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Top 10 AI Tools for eCommerce for Revenue Growth in 2024

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Sushree Sangeeta Behera
November 20, 2023

With the growing saturation of the Ecommerce industry, businesses must seek & invest in technologies to maximise profitability and customer satisfaction while staying ahead of the curve. Nevertheless, AI has been taking over the scenario by simplifying even the complex tasks such as customer support. 

As a matter of fact, around 83% of businesses are looking ahead to integrating AI for Ecommerce tools in their daily operations. But, why are these AI for Ecommerce tools essential? How do they help businesses skyrocket their productivity and profitability? Moreover, what tools are businesses exactly using? 

This detailed blog post on the top 10 Ecommerce tools will guide through the top-notch tools which big Ecommerce giants have been using for boosting their revenue and success. Let's explore!

Benefits of Using AI for Ecommerce Tools

Before implementing AI for Ecommerce tools, here are some benefits you must know about. 

1. Streamlined Operations 

AI for Ecommerce tools automate routine and repetitive tasks such as customer service and order processing. This reduces the chances of human errors while reducing the workload of human agents.

From inventory to logistics and supply chain, AI can be used to automate a plethora of tasks in the domain. Furthermore, it can also be used in logistics to speed up delivery while reducing shipping costs for the business. Thus, AI for Ecommerce tools can be used to automate and streamline operations thus improving operational efficiency and productivity of the entire business. 

2. Personalised Experience 

With AI tools, Ecommerce businesses can create and deliver a personalised experience to the customers on their platform.  AI chatbots and conversational AI agents interact with the customers, thus providing tailored recommendations accordingly. 

Furthermore, they simplify the customer journey on the platform right from the moment they land on the website to checkout. These are also capable of handling post-sales enquiries effectively, thus being available for the customer 24/7 and helping them in their shopping journey like a virtual assistant. 

3. Targeted Marketing 

AI for Ecommerce tools are now able to learn from customer interactions and behaviour on the platforms, thus providing valuable business insights. These business insights are crucial for businesses while retargeting the lost customers. It also helps businesses understand customer preferences and needs, thus helping them tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. 

4. Improved Customer Retention 

As AI tools help provide a customised shopping experience to customers, they foster customer loyalty. Furthermore, these AI tools have been proven to help improve and boost customer retention by about 15%

5. Fraud Detection and Prevention

AI-powered fraud detection tools are helping eCommerce businesses in the USA protect themselves from fraudulent transactions. These tools can analyse customer behaviour, transaction data, and device information to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions.

The Global AI Fraud Detection Market 2023-2028 by Juniper Research provides an overview of the AI fraud detection market and discusses the key trends and technologies driving the market.

10 AI Tools for eCommerce for Revenue Growth in 2024 

Below listed are the top 10 AI for Ecommerce tools which Ecommerce giants are using to boost their revenue growth in 2024. 

1. App0 

App0_eCommerce AI Tools

App0 is a next-gen customer communication platform powered by machine learning (ML) & large language models (LLM) that allows you to launch conversational AI chatbots, agents and AI concierges with ease. With no-code integrations, workflow automation, and streamlined customer communication, App0 seamlessly automates the way E-commerce businesses connect with their customers, ultimately enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

For Ecommerce stores, App0 offers AI shopping concierge that provides users with a more personalised, text-based shopping experience. App0's concierge can handle queries, support reordering via Text-to-Shop, and streamline processes, boosting the customer service experience. 

Specifically tailored for the Ecommerce industry, their Ecommerce chatbots can handle all types of customer requests right, from product-related questions to providing product recommendations. With App0, you can build conversational chatbots to guide your customers to order their favourite products anytime, hassle-free, with just a simple text—no downloads, accounts, or logins required! 

Moreover, it also has a chat-driven Seamless Checkout feature, which facilitates checkout for customers without having them exit the conversation thread. It's undoubtedly one of the best AI tools for Ecommerce businesses in the US in 2024. 


  • Automated conversations with conversational AI
  • Live chat, web chat, text messaging features
  • Text-to-Shop feature
  • Chat-driven Seamless checkout
  • Seamless and easy integrations with Shopify Plus, Klaviyo, Attentive
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Compliance


App0 offers custom pricing to ensure that every individual customer gets a customised solution according to their individual needs. Users should request a demo from their team to have an overview of their solutions and services.

ai tools for eCommerce_app0
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Move beyond traditional chatbots for customer engagement. Choose App0 to launch AI agents that guide customers from start to finish via text messaging, web chat, email to fully execute the tasks autonomously.

