond that, the prices are as follows:

  • Next 300 credits (up to 500 credits per month): 3.3 cents per credit, or up to $16.50 per month
  • Next 1,000 credits (up to 1,500 credits per month): 3.1 cents per credit, or up to $31 per month
  • Next 1,000 credits (up to 2,500 credits per month): 3 cents per credit, or up to $30 per month
  • Next 2,500 credits (up to 5,000 credits per month): 2.9 cents per credit, or up to $72.50 per month
  • Next 5,000 credits (up to 10,000 credits per month): 2.8 cents per credit, or up to $140 per month

It is important to note that included credits expire after 30 days, while anytime credits expire after 12 months, making EZ Texting messages comparatively more expensive and time-sensitive than other platforms. For instance, if you required 10,000 credits per month on the Custom plan, the monthly cost would be $374 + $140 = $514.


  • Using segmentation tactics based on demographics, hobbies, or past contacts, businesses may divide their customer base into several groups, enabling more targeted and relevant messages.
  • Drip campaigns are one of the automation tools that EZ Texting provides, allowing businesses to programmatically distribute messages at predetermined intervals. Automated systems and drip marketing. 
  • Interactive Features: EZ Texting offers interactive features including text-to-vote campaigns, mobile promotions, and surveys. 


  • Limitations of Advanced Automation: Although EZ Texting offers automation tools like drip campaigns, some users have pointed out that the platform's automation capabilities may be somewhat simple in comparison to more sophisticated SMS services for business.
  • Although EZ Texting supports interfaces with well-known CRM systems, the variety of potential connectors could be constrained.

6. Twilio

Twilio_sms services for business

Twilio offers unparalleled communication solutions and empowering companies to reach their customers effectively. With its robust platform and cutting-edge technology, Twilio provides a seamless and reliable way for businesses to connect with their audience through SMS. By offering features such as global reach, real-time analytics, and customizable messaging, Twilio enables businesses to create personalized and impactful communication strategies.

Whether it's transactional notifications, marketing campaigns, or customer engagement, Twilio's comprehensive suite of text messaging services for businesses of all sizes, cementing its position as a trailblazer in the realm of business communication.


  • Sending SMS to many recipients
  • Receiving inbound text messages
  • Sticky Sender
  • Area Code Geomatch
  • Incoming Messages Handling
  • Smart Encoding
  • formatting message text
  • Programmable Messaging
  • Scheduling messages
  • Alphanumeric sender IDs
  • Managing text message logs and history
  • Creating and managing SMS templates for consistent messaging
  • Supporting media attachments like images, documents and videos in SMS
  • Enabling message queuing for high-volume text messaging
  • Implementing shortcodes for easy-to-remember sender numbers
  • Tracking status updates and message delivery


Outbound Messages: Sending SMS to phone numbers:

United States: $0.0075 - $0.015 per message

International: Varies by country, typically higher than US rates

Inbound Messages: Receiving SMS on Twilio phone numbers:

United States: $0.0075 per message received

Toll-Free Numbers: Additional monthly fee for using toll-free numbers for SMS:

United States: $2.00 - $5.00 per month (depending on the number)

Short Codes: Dedicated short codes for high-volume messaging (custom pricing)

Alphanumeric Sender ID: Custom sender ID for branding (custom pricing

Media Messaging: Sending MMS messages (varies by country)

Messaging Copilot Features: Additional fees for Messaging Copilot features like automated opt-out handling and delivery tracking

Lookup API: Verifying and retrieving carrier information for phone numbers:

United States: $0.005 - $0.01 per lookup

Geo Match API: Determining the country of a phone number:

United States: $0.0005 per lookup


  • API connections: The ability to communicate with customers via Telegram and WhatsApp
  • Prolonged Trial Period: $5,000 worth of trial hours with active users


  • Prerequisite Information: In order to fully utilize alterations, coding or programming knowledge may be required.
  • Trial account: The free version of the website alerts users that they are using a trial account.
  • Communications APIs are not user-friendly
  • Setting up of Twilio communication platform requires extensive bandwidth & expertise of developers & takes a lot of time

Are you dissatisfied with Twilio and are looking for alternatives, read our blog on the top 10 Twilio alternatives & competitors for businesses looking for a communication platform in the US.

#1 Twilio Alternative for Text Messaging

Are you looking for the best alternative to Twilio for Text Messaging Automation? Choose App0 today to elevate engagement, streamline interactions and connect seamlessly with your audience.

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7. RingCentral

RingCentral is a leading provider of texting services for businesses, offering a comprehensive and robust platform to streamline communication and enhance customer engagement. With a focus on delivering seamless and efficient messaging solutions, RingCentral enables businesses to connect with their customers through SMS and MMS messaging. Leveraging its advanced features, businesses can send automated messages, engage in two-way conversations, and analyze messaging data for targeted marketing campaigns.