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2. OptiMonk AI

eCommerce AI Tools_optimonk AI

OptiMonk AI is a platform for Ecommerce businesses for powerful AI tools to get conversion optimisation customer engagement. Nicole and Csaba founded the company back in 2014 with the goal of building new-generation online marketing tools. Many high-profile global awards are named under OptiMonk Aai, including the European Business Award, Golden Kitty Awards 2022, GetApp's Best Functionality, features 2020 and a lot more. The company served more than 1 billion visitors per day, and offered their services to more than 30,000 brands. OptiMonk is now available in more than 150 countries with its powerful AI tools.


  • Automated A/B testing
  • Automated Campaign Management
  • Smart Headline Generator
  • Visitor Segmentation
  • Automatically Generated Discount Codes
  • Hyper-personalised
  • Auto Mobile-optimised
  • Advanced Analytics
  • No-code Editor
  • Integration

Notable Customer

Avon, CR7, Paul Rich, Acer, Blendjet, and WWF


eCommerce AI Tools_optimonk AI Pricing

The pricing packages of OptiMonk are broadly a set of 5. Along with a free plan they also had an option for custom plans for big businesses. Here are the plans:

  • Free: $0 with all the basic features 
  • Essential: $39 per month ($32.5 per month if billed annually)
  • Growth: $99 per month ($82.5 per month if billed annually)
  • Premium: $249 per month ($207.5 per month if billed annually)
  • Master: It is a custom plan; the user has to contact their sales team in order to get a quote.

The free version has basic features for exploring the platform and using the tool. It offers the user the support of 15,000 page views per month, and a maximum of 1 domain can be attached. The pageviews and domain attachment options increase with upgraded plans. In the master plan, you can avail of all the features, and the entire platform of OptiMonk will be unlocked for the user.

3. ViSenze

eCommerce AI Tools Pricing_Visenze

The winner of 2015 Emerging Enterprise Award, ViSenze is a Singapore-based startup company that started in 2012. With a mission of making the visual world more searchable, ViSenze has made quite an impression in the eCommerce sector. The company provides an automated AI platform to various online retailers according to their needs. 

Through ViSenze's AI tools, businesses can provide an exceptional product discovery experience to their customers and in the process, earn huge amounts of profit. ViSenze's AI image search makes it easier for the shoppers to locate their desirable products faster and more accurately. 


  • Enhanced visual search
  • Smart product recommendations
  • Product tagging
  • Merchandising analytics
  • Improves customer interaction using large volumes of data
  • Efficient handling of large catalogues
  • Regular optimisation and customisation

Notable Customers

Rakuten, Meesho, Zalora, DFS, EyeBuyDirect etc.


ViSenze is well aware of the preying eyes and, therefore, chooses not to expose its pricing online. However, the businesses who are interested in pairing up with ViSenze can get all the necessary pricing details by directly contacting the company. 

ViSenze has a form on its 'Contact Us' page that retailers can fill out to learn about the company's pricing solutions. Depending upon the use case and usage pattern, ViSenze will then offer the best tailor-made pricing solutions to the businesses.

4. Blueshift

eCommerce AI Tools Pricing_Blueshift

Blueshift is a cross-channel marketing platform which provides AI-backed tools for Ecommerce businesses. The company was founded back in 2014 by Vijay Chittoor. Blueshift is an industry leader that was found to have an honourable place in the Fortune Best Workplace. Additionally, Deloitte also mentioned Blueshift 3 consecutive times in the list of fastest-growing technology companies in North America. Their AI-powered solutions are getting recognition from Gartner and Forrester TEI. 


  • Predictive segmentation
  • Automatically tailor content 
  • Predictive recommendations 
  • Hyper-personalisation with GenAI
  • Customer insights
  • AI-operated Timely messages
  • A/B testing 
  • Automatic winner selection. 
  • AI-backed cross-channel customer engagement

Notable Customers

Udacity, Zumper, Discovery +, Sweetwater, and Amerilife


eCommerce AI Tools_Blueshif Pricing

For the cross channel marketing Blueshift has 2 plans, which include:

  • Growth: $1200 per month 
  • Enterprise: It has custom pricing 

The growth plan has a hyper-personalisation option which offers AI-backed product and content recommendations. The Enterprise plan offers advanced customer AI tools to perform segmentation and management.

5. Barilliance

 eCommerce AI Tools_Barilliance

One of the very first companies to realise the importance of personalisation in the Ecommerce sector, Barilliance came into existence in 2009. Barilliance has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, with its other offices in countries like the United States of America, Australia, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, The Netherlands, Spain etc. 

With a team consisting of many eCommerce and SaaS experts, Barilliance provides businesses with an interface equipped with powerful machine learning abilities. With the help of Barilliance, online retailers can easily offer a personalised shopping experience to their customers by using a single-code snippet on their websites. 


  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Website personalisation
  • A/B testing 
  • Product recommendations
  • No-code visual editor
  • Behavioural triggered emails
  • Flexible test goals
  • Seamless integration across the tech stack

Notable Customers

SILVERPOP, ORACLE, Salesforce, KLAVIYO, dotmailer etc. 


 eCommerce AI Tools_Barilliance Pricing

To begin with, Barilliance offers a basic monthly plan to the interested retailers for 250 USD. Although Barilliance provides a number of features with the basic plan, the specific details are still not public. However, the company offers customised pricing. Businesses who want to pair up with Barilliance can fill out a form and contact the company directly. The team of experts concerned will then create a suitable plan and reach out within a short period of time.

6. LivePerson 

  eCommerce AI Tools_LivePerson

LivePerson is a global software solutions company specialising in offering AI software and conversation commerce. The company has a long experience, as it was founded back in 1995 by Robert P. Locascio. The company had more than 7 global presence and served more than 18,000 brands. They have a dedicated team with a huge employee base of 900+ members. LivePerson has won multiple global awards and is included in Fast Company's list of the most innovative companies for 2024.


  • Conversational Flywheel
  • Voice chatbots
  • Conversational Cloud
  • Conversational Builder
  • AI Annotator
  • AI Chatbots
  • AI Safety Tools 
  • Meaningful Automated Conversation Score (MACS)
  • Bot Analytics
  • LLM-powered conversation summary widget
  • Toolbelt feature 
  • Autosummarize notes 

Notable Customer

Burberry, NatWest Group, The Real Real, and Consensys


There are no definite pricing plans for Liveperson; they claim the pricing will be according to your usage. For a definite price, the user can contact their sales team to get a quote.

7. Clerk.io 

 eCommerce AI Tools_Clerk.io

The ranked 1 eCommerce personalisation platform, Clerk.io was founded by Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard in 2011. However, it started becoming a real deal in 2014 after the founder and CEO, Bjerregaard, started believing that the company had achieved its perfection. Its headquarter is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Clerk.io provides online businesses with efficient AI tools that are capable of offering personalised shopping experience to the customers. In a nutshell, the company provides AI tools that can automatically analyse trends and behaviour to create powerful real-time search results, which in turn can positively affect sales. 


  • Dynamic facets
  • Search Analytics
  • Sales-based ranking
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Email recommendations
  • Query suggestions
  • Automatic spell correction
  • Visual editor

Notable Customers

Carlsberg, FRILUFTSLAND, LOTTO, Jeep, unisport etc. 


With a modular and scalable pricing system, Clerk.io suggests that businesses will pay only for how much service they have used. No extra charges will be applicable. On top of that, Clerk.io ensures that the more the service a retailer requests, the lesser the price. Their pricing is calculated on the basis of the tier system. 

If a company, over a three-month average, exceeds the limit of its current tier, then Clerk.io will automatically upgrade the tier, and plans may change accordingly. The company will also send an invoice regarding the change in prices and services.

8. Syte

AI Tools for eCommerce_Syte

Israel-based company Syte was established in 2014 by Helge Voss, Idan Pinto, Lihi Pinto Fryman and Ofer Fryman. The company has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Being the first product discovery platform, Syte creates intuitive search and discovery experiences using visual AI to ease the process of online shopping. 

Using Syte's AI capabilities, businesses can let customers find their desirable products instantly without scrolling for a long time. This enables retailers to increase conversion rates and revenue per customer. 