The platform's user-friendly interface, scalability, and extensive integration options make it a preferred choice for businesses of all sizes and industries. With RingCentral's texting services, businesses can optimize their communication strategies and drive meaningful interactions with their customers.


  • Automated Messaging
  • Two-Way Conversations
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Shared SMS inbox
  • Segmented contact list
  • Built-in AI capabilities
  • SMS campaign management
  • Automation workflows
  • Unified phone number
  • Text message service alerts
  • Customizable features
  • Store up to 5,000 text messages
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Team collaboration


RingCentral typically offers tiered pricing options, with different features and usage limits available at each level. Basic plans may start at around $39 per user per month, offering essential messaging features and a limited number of messages. As businesses require more advanced functionality and higher messaging volumes, they can choose higher-tier plans, which can range from $49 to $79 per user per month.


  • The phone solution company is excellent, offering competitive pricing, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses.
  • Customers benefit from industry-leading ease of use, ensuring a smooth and user-friendly experience with the service.
  • The customer support provided is highly responsive and helpful, going the extra mile with dedicated account managers to assist businesses effectively.


  • Limited and delayed reporting: RingCentral's reporting feature is often limited in scope and can be delayed or provide incorrect information, making it challenging for businesses to access timely and accurate insights.
  • Task management challenges: When tasks are assigned within RingCentral, they can easily get lost amidst the influx of messages that are posted after the initial task notification, leading to potential difficulties in tracking and managing assigned tasks effectively.

8. Zendesk

Zendesk_text m

ZenDesk's texting services for businesses provide a seamless and efficient communication platform that empowers organizations to connect with their customers effortlessly. With a robust suite of features, ZenDesk offers businesses a user-friendly interface for sending and receiving text messages, streamlining customer support and engagement.

The platform enables two-way conversations, allowing businesses to promptly respond to customer inquiries, provide assistance, and build stronger relationships. ZenDesk's texting services also integrate with existing help desk systems, ensuring a unified and cohesive customer service experience. With ZenDesk, businesses can elevate their customer communication to new heights, delivering exceptional service and fostering customer satisfaction.


  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Message Templates
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Automating alerts
  • Creating tickets
  • Triggers
  • Managing text numbers
  • Reviewing text history
  • Multiple channel availability
  • Conversational bots
  • A2P 10DLC 
  • Country-specific
  • Custom workflows and triggers
  • Checkbox ticket fields


Zendesk offers a flexible pricing structure for its texting services for businesses. The pricing plans are designed to cater to different business needs and scales. The starting plan, known as the "Essential" plan, is priced at $19 per agent per month. This plan includes basic features such as two-way messaging, message templates, and analytics.

For businesses requiring more advanced capabilities, Zendesk offers the "Team" plan at $49 per agent per month. This plan includes additional features like automated messaging, integrations, and reporting tools to optimize communication workflows.

For larger businesses with complex messaging requirements, Zendesk offers the "Professional" and "Enterprise" plans, priced at $99 and $199 per agent per month, respectively. These plans provide advanced features such as advanced analytics, custom roles and permissions, and dedicated customer support.


  • Integration with Social Media Platforms: One of the notable advantages of Zendesk is its seamless integration with major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This integration enables businesses to respond quickly to customer queries or concerns through these channels, enhancing overall customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Great Customer Support Features: Zendesk offers a plethora of great features that empower businesses to provide excellent customer support services. From ticket management to live chat support and knowledge base creation, these features contribute to an efficient and effective customer service experience, which is vital for the success of any business.
  • Overall Satisfaction: Users of Zendesk often express high levels of satisfaction with the platform. The wide range of features and capabilities it offers helps businesses deliver exceptional customer support, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction. This positive customer experience can contribute to the growth and success of a business in the long run.


  • Lackluster User Experience: It is disheartening that a company specializing in ticketing software fails to deliver a satisfactory user experience. Interactions with the software are often disappointing and fall short of expectations, which can hinder efficient use and productivity.
  • Inadequate Customer Support: The customer service provided by this company is non-existent and abysmal. Customers are treated as mere numbers rather than valued individuals. The lack of proper assistance and support can be frustrating and hinder problem resolution, leading to a negative overall experience.

9. Openphone

Openphone_text messaging service for business

Openphone offers cutting-edge texting services for businesses, revolutionizing the way organizations communicate with their customers. With a focus on simplicity and seamless integration, Openphone provides a comprehensive platform that allows businesses to text their customers using a dedicated business phone number. Through the intuitive Openphone mobile app or web interface, businesses can send and receive text messages, engage in two-way conversations, and automate messaging workflows.

Openphone also offers advanced features such as team collaboration, call forwarding, and voicemail transcription, empowering businesses to enhance their customer service and streamline their communication channels. With Openphone, businesses can effectively harness the power of texting to connect and engage with their customers like never before.


  • Dedicated Business Phone Numbe
  • Save templates
  • Cancel a scheduled message 
  • No roaming fees 
  • Set up automatic text replies
  • Create snippets
  • Group messaging
  • Send bulk SMS
  • Queue up text messages
  • multiple people communicate on the same page
  • Support pictures, GIFs, and file attachments
  • GIPHY integration
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Multi-Platform Access
  • Security and Compliance


Openphone offers transparent and flexible pricing plans for their texting services for businesses. The pricing starts at $10 per user per month, billed annually. This basic plan includes essential features like a dedicated business phone number, two-way texting, and voicemail transcription.

For businesses with more advanced needs, Openphone offers additional plans. The Plus plan, priced at $25 per user per month, adds features such as team collaboration, call forwarding, and integrations with popular business tools. The Pro plan, priced at $50 per user per month, includes all the features of the Plus plan and offers advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.Openphone also provides optional add-ons, such as toll-free numbers for $5 per month and additional phone numbers for $5 per month each.


  • Exceptional Service Quality: Undoubtedly, this service stands out as one of the top options in its category. It offers impeccable sound quality, ensuring crystal-clear communication for your business needs.
  • User-Friendly iOS App: The iOS app provided by this service is incredibly easy to use. Its intuitive interface makes it convenient for users to navigate and utilize its features effectively, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Quick Setup and Deployment: Users have reported high satisfaction with the simplicity and functionality of this service. Subscribing and deploying the app takes less than five minutes, allowing businesses to swiftly integrate it into their operations without any hassle.


  • Poor Call Quality: One drawback of using mobile devices with this service is the consistently terrible call quality, regardless of whether you are connected to Wi-Fi or using data. Even if you have a data connection, answering calls is not worthwhile unless you have a strong signal strength due to the poor call quality experienced.
  • Unresponsive Support: Another con is the lack of timely and reliable support. When reaching out for assistance via email, the response received stated that the support team is on a break until January 3rd. This unavailability of support becomes problematic, especially when facing critical issues like missing calls that have a severe impact on business operations.

10. Salesmsg

Salesmsg_text messaging service for business

Salesmsg is a customer-centric provider of texting services tailored for businesses, enabling effective audience engagement through SMS. Their platform simplifies text message communication by leveraging existing phone numbers, facilitating a seamless transition. With automation capabilities and two-way messaging, businesses can personalize messages at scale and engage in real-time conversations, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Salesmsg also integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems, centralizing communication and enabling efficient tracking and analysis of messaging interactions. By embracing Salesmsg, businesses harness the power of text messaging to connect with their audience, nurture leads, and achieve exceptional customer experiences, unlocking growth opportunities and elevating communication strategies.


  • Message Tracking and Analytics
  • Personalized Messaging
  • Group Messaging
  • Contact Management
  • Two-way texting
  • SMS marketing
  • SMS broadcasting
  • AI Texting Assistant
  • Message Signature
  • Short-code text messaging
  • Landline texting
  • Round Robin feature
  • Message Sentiment
  • Group Messaging
  • Scheduling text messages


Salesmsg offers flexible pricing plans for their texting services for businesses. The pricing is based on the number of text messages sent and received, with different tiers available to accommodate varying business needs.

The entry-level plan starts at $35 per month and includes 500 text messages. As businesses require higher message volumes, they can choose plans that offer 1,000, 2,500, 5,000, or more text messages per month, with pricing scaling accordingly.

Salesmsg also provides additional features and customization options for higher-tier plans. These may include advanced automation capabilities, CRM integrations, dedicated phone numbers, and enhanced support.


1. Seamless HubSpot Integration: Text Magic stands out for its exceptional integration with HubSpot, a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This integration allows for smooth data synchronization, enabling businesses to streamline their messaging and customer management processes efficiently.

2. Responsive and User-Friendly Interface: Text Magic offers a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The software's responsiveness and fast performance contribute to a seamless user experience. This efficiency saves time and enhances productivity for businesses utilizing the platform.

3. Shared SMS Feature for Sales Teams: The ability to share the SMS feature across multiple sales representatives in a call center is a valuable advantage provided by Text Magic. This feature enables effective collaboration and ensures consistent communication with customers. Additionally, the service is reasonably priced, delivering good value for businesses looking for a cost-effective solution.