  • Visual search
  • Automated product tagging
  • Advanced personalised recommendations
  • Shoppable social curation
  • Optimised merchandising process
  • AI styling and product description generator
  • AWS integration

Notable Customers

Jamar, SHOULDER, Nourison, Falabella, Tally Weijl etc. 


As of now, Syte.ai has not revealed its pricing details online. However, if a retailer is interested in working with Syte, booking a demo is the first step. If the retailer finds the demo worth it, further discussion about the pricing can be done personally with Syte.

9. Phrasee

 AI Tools for eCommerce_Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI-powered content marketing software platform that helps generate highly optimised content for businesses. Parry Malm co-founded this AI-backed copywriting platform back in 2015. They keep their goal clear, providing markets with powerful AI-equipped tools that help scale businesses. The company has a powerhouse executive team for focusing more on improving its AI technology. Additionally, their core values of speed, fun, and big ideas make their entire team dedicated to customer satisfaction.


  • Automated workflows
  • Real-time communication
  • AI-generated marketing copy
  • Engagement metrics 
  • Plagiarism check
  • Tone checker 
  • A/B/N test 
  • Integrates with ESPs, CDPs platforms

Notable Customer

GNC, Accor, Sephora, Novo Nordisk, and Sally Beauty 


Pharsee has two flexible enterprise pricing packages, both of them are customisable. They have two sections, one is for content generation and the other is for content optimisation. The user needs to contact their sales team to get a quote.

10. Chatfuel

  AI Tools for eCommerce_Chatfuel

Founded in 2015 in Silicon Valley by Dmitry Dumik and Artem Ptashnick, Chatfuel provides AI-powered chatbots to businesses to automate their interactions. The company is well-known for its claim to be the leading chatbot platform associated with Facebook Messenger. 

With the help of Chatfuel platform, basically anyone can build a no-code chatbot without any developer knowledge or past experience. This is the main keypoint of the company. In a nutshell, Chatfuel simplifies the process of businesses interacting with their targeted customers via conversational marketing. 


  • Sponsored messages for promotion
  • Click-To-Messenger ads 
  • FAQ automation
  • Intuitive interface
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Built-in ChatGPT
  • GDPR Compliance
  • A/B testing

Notable Customers

THECULTT, Art&Fact, iLTHY, Essange etc. 


  AI Tools for eCommerce_Chatfuel Pricing

Chatfuel provides two pricing models in general. The pricing models are Business and Enterprise. 

  • Business: The Business plan includes two types of pricing systems. Associated with Facebook and Instagram, the plan starts at $14.39 with features such as 500 conversations per month, a mobile inbox app, assigning agents, etc. Further, the one associated with WhatsApp starts at $29.49 and has features such as 1000 conversations per month, live chat, shared inbox, etc. 
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan starts from 300 USD for both Facebook & Instagram, and WhatsApp. However, by booking a consultation with the company, businesses can discuss other details and set the final price.


AI has been transforming the way businesses operate on a day-to-day basis. It's not just an automation technology but a necessity to beat the competition. The set of top 10 AI tools for Ecommerce are the best tools you need to scale your business revenue and set your benchmark amongst your competitors. 

If you're looking forward to incorporating the best AI tools for Ecommerce in your business, then look no further than App0. App0 helps you build conversational AI chatbots and agents which serve as a customer support representative for customers at your Ecommerce store. This AI concierge is a market expert who is well-trained in understanding your business, customers' product portfolio, and customers. Besides understanding and adapting just to your customers, it also learns your business processes, integrating them to boost customer acquisition and retention marketing

The best part is your customers can literally start their conversation anywhere- from text, SMS, web chat or directly from the website. Integrating seamlessly, our AI concierge can handle all types of customer requests right, from offering personalised product recommendations to queries related to order management and post-sales support. 

Here's why leading Ecommerce giants trust App0 when it comes to conversational commerce. With App0, you can guide your customers to order their favourite products anytime, hassle-free, with just a simple text—no downloads, accounts, or logins required! Moreover, it also has a chat-driven Seamless Checkout feature, which facilitates checkout for customers without having them exit the conversation thread. Getting started is a breeze; connect your data for tailored AI training. Let App0 transform your business by improving your customer service—request a demo now and witness the impact firsthand!

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