1. Limited Mobile Conversation Experience: One drawback is the difficulty of maintaining a conversation through the app. Being restricted to a computer for responding to customers can be inconvenient for businesses on the go, particularly those with a mobile-oriented approach.

2. Confusing Schedule Later Feature: Another downside is the potential confusion surrounding the "schedule later" feature. The requirement to select options like "today" or "tomorrow" can be unclear, leading to uncertainty and anxiety about the scheduled messages going out on time. This may cause users to manually program-specific dates instead, defeating the purpose of the feature.

Why Does Your Business Need an SMS Service?

1. It Enables Customers to Opt In

The law of huge numbers is essential to the success of many conventional forms of advertising. You have a higher chance of contacting potential clients by broadcasting your marketing message to as many people as you can. You must invest money on marketing messaging using this form of advertising that many customers will rapidly forget or just ignore.

Contrarily, SMS marketing depends on user consent. That implies that in order to get notifications regarding bargains and promotions, your target market must first sign up for them. Businesses may gain significantly from opt-in marketing. One is that customers that sign up to receive your communications are already very interested in your company or its goods; otherwise, they wouldn't have done so. 

2. Customers Can Choose Not to Use It

The competition is fierce in small business activities, and your consumers face part of that weight. You may assume that your business is not the only one who consistently contacts a certain client with advertisements, promotions, and other stuff. The only thing your consumer can do to stop this never-ending loop is to choose not to receive your marketing SMS.

The majority of SMS services for business provide customers a reasonably simple way to opt out, similar to email marketing. Unbelievably, this is one of the main advantages of text marketing. 

3. It Improves Customer Engagement

If you're like the majority of customers, you undoubtedly eagerly await the arrival of a text message in your inbox. In actuality, most text messages are read right away after being received. Many people don't check their email inbox for new messages more than once or twice a day since they have gotten accustomed to receiving spam and unwanted advertising inundating their inbox. Contrarily, SMS inboxes are often designated for communications that must be read immediately.

There are clear advantages for company owners from this situation. Customers on your SMS contact list are willing participants in your marketing effort, and they nearly always receive messages straight away.

4. It May Be Sent out Right Away

For both the marketer and the customer, SMS marketing's brevity is a major selling point. In contrast to extensive email campaigns, SMS messages often just contain one or two phrases, with the occasional link to a website with further information on the deal. Simply because communications are so brief, consumers are quite likely to read them in their entirety. SMS messages are less obtrusive than online pop-ups or phone calls since they may be viewed at the consumer's convenience.

The small business owner with limited time can likewise profit from SMS messages' conciseness. It takes far less time and effort to design and implement a campaign via SMS than it does with traditional advertising.

5. It Is Inexpensive

SMS marketing is advantageous for small business owners in particular since it is cost-effective. An SMS message may be sent for far less money than a comprehensive advertisement in front of a potential customer. Although costs vary, several platforms let your company send messages for as little as a few cents each. Bulk packages, on the other hand, let you send hundreds or thousands of messages each month for a rather cheap set fee.

6. It Encourages Communication

There are many ways to make your message entertaining and engaging with interactive SMS marketing. By framing your message as a poll or survey, you might entice your target audience to read more carefully and participate actively. Giving people a toll-free SMS reply option is another way to encourage them to interact with your company.

The inclusion of a link to an amusing video or photographs that provide further information on your offer, meanwhile, encourages people to look into it further. Although not all mobile phones can access the internet, as smartphones become almost universal, company owners would be prudent to think about incorporating graphic and interactive aspects in their SMS marketing campaigns.

7. A Wide Demographic is Reached

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a mobile phone, if not a smartphone, thus text messaging reaches a large audience. Since practically everyone now has an email account, it is similar to email marketing in that regard, although texts frequently have a higher sense of urgency than emails.

Consider this: Compared to an email, a text sent to your phone number—which only a select few individuals have access to—feels far more urgent. This text-based urgency may keep clients thinking of your business and its products. Furthermore, since promotional information is far less prevalent in texts than in email inboxes, you will stand out from the crowd.

8. It Works With Additional Marketing Channels

Other marketing software and text marketing are perfectly integrated. Your other marketing strategies will benefit most from these linkages.

For instance, you may follow up with a text message delivered automatically by your marketing automation software if a consumer visits your website and leaves an item in their shopping cart but doesn't make a purchase. That SMS message can be the prompt your consumer needs to complete the transaction.


In conclusion, as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business communication, the availability of reliable and efficient text messaging services for business is paramount. In this blog, we have explored the top ten text messaging services for businesses in 2024, equipping you with a range of options to enhance your company's messaging capabilities. From comprehensive features to seamless integrations, these platforms offer a plethora of benefits to streamline your communication and drive your business forward.

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